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Clearent is a payment processing service for all types of businesses but uniquely has a niche on its website that specifically caters to web developer needs. The company began in 2005 and is headquartered in Missouri.
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TSYS Merchant Solutions, Wells Fargo

Clearent is what we refer to as a ”super ISO,” meaning they’re a large independent sales organization that works with both processors and smaller independent sales organizations (ISO’s.) The company offers this video introduction:

Let’s dig deeper into Clearent to get a feel for services, reviews, and more.


In March 2017, Clearent purchased processing company Payment Alliance International, one of the NRA-endorsed processors for firearms dealers.

What services does Clearent offer for businesses?

Clearent offers a number of services for businesses, including credit and debit processing, virtual terminals and gateways for ecommerce and mail and phone order, electronic check and ACH processing, gift card processing, wireless options, recurring payments, and more. The company also boasts next day deposits of funds via ACH and offers information on topics such as chargebacks and surcharging.

Card Processing

Clearent allows you to accept major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, as well as PIN-based debit cards from major networks such as Interlink, Maestro, NYCE, Star, and more.  EBT and gift cards are also included in this. If you own a gas station, Clearent also has special pay-at-pump options. Clearent offers American Express OptBlue, a pricing model started in 2015 that is designed to help lower the costs of accepting American Express at your business. Read more about OptBlue.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway

If you are looking to use a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device for taking payment, Clearent has a custom virtual terminal that allows payment without the need for a physical POS.
If you are interested in selling online, Clearent has gateway offers from its partners Authorize.Net, eProcessing Network, and TSYS.


For those who prefer to use their iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, Clearent offers mobile processing solutions that allow you to accept payments securely on your smartphone. Mobile processing is ideal for people who don’t have a traditional storefront, such as artists, landscapers, and other contractors. Clearent can provide lower (swiped) rates for customers who add a secure card reader to their smartphone transaction processing.

Check Processing and ACH

Clearent offers a “no worry” check acceptance by providing electronic check conversion and guarantee. You are able to turn a paper check into an electronic check transaction using Clearent’s electronic check processing. ACH services are also options.

Recurring Payments

If you need to set up a recurring payment schedule, such as for memberships, Clearent has a variety of options that are industry specific. If you don’t fall into one of those categories though, Clearent says it can work with you to sculpt a service that fits your needs.


Using Clearent’s DialPay allows you to turn any touch-touch phone or smartphone into a Point Of Sale device. It works for major credit cards and signature debit cards with English and Spanish messaging options.


Clearent offers Compass merchant services software to handle reporting and managing transactions. Compass provides a detailed monthly statement of your activity and fees while also allowing daily access to updated information. Access your account at any time to view information on transactions and processing costs, or use the online transaction search to resolve customer questions.

What about the services specific to web developers?

Clearent has options for shopping carts, eCommerce platform integrations, and hosted payment forms. They also have a profit sharing program that claims to pay you for your work if you refer other clients to them.

Any information on equipment?

With Clearent, you can either use existing point-of-sale equipment, or purchase new equipment. The company offers several popular brands, including VeriFone, Hypercom, and Nurit. Clearent also offers wireless terminal options.

For businesses that process payments by computer, Clearent offers point-of-sale software integration to process credit and debit cards, checks, and gift cards.

What about security and PCI compliance?

Clearent boasts no PCI compliance fees for those who complete a PCI questionnaire, and offers tools to help you with compliance. Once you complete the questionnaire, Clearent provides feedback with tips on how to protect yourself and your business from fraud and other security concerns.

How is Clearent’s customer service?

Clearent offers 24/7/365 call center customer service, both in English and Spanish.

Clearent Rates and Contracts

Clearent does not publish rates or contract information on its website and there is probably a good reason for this. Rates and contracts can be difficult to understand and can fluctuate depending on the client.

