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Digital Financial Group refers to itself as a payments “consultant” but still functions as a processing company, offering credit card processing to businesses in the United States. The company’s consulting functions appear to refer to helping you understand processing fees, PCI compliance, and other aspects of your processing solution.

Any payment processing company that you work with should be willing and able to assist you in understanding your costs, PCI obligations, and anything else about your merchant account. In practice, not all companies are as helpful, so if DFG lives up to their promises, it could be beneficial for you.

Let’s take a closer look at the company’s services, equipment, costs, and more in this Digital Financial Group review.

Services and Equipment

A merchant account with Digital Financial Group lets you easily and securely accept major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. You can choose take payments in person (whether in a store/restaurant or on the road) or through your ecommerce website.

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In Person Payments

For accepting payments in person, Digital Financial offers POS systems, countertop terminals, and mobile solutions. For POS systems, you can choose between Micros, Clover, and AIMsi.

The Micros system is a popular option for restaurants (usually chains, or those with multiple locations) and features advanced functions for accounting, cost of goods sold, and more.

Clover is a more cost-effective solution for smaller businesses, and still provides many important business functions. Additionally, Clover is customizable with apps from a robust app marketplace so you can ensure you have the features you need.

AIMsi started off as a retail POS system but is now available to restaurants and food service businesses as well. The system is cloud-based and runs on tablets, allowing you to choose your hardware.

Need a solution to take payments when you’re on the road or at clients’ homes? You can choose from the Clover Go smartphone/tablet reader or use DFG’s mobile reader.

Online Payments

For online transactions, DFG offers its own payment platform option – vSecure – or the Authorize.Net gateway. Authorize.Net is a universal solution that works with many different payment processors, so if you’re already using it and want to continue to do so, DFG can help you make that transition.

You’ll be able to set up simple “buy” buttons or full checkout forms. Additionally, if you need to bill clients for subscriptions or regular services, you can set up recurring billing, detailing how often to bill clients. Read more about Recurring Billing.

If you’re in the amusement park, zoo, or other tourist attractions industry, you can choose to use Gateway Ticketing Systems as your payment gateway instead. Gateway Ticketing Systems is designed to handle selling tickets online or at the door with seamless management and high levels of security. Gateway Ticketing can also be an option for certain transportation businesses, including ferry and bus travel.

Short Term Merchant Accounts

Also known as event merchant accounts, short term merchant accounts are designed for businesses that only take payments at one-off events or for a short period of time, such as popup stores. Short term merchant accounts are a good option for non-profits that hold one-time fundraising events or for temporary seasonal businesses like Halloween stores.

Gift Card Program

DFG promotes a gift card program on its website, but doesn’t provide details about cost of cards, fees for redemption, or card customization options. We’ve reached out to Digital Financial for more information and will update this section as details become available.

Rates and Fees

Like many processing companies, Digital Financial Group doesn’t post rate and fee information. This is most common when a company doesn’t utilize a flat rate model and instead sets pricing individually for each business.

You can still see pricing for your business (and easily compare DFG’s costs to other processors) when you use CardFellow’s quote comparison marketplace. It’s free, no obligation, and no sales calls. Try it today!

Digital Financial Group Reviews

Reviews for Digital Financial Group are few and far between. The company has a Better Business Bureau profile (where it has been accredited since 2013) and has an A+ rating, but there are no written reviews of the business available. There is one formal complaint, which states that DFG charged the business for non-compliance despite the business submitting proof of compliance. DFG responded to the complaint and offered a refund of the charges.

At this time, the company does not publish testimonials on its website, nor does it have any reviews on Yelp, Google Reviews, or Ripoff Report.

The company’s facebook page shows three reviews giving the company 5 star ratings, though two reviews don’t provide text commentary and the third simply says that the customer has been using them for years and loves them.

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Posted by CardFellow on Nov 01, 2017


Digital Financial Group expresses a desire to help businesses understanding their processing fees and PCI obligations.