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Argus Merchant Services is a small credit card processing company with locations in Florida, New York, and California. Don’t let location fool you, though; Argus helps businesses all across the US. The company states that it works with over 100,000 businesses in many different industries, including retail, hospitality, and more. If you’re looking for a new processor, here’s what you need to know about Argus’s costs, services, reviews, and more.

What does Argus Merchant Services offer?

Argus offers payment processing for both in-person (card-present) and online (card-not-present) transactions. Additionally, you can take advantage of check processing options and merchant cash advances, as well as gift card programs.

In-Person Processing

Argus Merchant Services offers in-person credit and debit card processing for businesses in retail, restaurant, and specialty industries like gas stations.

Mobile Processing

These days, more businesses need the option to take credit cards on the road, at clients’ homes, or during tradeshows. If that’s you, not to worry; Argus offers a mobile processing solution with a card reader compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones.

Online Processing

For your ecommerce processing needs, Argus Merchant Services offers a choice of the Authorize.Net gateway or USAePay gateway. Both choices integrate with most major shopping carts so you customers can easily shop and checkout on your website.

Virtual Terminal

Crucial for mail and phone orders, a virtual terminal lets you use your existing computer to enter payment information into a secure online form. There’s no expensive equipment to buy, but you’ll still have the ability to take credit cards for customer purchases.

Check Processing

Some customers still prefer to use checks, and with Argus, you’ll be able to accept them. Checks can be taken online, over the phone, or through your website.

Cash Advances

If you’re looking for working capital to expand, purchase inventory, run ads, or for other businesses purposes, Argus offers merchant cash advances. Cash advances usually have more flexible eligibility requirements than traditional loans, but may also have downsides. Be sure to consider your funding options carefully.

Gift Cards

Take advantage of the increasing popularity of gift cards, and offer them for your business. Argus’ gift card program can help you build customer loyalty and encourage repeat visits.

Equipment Options

If you need credit card processing equipment, Argus offers a small selection of the most popular models. Currently available traditional options include the PAX S80, Verifone Vx520, and the iCT220. All three options are EMV chip card capable. If you’re looking for a wireless model, you can choose from the PAX S90 or the Verifone Vx680.

Full point-of-sale system more your speed? Argus offers Poynt, Banq, and more.

Argus doesn’t list pricing for the terminals, and it’s unclear if they’re available for sale or lease.


Argus is PCI compliant, but does not offer further information about available fraud prevention tools or security measures.

Argus Merchant Services’ Rates and Fees

Like many processors, Argus doesn’t publish rates and fees on its website. Instead, the company will set pricing for your specific business. In reviews for Argus, some customers claim expensive early termination fees applied when they tried to cancel their accounts. The company’s website does not offer clarification on termination fees, monthly fees, or other pricing.

If you’d like to see exactly what you’d pay for processing through Argus Merchant Services compared to other options, try CardFellow’s free quote comparison tool.

Argus Merchant Services Reviews

As of summer 2016, Argus Merchant Services is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but does have a profile on the BBB’s website, with an A rating. It has 7 complaints closed lodged with the BBB in the past 3 years; however, 4 of those complaints have been listed as satisfactorily resolved. The unresolved complaints discuss difficulty cancelling accounts, higher fees than expected, and feeling deceived into signing up. In all cases, Argus responds to complaints to tell their side of the story, allowing customers to read and decide if customer service is right.

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Posted by Segal on Oct 23, 2020


A lot of hidden non-disclosed fees: PCI-compliance fee, PCI service fee, annual fee. Sales said they would provide free paper rolls, and there would not be an annual fee as long as I stayed with them. Yeah, I only received 5 free rolls of paper. I called them, and was told the sales person left the company. Now I receive no free paper rolls and am charged an annual fee.

Posted by CardFellow on Apr 25, 2018


Argus supports universal credit card machines, which is helpful if you're switching from another processor.

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