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Burlington Bank Card is a debit and credit card processor founded in Burlington, Vermont. The company serves a wide range of businesses and provides processing services in the United States.
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Burlington Bank Card LLC is an Elavon Payments Partner and registered MSP and ISO of Elavon.


Burlington Bank Card offers a range of processing services for businesses of all sizes, including point-of-sale credit and debit processing, e-commerce and virtual terminals, mobile processing, and gift and loyalty cards.

Card Processing  

Burlington Bank Card has several options for card processing. The company offers iPad point-of-sale systems and traditional terminals by popular and secure brands. 

Additionally, Burlington offers industry-specific solutions for the following industries:

Bar and Restaurant 
Counter Service 
Salon and Spa 
Medical and Dental

E-Commerce and Virtual Terminals 

Easy-to-use Virtual Terminals and payment gateways allow merchants to accept transactions over the internet, as well as key transactions for accepting payments by mail or over the phone. Burlington Bank Card offers four different internet payment gateways, as follows:


The popular Authorize.Net gateway is a secure, PCI compliant option allowing merchants to process real-time transactions, set up recurring billing, integrate with more than 80 common shopping carts, and matches the look of your current site. Authorize.Net also features robust reporting options and advanced fraud prevention technology.

Virtual Merchant

The Virtual Merchant gateway is PCI compliant and allows merchants to process transactions in real-time by seamlessly integrating to your website shopping cart. The Virtual Terminal offers an efficient keyed entry mode.

Noble Exchange

Noble Exchange offers an easily integrated API payment gateway or secure payment page for your website. Noble Exchange steers customers toward choosing to pay with lower-cost cards and complies with regulations by surcharging credit cards as necessary.


iCheckGateway offers a customized hosted payment page to match your website. Payment data is securely processed through iCheckGateway and customers can pay by card or check. The gateway integrates with QuickBooks.

Mobile Processing 

Burlington Bank Card offers VirtualMerchant Mobile to enable merchants to accept payments with a smartphone or tablet. Transactions can be keyed or swiped with an optional encrypted card reader.

Gift and Loyalty Cards 

For merchants who’d like to offer gift or loyalty cards to customers, Burlington Bank Card provides easy-to-use programs. Gift cards are reloadable, and are available in standard or custom designs. Gift and loyalty cards are easy to activate, and merchants can view reports online. 

Equipment and Software 

Burlington Bank Card offers a range of equipment for processing, including traditional terminals, card readers, mobile printers, and wireless terminals. As of spring 2015, Burlington offers the following models:

VeriFone VX520 EMV 
Ingenico Telium2 iCT250 EMV 
Ingenico Telium iCT220 EMV 
VeriFone VX 820 PIN Pad EMV 
Ingenico iPP320 PIN Pad EMV 
Equinox L5200 Customer-Facing Terminal and PIN Pad

Features vary by model, but may include backlit keys, LCD screens, contactless technology, and more.


Burlington Bank Card has a range of security features for merchants, including offering EMV chip-capable equipment, encryption, tokenization, and PCI compliance support to assist merchants with compliance requirements. 


Burlington Bank Card offers interchange plus pricing, and provides extensive lists of rates for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  As of spring 2015, rates start at:

Retail (swiped): 1.51% + $0.10 
Retail debit (swiped): 0.80% + $0.15

Retail (keyed): 1.80% + $0.10 
Retail debit (keyed): 1.65% + $0.15

Credit (swiped): 1.58% + $0.10 
Debit (swiped): 1.05% + $0.15 
Credit (keyed): 1.89% + $0.10 
Debit (keyed): 1.60% + $0.15

A full list of rates for MasterCard is available at Burlington’s website. The page also includes information on which transactions qualify for that rate, and includes a rate change history.

Credit (swiped): 1.56% + $0.10 
Debit (swiped): 1.02% + $0.16 
Credit (keyed): 1.87% + $0.10 
Debit (keyed): 1.62% + $0.16

A full list of rates for Visa is available at Burlington’s website. The page also includes information on which transactions qualify for that rate, and includes a rate change history.

Contract Terms 

Burlington Bank Card’s website boasts no contracts and no cancellation fees for merchants.


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Posted by Kent Prater on Oct 20, 2019


I have used them in the past. I always worked with Dave who has always been courteous and responds quickly. He has resolved issues when they have arisen. No hidden fees and transparent.

Posted by CardFellow on Apr 28, 2016


Burlington Bankcard is an ISO that has been around for a long time. It does not place certified quotes through CardFellow, and it doesn’t publish it pricing online. However, the company does post quite a bit of information about interchange and interchange-plus pricing. Burlington Bankcard also post information on enhanced data as it pertains to interchange optimization, which shows that it pays attention to a level of cost reduction beyond just its own markup.