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Emerchantbroker is a payment processor that provides services for all business types, but specializes in accounts considered “high risk.” High risk industries include businesses such as e-cigarettes, tech support, gaming, nutraceuticals, adult entertainment, debt consolidation, airlines, gambling, bail bonds, and others. Based in Los Angeles, the company has been operating since 2011 and boasts approval for 99% of businesses that apply for accounts. In this Emerchantbroker review and profile we will look at what services they offer and what others say.
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Acquiring Bank(s)


BMO Harris Bank

Payment Processing Options from EMB

Emerchantbroker provides accounts for processing credit and debit cards through various means, including retail, mail or phone orders, and online. In addition to credit and debit cards, businesses may be able to accept ACH debit payments, and checks.

Credit and Debit Cards

Emerchantbroker can help high risk businesses accept major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and more. Cards can be accepted in person such as in a retail store (also called card-present transactions) or online through an e-commerce website (also known as card-not-present transactions.)

ACH Payments

With ACH payments, businesses can set up debiting from a customer’s checking account. Payments can be set for one-time or recurring transactions. Emerchantbroker states there are no set up fees for ACH payments, and electronic transfer of funds occurs within 7 business days.


For accepting checks, Emerchantbroker offers several solutions: paper check acceptance with guarantee, checks by phone, iCheck, and checks by web.

Paper check acceptance
For accepting traditional paper checks, Emerchantbroker offers a paper check guarantee, which includes features such as verification at the time of the sale to help prevent fraud.

Checks by phone
Emerchantbroker allows businesses to accept checks over the phone. This option is suggested for utility services (like power or phone companies), insurance offices, and call centers that handle billing or sales.

iCheck processes all types of checks including personal and business checks as well as travelers’ checks and even money orders. Funds are available within 24 hours. iCheck is only compatible with iPhones and iPads, but it can allow you to process a check just by taking its picture and submitting it. You can also send invoices through email and distribute funds directly from your bank account.

Checks by web
The checks-by-web option lets your customers buy goods or services online using a check instead of a credit or debit card. Checks-by-web uses bank account information to accept payments. Note that there is a $1,000 limit per transaction for e-commerce payments.

Payment Gateways

Emerchantbroker offers its own payment gateway that it says is a great option for new or growing businesses. Payment gateways allow you to do business over the internet, and can usually connect to popular shopping carts for customer convenience.

Does EMB provide help with Chargebacks?

As a payment processor for high-risk businesses, Emerchantbroker understands that chargebacks are going to be an issue. Emerchantbroker partners with Verifi to use the CardHolder Dispute Resolution Network and with Ethoca for chargeback alerts. These two partners help Emerchantbroker customers handle and resolve chargebacks to prevent lost funds from not being notified of a chargeback or being notified too late in the dispute process. Emerchantbroker customers are promised to receive notice of a chargeback in order to determine what steps need to be taken to resolve the dispute.

Cash Advance and Business Funding Options 

It’s true that Emerchantbroker offers both a cash advance program and ACH business funding, but how badly do you need that working capital? Much like the saying “with great power comes great responsibility,” so it can be said “with great cash advances comes great cost.” Before you jump into a processor’s offer for a cash advance, make sure you know what you are getting into. We suggest reading our article “Should You Get a Merchant Cash Advance?” and weigh the decision against other options.

Emerchantbroker Rates and Contract Terms

Emerchantbroker doesn’t list rates or fees on their website, likely because the rates will vary based on the business profile and needs of the applicant. High risk merchant accounts often carry higher rates than other merchant accounts. Emerchantbroker does claim on their website that high-risk merchant account rates may start as low as 2.99%. However, there are no details regarding which business types or transaction types that rate applies to.

Everything about EMB’s website seems to give you minimal information and attempt to rush you into reaching out to them or getting started on an application. This could be a red flag for aggressive sales people. If you want to avoid the hassle of pushy sales people and get the fully transparent information you need to make a decision, request an Emerchantbroker quote through CardFellow.

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Emerchantbroker Reviews

Emerchantbroker, LLC has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2012 and currently has an A+ rating with the BBB. The company has only had 2 complaints with the BBB in the past 3 years, 1 of which was closed within the last 12 months. Both complaints are in the category “Problems with Product/Service.” Specific details of the complaints are not available on the BBB’s website. Only 1 complaint is visible and alleges that EMB falsified information on the client’s account leading to $2000 in held funds. EMB responded that they did issue a refund, but could not continue working with the client.

There are no reviews for EMB on Ripoff Report or on Google reviews, and only one review for Emerchantbroker on Yelp. The 5-star review praises Emerchantbroker for getting the reviewer’s business an account after being turned down by other payment processors.

It’s possible that no news is good news, but they are still a fairly new company in the processing business. That being said, Emerchantbroker does boast being voted #1 from 2012-2016 by There are no testimonials or other reviews on its website.

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Posted by Ryan Yalden on Jun 03, 2019


Joke of a company, they “approved” me with a processor only so I could find out from the processor directly that my products sold were not approved. Proceed to continue to charge me past when I requested my contract be canceled and attempted to collect an early cancellation fee. If you have any issues what so ever they take 0 responsibility.

Posted by Oliver on Aug 10, 2018


I had a very bad experience with eMerchant Broker. Josh W. was my rep. He wouldn't return any calls and all the emails were answered in a very vague manner. He is not very polite and does not provide any help or assistance whatsoever. I really had a very bad experience with him/this company.

Posted by Jesus Prada on Dec 06, 2017


This is a terrible service for your business. Do not make the mistake that I did. Their sales team is very good in answering the calls and closing a 3 year contract. But customer services & technical support are impossible to get them on the phone. All they do is take messages and never call you back. Terrible experience.

Posted by G Shak on Nov 19, 2017


We were referred to eMB to provide our online store with a merchant account. After the first inquiry I received an email with a link to fill up a few forms. I replied to the broker on my case to ask a few important questions before filling up the forms and I didn’t hear back even after follow-up emails! I finally got ahold of the agent on the phone and he claimed he thought he replied to the emails! I just ignored this first red flag and completed application forms and submitted list of documents that were required and was told that it would take 3 to 5 business days for completion. After 7 business days we followed up and we heard they submitted wrong info to the bank they were working with and they needed to resubmit! After a few more business days they requested more documents! A few more days passed, and they wanted to send an investigator to my residence! Some more days passed, and they asked for some of the items on our website to be remove, and we regrettably showed flexibility and did so. After this they wanted us to submit user-name and password to our backend, Paypal, and Amazon accounts and this was the most unusual request I have seen from a company that claims to be PCI compliant. Despite all hesitations we submitted some limited access in hope that this long maze reaches to an end. Then after some more days they asked us for ingredients of items we are selling online to ensure it meets FDA approval! When we told them the request makes no sense they said it is VISA requirement! which after some research we realized that was also a false statement. This was the point that we decided to work with another more reputable company and we got our shopping cart active in less than 48 hours! Just be aware if you want to work with eMB that they are not professional, with no clear insight of the process and very slow in moving requests.

Posted by medloc on Mar 01, 2017


My dry-cleaning operation was probably the last business in California to accept online payments, simply because it took me too long to realize its importance. My cousin recommended eMerchantBroker and I signed up right away. Now my customers can conveniently make credit card payments directly through my website, after which I can have my staff pick up their laundry, have it cleaned and delivered back to them without hassle. My relationship with EMB has been an enjoyable and stress-free one, especially because of their competent customer support team. I would recommend them to any online business.

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