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Americard Processing was founded in 1996 and since then has offered credit card processing services to businesses in the United States. Americard Processing Systems is an Elavon payments partner and can help you take payments in person and online. If you’re researching credit card companies and considering Americard Processing, this profile will give you important information about rates and fees, services, and reputation.

What services can I expect from Americard Processing?

Americard Processing offers you the usual choices – you can take credit and debit cards in either card-present settings (when your customer is physically at your business with their card) or card-not-present settings (when your customer pays online by entering their information, or when they call or fax you to make a payment.) Additionally, you can take checks and offer gift cards.

Card-Present Processing

Americard Processing can get you set up to take credit cards when your customer is physically present in several ways. You can use traditional countertop terminals or point of sale equipment, use a mobile device (like your smartphone or tablet) with an optional card reader, or use a virtual terminal, taking card payments through your internet-connected computer.

Card-Not-Present Processing

When your customer isn’t physically at your location to pay, you can still take payments using Americard Processing’s virtual terminal option. Or if you’re looking to take payments through your e-commerce website, you can do that, too. You can integrate “buy” buttons easily, and even set up recurring payments if you need to.

Check Services

Americard Processing offers an electronic check service, which may be right for you if you want to offer your customers the convenience of paying by check without the risks associated with insufficient funds and bounced checks. Electronic checks also don’t require you to go to the bank to physically make a deposit like paper checks do.

Medical Office Processing

If you run a medical practice, you probably have customers that want to use their Flexible Spending Account funds to pay for their treatment. With Americard Processing, you can accept FSAs easily. Read more about credit card processing at medical offices in our article Taking Credit Cards as a Doctor or Healthcare Professional.

Gift Cards

With more and more consumers purchasing gift cards both for themselves and as gifts, you can take advantage by offering cards through Americard Processing’s gift card program.

Can I get equipment from Americard Processing?

Yes. The company offers credit card processing equipment with all the latest technology, including wireless terminals, mobile apps, gateways for internet processing, and more. Americard Processing also offers EMV chip card capable equipment so that you can be compliant due to the EMV liability shift that took place in October of 2015. Americard Processing offers popular brands like Verifone, Ingenico, and Equinox.


Americard Processing utilizes current security technologies, including end-to-end encryption and tokenization, where a customer’s card data is replaced with a “token.” The company also offers PCI compliant and EMV compliant equipment to help ensure security for both you and your customers.

What does it cost?

Even though Americard Processing doesn’t publish rates or fees publicly, you can get a no-obligation quote right through CardFellow. Best of all, you won’t get pestered with sales calls since processors can’t see your contact info when you request quotes through CardFellow. Head over to our signup form to get started absolutely free in just a few minutes and see what you could expect to pay for processing with Americard Processing.


Americard Processing doesn’t have a very big online reputation despite having been in the industry since the mid-90s. The company doesn’t have a profile with the Better Business Bureau, and no reviews (positive or negative) come up readily through the usual review channels like Yelp and Ripoff Report.

CardFellow has not had the opportunity to review Americard Processing statements for any clients and therefore cannot offer our personal firsthand experience. CardFellow does not “rate” processors or rank them according to subjective factors, because we know that the “best” processor for your business depends on your specific needs and details.

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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 19, 2018


Americard offers plenty of services, but it would be nice to see more information about pricing models and contracts.