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Elite Merchant Services (not to be confused with Elite Merchant Solutions) is a credit card processing company located in Michigan. The company offers credit card processing, ATM placement, cash advances, and gift card programs.
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Is it the right choice for your business? In this review, we’ll take a closer look at EMS’ services, costs, and more.


Elite Merchant Services offers several financial-related services, including credit card processing, ATM placement, gift cards, and cash advance programs.

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Credit Card Processing

EMS offers credit card processing services for businesses that accept cards in person, by phone, and online. For taking payments in person, you can choose a traditional countertop payment terminal, a POS system, or a card swiper for smartphones or tablets. Over-the-phone processing can be done with the secure virtual terminal, a web-based portal to enter card details securely. Online processing can be done through the Authorize.Net payment gateway.

You can take major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. If you use EMV compatibly equipment, you’ll be able to accept EMV chip cards as well.


If you’d like to put an ATM at your location, Elite can offer wholesale pricing on ATMs. You’ll be able to set the transaction charge to the customer, which you keep as additional revenue. ATMs can also increase foot traffic into your business and encourage impulse purchases.

Gift Cards

EMS offers a gift card program that works on many different credit card terminals. The gift card program includes reports that provide details about card sales and redemption and a cardholder support option for customers to check their balances.

We reached out to Elite for more details, and the company confirmed that cards are customizable. A one-stime setup fee of $25 applies. You’ll also need to purchase cards in increments of 100. Your first order will cost you $63.00, with subsequent orders charged at $53.

Separate transaction fees apply to gift cards. A 10-cent transaction fee applies when gift cards are redeemed, as well as a 1.5% and 5 cent activation fee. (Voiding an activation costs 5 cents.) Gift cards are reloadable, with reload costing 1.5% and 5 cents.

Cash Advances

For businesses seeking capital, Elite offers an in-house cash advance program. Unlike loans, cash advances don’t require collateral or closing costs. Instead, you’ll take out an advance against your future credit card sales. Advances are available for up to $40,000, which is typically repaid (through a percentage of your daily credit card sales) over a 3-9 month period.


Elite Merchant Services offers equipment from several popular manufacturers, and offers a free credit card machine for new clients.

For countertop credit card machines, you can choose from Verifone or Hypercom models with up-to-date technology such as EMV chip card acceptance and wireless capabilities. Looking to take payments on the go? You can choose either PAYware Mobile or NCR’s Ring Up solution.

If you’d prefer a full point-of-sale solution, EMS can support Clover Stations, Mynt, and NCR Silver. The company also sells accessories so that you can customize a POS system for your exact needs. Available accessories include cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, iPad stands, customer PIN pads, and more.

To read reviews of credit card machines and POS systems, check out our equipment directory.

Businesses taking payments online can get set up with the Authorize.Net payment gateway.

Rates and Fees

Elite Merchant Services doesn’t publish rates or fees, as charges will be set for your specific business. You can request a fully disclosed quote with no obligation right here through CardFellow. It’s free, fast, and allows you to easily compare the pricing to any other companies you’d like. Try it now!

Elite Merchant Services Reviews

Finding Elite Merchant Services reviews for the correct company is a little difficult. The Better Business Bureau has a profile for an Elite Merchant Services in California that it lists as out of business and another profile for a company called Elite Merchant Solutions in California. However, the Elite Merchant Services in this profile is located in Michigan and is still in business.

There are no reviews for Elite Merchant Services that we could find on Yelp or Ripoff Report, and while the company has an official Facebook page, the reviews option is not currently enabled.

With so little information, it’s important to hear from current or former clients who have used Elite Merchant Services for their business. Is that you? We’d love to hear about your experience. Leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 19, 2018


Elite Merchant Services provides all the payment processing options small businesses need.