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Bluestone Payments is a payment processor that specializes in electronic payments while offering payment solutions for all kinds of industries.
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Information available from Bluestone is sparse at best, offering very generalized details on services. The online landscape of Bluestone Payments reputation is even more barren. In this Bluestone Payments review and profile, we’ll offer some elaboration on the services and see what we can dig up in regards to reputation.

What payment processing services does Bluestone offer?

Bluestone Payments offers basic payment processing services, including card processing, electronic checks, and gift cards. Bluestone Payments suggests its services for industries ranging from retailers and restaurants to mail order and telephone order businesses. In addition to accepting payments, businesses can process other functions such as voids and returns.
Additionally, Bluestone offers 24 hour, 365 day a year customer service and technical support to assist clients with any questions or problems.

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Card Processing

With Bluestone Payments, you can accept major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB. You can also accept debit cards on major debit networks.

Electronic Checks

Just because they specialize in electronic payments does not mean Bluestone Payments has forgotten about checks. Bluestone Payments provides electronic check (e-check) acceptance. With e-checks, you can accept paper checks from customers and convert them to an electronic transaction at the time of sale, providing security and convenience. Electronic checks eliminate the need for taking physical checks to the bank for deposit.

Gift Cards

Bluestone Payments offers gift card programs for those who want to offer the convenience. Gift cards are favored by customers as gifts for a range of occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, etc.

Does Bluestone provide any security or fraud prevention?

For security, Bluestone helps with PCI DSS compliance standards, including annual validation and self-assessment questionnaires. Additionally, Bluestone handles chargebacks and disputes, ensuring that invalid chargebacks are reversed before your funds are tied up or debited.

Bluestone Payments Rates and Fees

Not surprisingly, given the evasiveness of the website, Bluestone Payments doesn’t publish rates and contract terms. Rates may vary by company size, processing volume, industry, and other factors. To get a fully disclosed quote specific to your business, simply request one through CardFellow. We can ensure you are able to compare quotes from any processors that interest you, without the hassle and spin of pushy sales people.

Our website,, also offers information and resources to help you choose the best processor. It’s free to use, and if you choose a certified quote through us, you can be assured of no cancellation fees, no hidden charges, and completely transparent pricing.

Bluestone Payments Reviews

Bluestone Payments doesn’t have an online reputation. Period. Sometimes no news is good news. After all, how many people take time from their day to report a business being competent or providing good service? It’s usually outrage that rips us from our busy lives with newfound motivation to tell the world what a company has done.

That being said, this company does not even have a profile with the Better Business Bureau.  So, is it the silence of satisfaction keeping clients from complaining? We can’t be sure. Bluestone Payments doesn’t currently list any testimonials or awards on their website either.

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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 26, 2018


Bluestone offers a range of basic payment acceptance services, including cards and checks.