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Chosen Payments boasts a client list on its website that includes Pandora jewelry, T-Mobile, Remax, Holiday Inn, Verizon, Shell, Paul Mitchell, and Penske.

It was founded in California and serves businesses across the United States.

If you're not a big chain, is this processing company still right for your business? Let’s take a look at Chosen Payments’ services, costs, and customer opinions.


As a credit card processing company, Chosen Payments offers a choice of payment acceptance methods. You'll be able to accept cards in person (using a traditional countertop credit card machine, full POS system, or mobile device) or online through a payment gateway.

Chosen Payments supports a number of processing devices. You can jump down to the Equipment section, below, for more details.

In addition to helping you process credit cards, Chosen can offer check processing with remote deposit capture and check guarantee, customer loyalty programs, merchant cash advances, and ATM placement services.


Chosen Payments supports a variety of credit card machines from basic countertop models to full POS systems.

For countertop terminals, Chosen Payments supports models from manufacturers Dejavoo, First Data, Hypercom/Equinox, Magtek, PAX, and Verifone.

If mobile readers for use with smartphones and tablets are more your speed, you can choose from ePN, ID Tech, Magtek, PayAnywhere, or Clover Go readers.

For businesses that prefer full-fledged POS systems, Chosen Payments offers several choices, including Aldelo, Aloha, Micros, PC America, Shopkeep, The Edge, and more.

Lastly, if you're an ecommerce business, you'll need a payment gateway. With Chosen, you can use popular options like Authorize.Net, eProcessing Network, ICVerify, NETePay, USAePay, and more.

Rates and Fees

So what's it going to cost to use Chosen Payments? Like many processing companies, Chosen doesn't publish rates and fees because that will vary by businss.

However, you can easily request and compare pricing from Chosen Payments right here through CardFellow. You'll just need to sign up for a free comparison account. Try it here!

Chosen Payments Reviews

Chosen Payments has been around long enough to have gathered reviews in multiple places online, including the Better Business Bureau and its own Facebook page.

Better Business Bureau

Chosen Payments has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2011 and currently has an A+ rating. The company has 1 positive and 1 negative review, but no formal complaints with the BBB.

The positive review praises Chosen Payments for working with the business one-on-one and for great rate with no hidden fees while the negative review references being given incorrect information for monthly costs and difficulty with continued charges after closing the account.

According to Chosen Payments

On its website, Chosen Payments includes customer testimonials that list a customer’s first name and last initial, though the reviews don’t include a business name for the reviewer. The reviews praise the helpful and professional customer service, great rates, and ease of switching from other proessing companies.

Chosen also has an official Facebook page that has 217 reviews. The bulk are positive, giving the company five stars, but 27 one-star reviews and a handful of three- and four-star reviews bring the overall rating to 4.5 stars.

The 5-star reviews echo the compliments on the company’s website, praising Chosen Payments’ customer service and follow up, willingness to answer questions, and great pricing that has helped the businesses flourish. Many of the reviews are from business owners in the transportation/limo industry.

The majority of the 1-star reviews are simply the star rating with no text details. However, the ones that provide details state that the company has terrible employees and that the company continues to call businesses that have stated they’re not interested in Chosen Payments’ services. In the case of negative reviews that include text information, Chosen Payments responds to the reviewer. In one case, Chosen indicates that they don’t have a record of the reviewer doing business with Chosen, and request that the customer get in touch by phone so they can look up the customer’s account and help resolve any issues. In another case, Chosen’s CEO doesn’t believe the reviewer’s experience and states the possibility of the reviewer being a competitor trying to bring down the company’s rating.

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Posted by Adam Berlin on Dec 15, 2021


Horrible customer service and slow process, plus confusing third party services and sites for actual merchant services

Posted by CardFellow on Apr 19, 2018


Chosen Payments has plenty of larger clients, indicating that they can handle businesses that are growing.