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If you’re tuned in to credit card processing news, you may have heard of CardFlex due to an ongoing lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission. But if you’re like most of us and don’t spend your time reading up on credit card processors, the company may be new to you. CardFlex is headquartered in California and is registered ISO and MSP of BMO Harris Bank, and a registered ISO of Central National Bank and Trust Co.
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In this CardFlex review and profile, we’ll take a look at what services it offers, its rates and fees, customer reviews, and what the heck that whole lawsuit is about.

Note that CardFlex could in theory lose the ability to process credit cards if it loses the lawsuit, so if you’re looking for a reliable solution, we wouldn’t blame you if you decide to head over to our processor directory and check out other options.


The company gained attention it probably doesn’t want when CardFlex was sued by the United States Federal Trade Commission, a debacle that is still in progress at the time of this writing. CardFlex and several other processing companies are accused of assisting in defrauding consumers, Wells Fargo Bank, and processing giant First Data by creating shell merchant accounts to evade the usual security and anti-fraud measures put into place by Visa and MasterCard. Partnering with a scam company called iWorks, CardFlex and other companies acted as a credit card processor for fraudulent transactions as consumers were subjected to bait-and-switch schemes with cards charged much more than authorized.

What services does CardFlex offer?

If the lawsuit hasn’t put you off and you still want to know about CardFlex’s services, you’ll find all the usual options. The company boasts clients in hospitality, education, healthcare, retail, non-profit sectors, restaurants, service businesses, and more. You can accept all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. CardFlex also allows businesses to easily accept checks. Additionally, CardFlex offers cash advances and gift card programs.

CardFlex offers card processing in several forms: in-person, online, by mobile device, and by phone/mail. For all processing types, CardFlex boasts competitive processing rates, cutting-edge security for PCI compliance, and easy set up.

In-Person Processing

For traditional stores and restaurants, as well as any business that accepts cards by swiping them in person at the time of purchase, CardFlex supports point-of-sale systems that make card processing quick and easy.

Online Processing

For online processing, CardFlex helps streamline your e-commerce site with shopping carts and hosted payment pages for security and user-friendliness. CardFlex will help set up everything you need to securely accept payments online and take advantage of the growing customer base provided by the internet.

Mobile Device Processing

Mobile device processing is available with compatible smartphones (including the iPhone) to allow you to accept payments on-the go. Mobile device processing is ideal for businesses who frequently accept transactions outside of a traditional store or restaurant environment, such as landscapers, construction workers, delivery service businesses, antiques dealers, tradeshow and fair vendors, and more.

Mail/Phone Processing

For mail and phone orders, such as catalogue businesses or pre-pay services, a virtual terminal allows you to enter information into a secure payment page from any computer with an internet connection. Transactions can be easily submitted, reviewed, and voided from the same virtual terminal.


If your business accepts checks, CardFlex’s electronic check depositing makes the process faster and easier. The remote capture option means checks can be scanned so that they’ll clear faster, and you won’t need to physically go to the bank to deposit paper checks. A digital copy of checks is available for security purposes.

Merchant Cash Advances

CardFlex works with businesses to create a lending solution to help quickly obtain cash for almost any business expense. Cash advances and lending programs are subject to additional requirements beyond processing requirements. Note that merchant cash advances can be an expensive way to secure funding.

Gift Cards

The CardFlex gift card program helps businesses take advantage of the convenience and popularity of gift cards. Your company logo can be included on the card, helping to build brand awareness. Gift cards can be redeemed in full during one transaction, or partially redeemed over multiple transactions.

What about equipment?

For ease of processing in a variety of environments, CardFlex offers support for multiple types of equipment, including retail point-of-sale systems, wireless systems, and iPhone mobile processing.


Traditional point-of-sale terminals are a fast and easy way to accept payments in-store. CardFlex supports a wide range of popular terminals from many manufacturers and integrates seamlessly while protecting customer data. Features vary by terminal. If you already have equipment that you would like to continue using, CardFlex may be able to reprogram it for continued use, eliminating the need to switch machines.


CardFlex supports wireless processing terminals that allow you to accept cards from almost anywhere. Whether you want to accept payments in different locations in a large store or across multiple branches or are taking cards on the road, wireless terminals don’t require you to stay in one location. Supported wireless terminals include display screens, traditional magnetic stripe readers, keypads and PIN pads just like traditional wired point-of-sale terminals.

iPhone Mobile

Use your iPhone to take payments with CardFlex’s mobile payment option. Transactions are processed securely over your phone’s 3G network or wifi, and feature instant authorization. Entering card information is quick and easy, and cards will be approved or declined in seconds.

How’s security?

CardFlex supports PCI compliant processing equipment and assists businesses with any compliance and security questions or issues. Additionally, CardFlex supports AVS and CVV for added security. With AVS, the cardholder’s address is verified with the address on file to ensure a match. CVV is the process of confirming the 3-digit security code on the back of a credit or debit card to ensure that the person making the purchase has the physical card in their possession, cutting down on fraudulent transactions where a thief only has the card number and expiration date.

CardFlex Rates and Fees

CardFlex doesn’t include any pricing information on their website. You can get a fully disclosed CardFlex quote by requesting one through CardFellow. Sign up for free to use our quote request tool. (Don’t worry, we won’t share your contact info!)

CardFlex Reviews

Well, that whole “FTC lawsuit” thing isn’t a great start, reputation-wise. Things don’t get a lot better when checking out reviews from customers, but there are some positive notes to be found.

CardFlex, Inc. is not currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau and doesn’t have a current rating with the BBB. CardFlex does have a profile on the BBB’s website, where 2 complaints have been filed against the company in the past 3 years. Both complaints are with CardFlex’s debit cards and bank accounts, not merchant processing.

CardFlex has a 4-star rating overall on Yelp, with several 5-star individual reviews. Processing-specific reviews praise the company’s helpfulness answering questions, quickness at delivering a card reader, and superior customer service. Both reviews that comment on the company’s processing options are 5-star reviews.

However, Ripoff Report lists 14 complaints about CardFlex’s processing services. Complaints allege unauthorized debits after cancelling accounts, hidden charges, high cancellation fees, automatically renewing long-term contracts, holding and never releasing funds, difficulty reaching customer service, abrupt account cancellations by the processor with the processor keeping funds from rolling reserves after cancellation.

Complaints that reference early termination fees mention being charged thousands of dollars, indicating a likelihood of a liquidated damages clause.

CardFlex includes testimonials in the sidebar of some pages on their website. Reviews praise the company’s competitive rates, attentive customer service, and seamless transition from previous processors. Testimonials include the reviewer’s full name and business name.

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