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Axis Payments of Carrollton, Texas appears to be the latest name of a company that provides credit card processing for US businesses. The company closely shares an address with companies Certified Payment Processing and Intrepid Payment Processing. It’s not clear if these companies are all DBAs of one company or how else they might be related.

It does not appear that Axis Payments is related to Axis Merchant Solutions or the Axis Merchant Group, which is listed as a California business with the Better Business Bureau.

Axis Payments homepage

As far as we can tell, Axis Payments seems to be the product of a merger between Certified Payment Processing and the former Apex Merchant Group following a 2015 settlement of legal action against Apex by the state of Minnesota. Axis Payments discloses almost nothing about itself on the company website, and no social media accounts for the company existed prior to the merger date of September 2015. In fact, information on the company’s website is so sparse that some pages still have content “placeholders,” rather than useful information. For a service provider that appears to have been in business in its “newly-scrubbed” state for about a year, this is curious. On the other hand, the company does keep its marketing blog relatively current.

In any case, what we can tell you is more about what Axis does, how to get a free and private quote for your business, and what people think of the company through Axis Payments reviews from clients. Read on for the details.

Axis Payments Services and Features

Claiming to be an innovative payment processing services provider, Axis Payments’ website boasts that it offers great customer service with 24-hour support, experienced service reps, and current technology.  But as previously mentioned, the company’s website is a bit scarce when it comes to providing details.

The company mentions that it offers point-of-sale credit and debit card processing for brick and mortar retailers, mobile credit/debit card processing, check conversion with transaction guarantee, gift and loyalty card programs, eCommerce services, EBT (SNAP food program) processing, and ATM services. It also offers an extensive hardware bundle, which is addressed in the Equipment section below.

Credit Card and Debit Card Processing

Axis Payments says that you can take traditional magstripe or new EMV chip cards using its in-person point of sale options. It can also process NFC (contactless) transactions like Apple Pay and other digital wallets, as well as accept credit cards in the field via Wi-Fi with a mobile solution.


A relatively new offering, Axis Payments can install ATMs in your store or restaurant, allowing customers who prefer to pay with cash to quickly access funds on-site, reducing the likelihood of lost customers. The company provides stats on ATM transactions, but does not provide a source for the stats. It says that a typical ATM transaction is around $100, with about 20% of that spent where the money was withdrawn – that is, at your business.


Axis Payments discloses detailed “benefits” and descriptions of its full line of payment processing equipment that can be utilized as a total system, or separately. Its former Apex Hardware just sold equipment, and there is no evidence on the company’s website to indicate it now leases hardware.   Equipment currently offered by Axis Payments includes the following:

  • AxisPay Tablet Solution – A cloud-based POS system that also offers a variety of additional features that range from, inventory management to employee time clock, to split ticket functionality, and the ability to email or text customer receipts.
  • AxisPay X2.3 – A mobile wallet acceptance device for taking NFC (contactless) payments

The company also offers limited Magtek equipment and the Ingenico iPP310 PIN pad.


Axis Payments is a level one PCI compliant and utilizes tokenization for protecting sensitive cardholder data. The company does not offer any details on what type of anti-fraud tools it offers.

Customer Support

The only public information Axis Payments shares on its website about customer support is a toll-free number on the Contact Us page. There is no apparent customer login portal visible on the company’s website.

Axis Payments Rates and Fees

Here’s one area that Axis provides virtually no information. No rates, fees, contracts, or other pricing terms are disclosed. The only information available to the public on fees is several years old and dates back to when Axis was the Apex Merchant Group. 

But you can get a clear understanding of Axis Payments’ rates and fees by requesting a fully-disclosed, no-obligation quote from Axis through CardFellow’s free quote request tool.

Axis Payments Reviews

Axis Payments reviews is a tricky area, since the company has gone through mergers and possible name changes. We found no serious complaints about the company’s services dating back to the time the company was established as Axis Payments in 2015. Those we did uncover are minor and may be attributable to the company’s use of telemarketing.

Some reviews indicate that sales associates may overpromise in hopes of getting businesses to sign a contract. Similar complaints pre-date back to Axis Payments’ parent companies. They came from businesses as well as former company employees and independent sales agents.

Parent company Axis Merchant Systems’ business address in Carrollton, (Dallas) Texas is also shared by the following companies:

  • Certified Payment Processing
  • TransTech Merchant Group
  • Intrepid Payment Processing

Since Certified Payment Processing and Axis share some website hosting and were involved in the merger, it’s worth looking at Certified Payments’ reviews. Unfortunately, those are not good. How not good? Well, Certified gets an F rating at the Better Business Bureau, at least partly because it has had 224 complaints lodged with the BBB in the past 3 years. There are also reviews on Ripoff Report that claim the company is unethical and unprofessional, and complaints across other sites like Yahoo say the same thing.

While it’s true that negative reviews are very common in credit card processing, it’s less common to see an F rating at the Better Business Bureau and to find no positive reviews at all. Indeed, the negative reviews for Certified Payments are easy to find, and as Axis, the company does nothing to counter that. (Axis doesn’t have testimonials on its website or Facebook page.)

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