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Moneris Solutions is a credit card processing company that touts a belief in the three “E”s; efficiency, effectiveness, and exceptional service. The company was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2000 as a joint venture between the Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Montreal.
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The company has a US-based branch, Moneris USA, located in Illinois and boasts over 350,000 North American clients.

In November 2016, Vantiv announced that it would be purchasing Moneris. Further details will be added when additional information becomes available.

What payment services does Moneris Solutions offer?

Moneris Solutions provides a range of services, including card processing, mobile processing, gift and loyalty cards, internet processing, check processing, and payroll processing.

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Card Processing

Moneris Solutions allows the ability to accept major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB. Debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo on the front can be accepted the same as a regular Visa or MasterCard, with no PIN required.

Mobile Processing

For those who want to accept payments using their mobile phone, Moneris Solutions offers the eSelect Plus Mobile App, featuring real-time authorization and the ability to email receipts to your customers. Card data is encrypted when a card is swiped using the Moneris card reader that connects to many popular phones.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Moneris Solutions offers several choices for gift cards. Pre-designed cards can be customized with your company name or logo, or you can create a fully customized card. The company’s website provides pre-designed gift card previews, so you can see what your card will look like.

Gift cards can be loaded with any amount from $1 to $250 and are optionally reloadable. The enhanced gift card package includes gift card holders and comprehensive reporting.

Moneris Solutions also provides options for loyalty card programs. There are two packages available, the Basic and Enhanced packages. With the Basic package, $1 = 1 point of loyalty rewards which are automatically redeemed when a customer reaches a certain level. Loyalty cards in the basic package are pre-designed. In the Enhanced package, you can determine the point rate and let customers choose when to redeem their points. The Enhanced package also includes custom designed cards.

Internet Processing

For web-based processing, Moneris Solutions offers eSELECTplus to process one-time or recurring subscription payments. The eSELECTplus API offers integration into your website, and can also integrate with many popular shopping carts. A secure e-commerce payment page hosted by Moneris helps provide quick and safe transactions. eSELECTplus offers reporting, including instant order notification and transaction review.

Check Processing

For clients interested in accepting checks, Moneris Solutions offers three services: verification, guarantee, and conversion. With verification services, Moneris simply verifies the check at the time of sale. With the guarantee service, Moneris “guarantees” the check, reducing the risk of lost funds through bounced checks. Check conversion is used to convert a paper check to an electronic transaction at the point of sale. Check conversion eliminates the need to physically deposit checks at the bank.


Moneris Solutions offers payroll services for a flat fee and boasts no hidden costs. The flat rate includes the following services:

  • Payroll Processing
  • SureTax Service
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Reports
  • Electronic Paystub Delivery
  • Check printing

Moneris Solutions guarantees local, state, and federal payroll taxes will be calculated and filed in a timely manner with their tax filing service.

What about equipment and software?

Moneris Solutions has several options for both countertop and wireless processing systems. Terminals can process sales and refunds, provide receipts, and include reporting capabilities. Moneris primarily offers Verifone terminals, but may be able to support additional equipment.

Features vary by model, but may include options such as built-in printers, LCD screens, PCI compliance, and wireless connectivity. Wireless models are recommended for businesses who need to accept payments outside of a store setting such as delivery services, taxis, moving companies, and people who attend tradeshows or fairs.

Moneris Solutions Rates and Fees

Moneris Solutions doesn’t publish any rate or fee information on their website. To see fully disclosed pricing specific to your business, request a Moneris quote through CardFellow.

CardFellow is a great resource for anonymously requesting quotes from multiple companies (no more worries about obnoxious sales people bothering you). There is no charge for using CardFellow, so for more information about who we are and what we do check out our about us section.

Moneris Solutions Reviews

Moneris Solutions in the US is not currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but does have a profile with the BBB. Moneris Solutions has an A+ rating. The company has had 14 complaints lodged with the BBB in the past 3 years. The majority of the complaints fall under the "Problems with Product/Service" category. Reviews allege expensive cancellation fees, lack of transparency regarding contracts, unhelpful customer service, and incompetence with funds.

Yelp shows 4 reviews for Moneris Solutions, equaling a 1.5-star rating. Three reviews are 1-star, and one review is 2-stars. The reviews complain of expensive early termination fees and high costs.

Similarly to the complaints on Yelp and the BBB, Ripoff Report lists 16 reviews for Moneris Solutions in their directory. Reviewers complain of deceptive and unethical sales practices, lack of transparency, unhelpful customer services, auto-renewed contracts, and high fees.

38 reviews on Google bring the company to 2.3 stars out of 5 with quick comments in the 5 star range like “great customer service” and lengthy stories in the 1 star range, mostly tales of high cancellation fees. That seems to be the main theme of all the reviews: people that were unhappy with the service for various reasons (hidden fees, poor customer service, etc.) found themselves unable to switch processors because they simply could not afford to cancel.

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Posted by CardFellow on Mar 28, 2016


Moneris is a large ISO that offers many different products and services through many different sales channels. Our experience with Moneris has shown the company heavily favors three-tier pricing, often with aggressive rates.