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Best Merchant Rates is a payment processor founded in California in 2005. The company provides a range of basic processing services for businesses across the United States, and partners with Verifone for equipment services. Best Merchant Rates is a registered ISO and MSP of Wells Fargo Bank.


Best Merchant Rates offers several basic processing services for businesses, including credit and debit card processing, internet gateways, check acceptance, and working capital for business expenses.

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Credit and Debit Card Processing

Best Merchant Rates offers merchant accounts and credit/debit card processing for businesses in the United States. Merchants can accept major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and more. American Express requires separate approval from Best Merchant Rates.

Internet Gateways

For merchants who need to accept payments online, Best Merchant Rates offers an internet gateway solution with the popular Authorize.Net. With integration to your current website and shopping cart, Authorize.Net makes accepting payments online quick and secure. Authorize.Net also includes an advanced fraud detection suite to help identify and minimize fraudulent activity and protect your business and your customers.

Check Acceptance

Best Merchant Rates works with TeleCheck to offer check acceptance and processing. Merchants can accept checks for purchases made in store, online, or over the phone quickly and securely.

Working Capital

For merchants who need working capital for business expenses such as purchasing inventory or advertising, Best Merchant Rates can provide up to $25,000. The funds can be used for almost any business expense. Best Merchant Rates boasts fast approvals, in just 24 hours, with funding available in 48-72 hours and no personal collateral required.


Best Merchant Rates lists Verifone as a partner, offering Verifone processing equipment. Specific information about currently available models isn’t available on Best Merchant Rates’ website.


Best Merchant Rates’ website lists partnerships with RedFin Network and SecurityMetrics. RedFin Network and SecurityMetrics help make PCI compliance easy for merchants. The companies can help merchants achieve and validate compliance, ensuring that businesses meet their legal responsibilities for security.

Rates and Contract Terms

Best Merchant Rates offers interchange plus pricing, but does not publish specifics about rates and fees. The company’s website does boast a 5 year rate guarantee when you open a merchant account.
Best Merchant Rates claims there are no contracts or early termination fees, effectively offering month-to-month agreements. Seasonal downtime may be available for some merchant types.


Best Merchant Rates has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2008 and currently has an A rating, the highest available. The company hasn’t had any complaints with the BBB in the past 3 years.
Ripoff Report has 2 complaints in their directory for Best Merchant Rates. Reviews complain of unauthorized debits and lying about rates and fees.

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Posted by CardFellow on Mar 04, 2016


We have a glimpse into the management and culture of Best Merchant Rates because its sister company places certified quotes through CardFellow. The company doesn't quote pricing on its web site, so inviting a quote through CardFellow will make comparing its fees to other processors much easier. All of the Best Merchant Rates statements we've reviewed have used interchange-plus pricing, so we assume this is the company's preferred pricing model.

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