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Onesto Payments is the latest in a slew of “subscription” or “wholesale” credit card processors that have been popping up. Subscription processing is appealing for its 0% markup. Onesto joins a growing collection of companies offering this pricing model, including Payment Depot, FattMerchant, and 99 Merchant Account.

It’s important to note right off the bat that 0% markup does not mean that there isn’t a markup. It also does not mean that you won’t pay a percentage of your sales in costs – it just won’t be the processor’s profit. What it means is that you’ll pay the costs of interchange (which vary by card type, how you accept them, and more) and then the processors subscription fees. The subscription fees typically include a monthly or yearly membership and a per-transaction fee that you’ll be charged every time you accept a card. There may also be fees for PCI compliance or other things, depending on the company.

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With that cleared up, let’s take a look at what Onesto’s version of wholesale processing means in terms of services and costs. You can skip to the end if you’re just looking for Onesto Payments reviews or want to leave your own.

Onesto Payments Rates and Fees

As a subscription processor, Onesto will charge you the costs of interchange and assessments, plus the following fees, giving you a choice of four packages:

for processing up to $15,000/month
for processing up to $50,000/month
Best Value
for processing up to $75,000/month
for processing more than $75,000
Monthly fee: $29 Monthly fee: $49 Monthly fee: $69 Monthly fee: $99
Per-transaction fee: $0.12 Per-transaction fee: $0.10 Per-transaction fee: $0.08 Per-transaction fee: $0.05

With the ”Basic” plan, a PCI Compliance fee of $6 also applies.

Onesto doesn’t include any details about contract terms, but does claim to over a 120-day guarantee.

Onesto’s Services

As a processing company, Onesto can help you take payments any way you’d like. The company has options for in-person processing with traditional credit card terminals or POS systems, online processing through ecommerce websites, or using a virtual terminal to key in transactions or accept payments over the phone. Onesto also supports the Clover Go for mobile processing.

The in-person option is just what it sounds like: you’ll be able to take credit cards when your customer comes to your business. You can choose from traditional countertop terminals or POS systems, as described in the Equipment section, below.

The online option uses either their popular Authorize.Net gateway or the Payeezy gateway. Both options allow you to integrate with common ecommerce systems like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento, offer recurring billing, and are PCI compliant.

The mail and phone order option, called a virtual terminal, can support recurring billing, integration with QuickBooks, and email confirmations. If you take a lot of payments over the phone or just prefer to use your computer to accept payments, mail and phone order processing could be for you.

The mobile option is ideal for businesses that take payments in different locations, such as at tradeshows or craft fairs. Onesto offers the Clover Go, which works with both Android and Apple devices, includes fraud prevention tools, and syncs with QuickBooks.

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Onesto Payments offers a small selection of processing equipment, including countertop chip-card-capable machines from Ingenico and Verifone, as well as the Clover Mini or Shopkeep POS system. Specific features vary depending on which model you choose, but may include integrated receipt printers, auto batching, and wifi connection options.

Additionally, if you already own a machine that you want to continue to use, Onesto may be able to reprogram it for you to use with their services.

Onesto Payments Reviews

On the reviews front, there’s not a lot to report for Onesto Payments. The company doesn’t have a profile with the Better Business Bureau, and doesn’t show up on Google Reviews. Fortunately, the company also doesn’t show up on Ripoff Report, which is a good sign. There’s 1 review for Onesto on Yelp: a 5-star review praising the company for customizing a system with the business, getting a good price quote, and always answering the phone.

On its website, Onesto has a small section of testimonials that include the reviewer’s first name and business name. The reviews praise Onesto for fast equipment replacement, helpful business insights through the Clover system, and reliability.

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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 25, 2018


Onesto is a "subscription" style processor, so you can see pricing upfront, but you'll still have more costs because of interchange.