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iTransact has been in the business of payment processing since 1994. That is a fair amount of time when compared with others in the industry. But does that make iTransact a tried and true option? Are its services updated to meet your needs? This iTransact review and profile will help answer those questions by offering an overview of the services provided and what clients are saying about it.

What services can iTransact offer my business?

Need a way of accepting payment cards? What about a more convenient way of taking checks? iTransact can help you process payments whether you are a traditional store, an online shop, a mobile vendor, or receive mail/phone orders.

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If you own a retail store, restaurant, or other brick and mortar business, you probably already know how important it is to accept card payments. With iTransact you can accept major credit and debit cards and newer technologies including Apple Pay and EMV chip cards. Countertop terminals and other equipment are available through the company as well.


The internet never sleeps, which means your online shop is open for business 24/7. If you want the ability to take payments through your website, you can utilize iTransact’s Payment Gateway and e-commerce options. The gateway allows acceptance of credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and checks, and integrates with many popular shopping carts. If you need to accept checks, iTransact’s Redicheck system allows customers to enter their checking information at the time of purchase and then iTransact will send you a physical check to deposit within a few days.


Always on the go? For people who work in transportation, make deliveries, perform in-home services, travel to different tradeshows, and others, mobile processing is a huge convenience. iTransact Mobile is a mobile app that allows you to accept payments anywhere you need to be. Mobile processing gives you the ability to accept cards in locations when customers may not have cash or prefer to use a card. iTransact offers compatible card swipers for many different smartphones and mobile devices. Swipers connect to compatible devices through a standard headphone jack.

Mail/Phone Orders

Need a way to process mail or phone orders? A virtual terminal allows you to process payments through the internet without a website or shopping cart. Information can be keyed in from any internet-connected computer to submit payments for real-time authorization. iTransact’s virtual terminal allows for invoice generation and can email receipts directly to customers.

iTransact Rates and Fees

iTransact doesn’t list any rates, fees, or contract terms on its website but claims better rates than others. If you want to find out whether iTransact really has the best pricing or not, request a quote through CardFellow. With our free service you will get fully disclosed pricing from iTransact and be able to compare it privately with any other processors you choose. Sign up here!

iTransact Reviews 

You really have to do some digging to find reviews about iTransact. None of the usual sites (Yelp, Ripoff Report, Google reviews) have any complaints or compliments to speak of. Further down the Google rankings you’ll see a site called Some of the conversation on the website indicates that the company caters more to ecommerce and does not offer point of sale systems. The reviewers also point out that iTransact’s customer service number is not toll free and only open 8am-5pm MST. Other than that, the reviews on the site are pretty evenly split between exclaiming excellent service and lamenting disappointment.

The company does have a profile with the Better Business Bureau but is not accredited yet. There are 3 complaints closed in the last 3 years. The most interesting complaint alleges that the iTransact changed a fee from .00038% to .0038% without informing the business, resulting in over $1,400 dollars of extra charges over an 18 month period. The client alleges that the company has done this to others as well. The other 2 complaints are in regards to mishandled fraudulent charges.

Whether the claim that iTransact changes fees is true or not, it is possible for processors to change pricing after you open an account with them. This makes it important to know that you are protected from these practices within your contract.

If you have worked with this company and can shed some light on these issues with your experience, leave an iTransact review!


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Posted by Ivar G. Nelson on May 11, 2018


This week iTransact changed the format (after my 16 years with them) of the transaction emails that they send me. These new ones are unsatisfactory for a variety of reasons: 1. They take up 2 full screen monitor pages instead of 1. 2. They do not allow me to hit "reply" to the customer, only to them. 3. They are currently not showing "voids" to me. I do not know if they go to my customers! 4. They originally were sending emails to my personal, not business, email address. 5. This creates a lot more work for me and possible confusion to my customers. They did not tell me what advantage it has for them. I told them I would prefer my previous system. Their reply was "We have changed our system and will not return to the previous one." I told them I may be changing my processor because of this. Their supervisor was not helpful.

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