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Previously known as Compliant Security Services, Datainsure is a processing company based in Arizona that works with businesses in multiple industries. Sometimes a processing company changes its name to escape a negative reputation, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Datainsure as there is nothing in the way of reviews for Compliant Security Services that would indicate a widespread problem.
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As Datainsure, the company offers credit card processing services for in-person and mobile payment situations, and may be able to support online processing as well. Let’s take a look at features and costs, as well as get opinions from other customers by checking out Datainsure reviews.

Datainsure Services

Datainsure offers credit card processing through tablet-based POS systems, EMV-capable countertop  terminals, and EMV-capable mobile solutions. The company can also set up Authorize.Net accounts for online/card-not-present transactions, but it’s not referenced on its website, indicating that online processing isn’t the company’s primary focus. We’ve reached out to Datainsure for clarification, and will update this review with further information as it becomes available.

Datainsure homepage

Depending on the equipment that you choose, you can accept a variety of payment methods, including traditional credit and debit cards, EMV chip cards, debit cards with PINs, EBT cards, gift and loyalty cards, and contactless technologies like Apple Pay. You can take all major brands, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Tablet POS System

Datainsure’s main tablet POS utilizes the Revel platform, offering not only credit card processing, but also employee scheduling and payroll, customer relationship management options( including purchase history), inventory management services, the ability to generate purchase orders, and comprehensive reporting to make managing your business easier. You’re not limited to that system, though. Datainsure has partnerships with several POS companies, both for tablet-based or traditional-style full POS systems. (See the section Equipment, below, for more details on POS systems.)

Mobile Payments

Looking for a way to take payments from different locations? The Ingenico iCMP may be the solution you’re looking for. It fits in the palm of your hand, but offers plenty of ways to take payments when you’re on the road, at a tradeshow, at clients’ homes, or just offering line busting in your store.

You can accept all type of payments, including chip cards, debit cards with PIN authorization, and even contactless payments like Apple Pay. The iCMP connects via Bluetooth and is lightweight for maximum portability.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

If you use the Ingenico iCT250 countertop terminal to take payments, you can also optionally integrate the Fanfare gift and loyalty card program to encourage additional sales and repeat business from your existing customers. Loyalty programs also let you collect customer data to help create and tailor effective marketing campaigns and promotions.

QuickBooks Integration

Despite the growing popularity of competitors like Xero and FreshBooks, Intuit’s QuickBooks remains a staple of business accounting. If you use it at your business, Datainsure can help you integrate with QuickBooks for easy transaction reconciliation.

If you’re using an older version of QuickBooks, you may need to upgrade to a newer edition. However, Datainsure offers a deal for a free upgrade if you meet certain contractual requirements. In some cases, you may be eligible for percentage discounts on Intuit products.

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Datainsure’s tablet POS runs on iPads. The company supports Ingenico terminals for other methods of accepting payments. The iCT250 is available as a countertop terminal, or you can choose the handheld Ingenico iCMP for mobile payment acceptance. The exact features of the terminal will depend on which model you choose. Some terminals offer features like a “no signature required” option for qualified transactions, automatic software updates, and backlit keypads for high visibility in poor lighting conditions. Some terminals can also be configured to EBT acceptance.

No pricing information is provided. Datainsure does state that in some cases, businesses that are currently using a non-EMV-compliant terminal may be eligible for a free upgrade to an EMV-compliant terminal. It’s not required that you use EMV-capable terminals, but remember that if you accept a chip card and run it through the magstripe reader like a traditional card, you’ll be liable for any fraudulent transactions or issues.

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If you don’t want to use the Revel platform but still want a POS system, Datainsure lists partnerships with Talech, NCR Silver, Shopkeep, and Harbortouch, providing choices for your POS needs.

Datainsure Rates and Fees

Like many processors, Datainsure doesn’t publish rates or fees on its website. Your pricing will be specific to your business.

That doesn’t mean you’ll have to sit through a sales pitch just to see costs, though. You can request a free, fully-disclosed quote with no obligation by using CardFellow’s quote request and comparison tool. Try it now!

Datainsure Reviews

With the exception of the Better Business Bureau, there aren’t many customer reviews available.  The company doesn’t come up on Yelp or Ripoff Report under its current name or the prior Compliant Security Services name. There are also no reviews to be found at Google reviews, nor does the company offer testimonials on its website.

At the Better Business Bureau

Datainsure has been accredited with the BBB since 2016, and in that time has accumulated 35 reviews and 6 complaints, receiving an A+ rating overall.

Datainsure reviews

The complaints report problems ranging from difficulty cancelling service to hidden fees that made the total costs more expensive even though sales reps promised savings. Datainsure replies to complaints, which likely contributes to its A+ rating. Some complaint responses indicate that the company was willing to look into the situation and attempt to remedy it, with one response claiming that Datainsure had terminated a disreputable sales person.

The reviews on the BBB website are all positive. Reviewers praise Datainsure for fast customer service call backs, a smooth process, knowledgeable reps, no hidden fees, and honest practices.

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Posted by Rafi Nalz on Nov 24, 2017


I found this company because of QuickBooks and Data Insure is an approved partner with great ratings verified by Intuit. We used them for QuickBooks integration and merchant services. They delivered everything as promised, we are happy and will not switch again.