Not to worry though, Cardfellow can make sure you get the best quote, transparent contracts, and a promise of no cancellation fees. The service is free to use and allows you to compare companies without the hassle of sales people. Learn more about our service on our website or sign up here.

Clearent Reviews and Reputation

Clearent LLC has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2010 and currently holds the highest grade available, an A+. The company has 10 complaints closed with the BBB in the past 3 years, with 5 in the last 12 months. The complaints are evenly split between the “Billing/Collection Issues” and “Problems with Product/Service” categories. Complaints say that Clearent failed to honor contracts by charging higher fees than agreed, difficulty canceling service, charging unwarranted cancellation fees, and unauthorized bank debits.

Clearent has a section for awards and accreditations on its website where it was listed in Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies for 3 years in a row. There are currently no testimonials. 

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Posted by Samantha Collins on Nov 08, 2017


I found Clearent to be a fantastic company. I saved a lot of money and still got my deposits the next day. Would absolutely recommend in the future.

Posted by Lyubov Izotova on Oct 19, 2017


Horrible and stressful experience. They will get you into a 3 year contract without telling you. They will charge you $400 if you want to change provider. They will hold your money for months if they “think” that some of your transactions pose a risk for them. The will charge you tons of compliance and “minimum” fees, which will sum up in hundreds $$ at the end of every month. Just avoid! There are many more modern services, like PayPal, Shopify, Stripe, Square and more. Clearent doesn’t fit into a modern commerce world and needs to be gone!

Posted by Mark on Oct 17, 2017


Terrible support, very disorganized with regards to PCI compliance support. They hire a third party for this. Their service doesn't work on most major modern web browsers. Chat support is useless and cannot view screenshots. Shockingly bad technology and support.

Posted by ast on Sep 21, 2017


I switched to Clearent thinking it would save me money. My first bill was higher than the quote. The succeeding bills were about 2x what I was quoted. Their customer service sucks. It's not 24/7 as advertised. Good luck getting a hold of them!

Posted by Josh Powell on Aug 01, 2017


I recently had a terribly negative experience with clearent processing. I have a second business which is conducted almost exclusively online my customers typically pay via credit card. I recently processed a sale which was a high dollar item, clearent flagged the transaction and held the funds. There was no complaint by the buyer, no flag from his bank. Clearent flagged the transaction. When I charged the buyer I cautioned he may need to contact his credit card company to have the amount approved, which he did. My complaint is that after providing all the requested information I don't have the funds for the merchandise. Typically when credit card transactions are processed, provided I charge the cc by 5pm, I receive the funds the following business day at 12am. I provided clearent all requested information at 12:41pm Friday 7/28. The buyer’s cc was charged 7/25. I'm told I will not receive the funds till Thursday 8/3. The buyer received his merchandise Friday 7/28. Clearent is withholding funds for over a week after I provided the requested information, no complaint was raised by the buyer or the buyer's cc company. This is unacceptable business practice. I also had the pleasure of two of their risk customer service representatives raising their voice with me while attempting to get details and clarification regarding the transaction. Why do I pay for this service not to mention such unprofessional customer service?

Posted by CardFellow on Jun 02, 2016


Clearent is a large independent sales organization (ISO) that relies heavily on smaller ISOs, banks, and financial institutions to resell its processing services. Oddly enough, Clearent’s logo still often appears on clients’ statements even when one of its resellers is responsible for sourcing and servicing an account. For this reason, it’s difficult to judge Clearent’s service and pricing because it’s often not responsible for either on the majority of statements and comments we’ve seen pertaining to Clearent. There are providers in CardFellow’s marketplace that use Clearent’s services. For this reason, CardFellow has had to indirectly deal with Clearent on occasion to request interchange downgrade reports (through the member ISO) to diagnose the reasons why a client’s transactions were downgrading. In such cases, Clearent often seems unconcerned or unwilling to provide downgrade information to help its clients, which is quite frustrating. The process of requesting and receiving interchange downgrade information is very easy with most other providers.

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