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Merchant One is a credit card processing company that has been in business since 2002 and is headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida. The company’s website markets a simplified but thorough approach to processing, including training to help get you started and an account manager to make sure things continue to go well.

Merchant One caters to all sizes and types of businesses throughout the US. The company currently serves over 100,000 clients and offers deals for those who are in the market to switch processors. In this Merchant One review and profile we will look at the services they provide and reputation they hold.

What payment services does Merchant One offer clients?

Merchant One provides a variety of payment processing services including face-to-face swipe transactions, mail and phone order transactions, eCommerce, and options for wireless or mobile transactions.

Merchant One homepage


With Merchant One, you can accept all major brands of credit cards. Retail accounts are promised benefits including a state of the art terminal, gift and loyalty card programs, text message marketing campaigns, customer management database, check processing services, and 24/7 support.

Mail and Phone Order

Mail and Telephone (card not present) transactions are offered free account setup, 24 hour support, next day funding, and complete fraud protection.


Merchant One states that client’s accounts can be easily plugged in to any website and integrate with the checkout system. They offer virtual terminals, a free shopping cart, online account manager, online remote accessibility, gift and loyalty programs, integration support, check processing services, and 24/7 support.

Mobile and Wireless

For those who need the ability to accept payments on the road or in other locations, Merchant One offers mobile processing solutions with wireless credit card terminals or smartphones. Wireless terminal swipe rates start at 0.29%, but be aware that this may not be the fully disclosed price and there could be additional charges.

Wireless terminals also boast complete fraud protection, and next day funding. Mobile benefits include signature capture feature, credit card swiper add-on, printer add-on, and complete back-end office.

Cash Advance

Merchant One offers funding for working capital if your business needs it. Not much information is disclosed except they boast no setup fee or upfront points, no collateral required, bad credit accepted, and claim a quick and easy application process. Keep in mind that merchant cash advances are often expensive.

What kind of equipment or security does Merchant One offer?

Merchant One does not offer information about the equipment or security features it offers. It does state that it offers assistance with PCI compliance, however.

Merchant One Rates and Fees

Other than stating the lowest rate it processes mobile swipe transactions at (0.29%), Merchant One does not offer any further information about rates, or even what mobile transactions that rate applies to. To get a fully disclosed quote from Merchant One, request a quote through CardFellow.

CardFellow allows you to safely request quotes from multiple companies, so that you can avoid being hassled by sales people. There is no charge for using CardFellow, so for more information about who we are and what we do check out our about us section.

Merchant One Reviews

Merchant One, Inc. has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2010 and currently boasts an A+ rating, the highest available. The company has had 52 complaints closed with the BBB in the past 3 years.

Complaints allege being told there were no contracts or cancellation fees but then being charged to cancel, unauthorized debits, high fees, hidden fees, held funds, and misleading sales practices. 2 negative customer reviews go on to say that they exaggerated how quickly funds would be deposited and generally have crooked, dishonest business practices.

Merchant One has 4 featured reviews on Yelp totaling a 1.0 star rating, the lowest it can go. They all echo the complaints and allegations from the BBB.  Similarly there are nearly 2 pages of complaints on Ripoff Report ranging in dates from 2008 to 2014. 3 more reviews on Google are all 1 star, the lowest rating. Overall, the outcry of the internet seems to be that this company is misleading with its sales tactics and will leave you feeling like you were robbed.

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Posted by Darrell S. Castillo on May 22, 2019


My customer service experience was awesome. Not often you get a good customer service experience, so I thought I would leave a review. Would recommend Merchant One.

Posted by Frankie Johnson on May 08, 2019


I've been with Merchant One for about a year now and so far I am completely satisfied. They have delivered on what they promised and their customer support is always very helpful.

Posted by Ron Johnson on Mar 03, 2019


Do not do business with this company, Merchant One. They will lie to you just to get your business. They advertise that there are no cancellation fees but they charged me after cancelling my contract after only a week.

Posted by CardFellow on Mar 09, 2016


We used to see many more statements from MerchantOne clients that we have lately. This could be an indication that the company has increased it's the satisfaction level of its clients base, or its simply not as active in the marketplace as it was a little while back. What we have seen from MerchantOne fits the standard profile of your average merchant services company. It can offer competitive pricing and services to merchants that know to ask for it, and it can lock others into a lengthy contract with less than competitive pricing.

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