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Right off the bat, let’s clear something up. Blue Star Payment Solutions is NOT a processor. They do not offer any payment processing services themselves. Instead, they refer business to Bank of America. We’re including a profile for them here so that you can get accurate information on what exactly you’re getting into if you work with Blue Star Payment Solutions, but they are not a processor or ISO themselves.
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What is Blue Star Payment Solutions if not a processor?

Blue Star Payment Solutions is what’s called a “referral partner.” That just means that they funnel business to another company, in this case Bank of America. Note that “referral partners” are different than independent sales organizations (ISOs) because ISOs are still directly involved in your processing by setting rates and terms, helping you achieve compliance with regulations, and providing customer support.

Blue Star Payment Solutions is also affiliated with the Dallas Cowboys NFL team (hence the familiar star logo) and frequently references the team and owner Jerry Jones, who is credited as the founder of Blue Star Payment Solutions. Jones’ nephew Jerry Mooty currently serves as President of the company. On Blue Star’s website, you’ll find language equating signing up for credit card processing through Blue Star to be “joining the Cowboys family” and “joining the Jones family.”

Who am I working with if I sign up with Blue Star Payment Solutions?

You’re actually working with Bank of America Merchant Services. Your processing will be completely handled by Bank of America. Blue Star Payment Solutions doesn’t set your rates or terms and is not your point of contact for customer service if you have a problem.

Why wouldn’t I just go to Bank of America Merchant Services directly?

You could. We don’t recommend it, because in our experience, Bank of America Merchant Services isn’t likely to provide you with a transparent or competitive processing solution. But if you’re set on using them, there’s no reason you need to go through Blue Star Payment Solutions. You can check out our Bank of America profile to read more about what CardFellow thinks of Bank of America Merchant Services.

Are there any special benefits to working with Blue Star Payment Solutions?

For your business, not really. If you care about the possibility of being entered into drawings for special Dallas Cowboys-related prizes, then maybe.

It may sound impressive that the company is affiliated with the Dallas Cowboys, but that really has no bearing on you getting the best credit card processing.

Blue Star Payment Solutions states that customers may be eligible for merchandise packages, game tickets, field passes, and other goodies. No information is provided on how to receive these perks, or how many are given. Alternately, you could look for more competitive processing solutions and buy your own Cowboys tickets with the money you save.

What is BLUESTARgives?

BLUESTARgives is Blue Star Payment Solutions’ charitable giving platform. It allows non-profit organizations to get donations through webpages or text-to-donate options. Additionally, business customers of Blue Star Payment Solutions can participate in the BLUESTARgives “pass the penny forward” program, which lets businesses choose to automatically donate up to one cent per transaction to the charity of their choice.

What does it cost?

As Blue Star Payment Solutions is not the processor, they don’t set your rates and fees. Instead, Bank of America Merchant Services will determine your costs. You can sign up for a free CardFellow account to get quotes for Bank of America Merchant Services.

What about contracts and termination fees?

Same as with rates. Contract terms and termination fees will be set by Bank of America Merchant Services. Contracts are usually three year terms that automatically renew. Early termination fees up to $500 may also apply.

Blue Star Payment Solutions Reviews

Blue Star Payment Solutions is a fairly new company and doesn’t have much of a reputation yet. The company seems to be hoping that the reputation of the Dallas Cowboys will rub off and drive business due to the associations with the team.

But, since Blue Star Payment Solutions is not a processor and has no say over the terms and conditions of your processing, it’s not really relevant what people think anyway. Any reviews or references to processing with Blue Star Payment Solutions will actually refer to processing with Bank of America Merchant Services. To get an accurate idea of what customers think, you can check our Bank of America Merchant Services profile and reviews.


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Posted by CardFellow on Dec 15, 2015


Blue Star Payments is simply a referral partner for Bank of America Merchant Services, so we've given the same rating here as we have for Bank of America. Check our Bank of America's profile for more details.