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For payment services, PayHub Payment Processing can help you take credit and debit cards in both card-present and card-not-present situations. You can use popular credit card machines, mobile devices, or the internet to take payments. You’ll also have the option to accept checks.

PayHub Payment Processing is a credit card processing company that places certified quotes in the CardFellow marketplace. If you’re looking for a processor so that you can start taking credit cards, or if you’re considering switching processors, read about rates and fees, services, reviews, and more.  


The company is officially called First Global Merchants, LLC but does business as PayHub Payment Processing, or PayHub for short. PayHub was founded in Avon, Connecticut in 2008 and is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank.

What payment services does PayHub Payment Processing offer?

PayHub offers all of the payment processing options you’d expect from a processing company today. You’ll be able to take credit and debit cards, use mobile devices for payment acceptance, or securely take checks from customers who’d prefer not to use plastic.

Credit and Debit Card Processing

Take all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and more. You can also accept payments using newer technologies like digital wallets, where customers store their card information securely in their phones so they can pay without physically using their card.

If your customer is physically present with their card when they make a purchase, you can use credit card machines to take the cards. If your customer isn’t physically present at your location but is instead purchasing items online, you can set up an internet gateway for those “card-not-present” transactions. Internet payments are done through the popular Authorize.Net gateway, which allows you to integrate a shopping cart for customer convenience. Authorize.Net is PCI complaint for security. PayHub can get you set up with your Authorize.Net account for taking cards using your website.

Mobile Processing

If you want to take payments on the go, PayHub Payment Processing offers mobile processing. Use your existing smartphone or tablet as a card processing terminal by manually keying in card information or attaching an optional card swiper for swiped transactions. Encryption at the time of sale ensures customer data security.

Check Processing

Do you accept checks, or want to? PayHub Payment Processing provides electronic check processing services to make transactions convenient and secure. PayHub Payment Processing’s check service converts paper checks into an electronic transaction at the time of sale and deposits the funds directly into your business bank account. Electronic conversion is faster and safer than accepting paper checks, and you won’t have to make a trip to the bank.

What business services does PayHub Payment Processing offer?

In addition to payment services, PayHub Payment Processing has a gift card program, offers cash advances, and offers payroll services.

Gift Cards

If you’re looking to take advantage of the popularity of gift cards, PayHub Payment Processing offers reloadable custom gift cards. You can design cards with your logo and colors for seamless branding. PayHub Payment Processing boasts quick turn around for printing and shipping gift card packages, and offers boxes and carriers as well.

Cash Advances

PayHub Payment Processing offers cash advances against future credit card sales. Funds can be used for almost any business expenses, including expanding, purchasing inventory, marketing and advertising, buying equipment, and more. Cash advances are not loans and aren’t considered debt on your credit report, but remember that they are still a legal financial obligation. Be sure to read Should You Get a Merchant Cash Advance? if you’re considering taking an advance on your credit card sales.

Payroll Services

PayHub Payroll is a streamlined service that provides accurate payroll and timekeeping services for your business. PayHub boasts the ability to process payroll for any time period you want, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or any other time periods. PayHub debits your account and writes checks from their account for added security and to eliminate the need for reconciliations. Plus you can offer all the conveniences employees want: your employees can view pay stubs and W2s online, set up direct deposit instead of physical checks, and more. Additionally, PayHub Payroll handles tax filing requirements, including quarterly and year end requirements.

What do I need for equipment?

You tell us! If you’re just starting out taking credit cards, PayHub can get you set up with the right equipment for your business. It offers popular and PCI compliant brands, including Verifone, Ingenico, and Clover, and you can choose from full point-of-sale systems (popular for restaurants, grocery stores, and more) or space saving countertop terminals.

If you already have equipment, PayHub may be able to reprogram it for you so that you can keep using your preferred machine. When you request a quote from PayHub Payment Processing through CardFellow, you can also check PayHub’s inventory of supported equipment, including brands like PAX and Hypercom.

What’s it going to cost?

PayHub Payment Processing places certified quotes in the CardFellow marketplace, meaning you can get an instant quote. Just sign in to your CardFellow account and request a quote from PayHub to get fully disclosed pricing immediately. (Don’t have a CardFellow account yet? It’s free, private, and fast. Sign up now!

All PayHub Payment Processing quotes chosen through CardFellow come with our protections, including a lifetime rate lock, no cancellation fee, and free statement monitoring.

What about contracts and termination fees?

If you choose a quote from PayHub Payment Processing through CardFellow, there is no early termination fee.

Outside of CardFellow, PayHub Payment Processing’s standard contract is for 3 years and does have an early termination fee.


PayHub Payment Processing has been in business for close to a decade, enough time to garner a positive reputation online. The company is not currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but between CardFellow’s experience and the reviews available from businesses we’ve verified have worked with PayHub, the company generally seems to have few complaints.

PayHub Payment Processing According to PayHub’s Website

PayHub dedicates two sections of their website to customer feedback. One section is a customer spotlight, which highlights an individual business that PayHub Payment Processing serves. The other section is customer testimonials in the form of videos and written reviews. Reviews praise the company’s straightforward rates without hidden fees, easy and profitable gift cards, simple statements, rate savings, efficiency, and attentive service. Testimonials include the review’s full name, business name, and location.

PayHub Payment Processing According to CardFellow

As a processor that places certified quotes through CardFellow, we have plenty of experience with PayHub and are pleased to have them in our marketplace. PayHub Payment Processing offers quotes consistent with CardFellow’s core beliefs of transparency and competitive pricing. PayHub has received 55 verified reviews through the CardFellow review system, with reviews praising PayHub’s excellent customer service, great pricing, and helpfulness reprogramming equipment. As a result of those reviews, PayHub Payment Processing has a 4.5 star rating.

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From Patrick, on Dec 31, 2012


From Darin McOwen, on May 18, 2012


They have been amazing to work with and very helpful.


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Posted by marvel on Feb 22, 2018


I couldn’t be more pleased with PayHub! They were first to respond with excellent rates and personal contact, and throughout the entire process of learning how the credit industry actually works, they were very helpful in explaining the details. The switch was easy, the equipment up to date and easy to use, and again, excellent customer services throughout. I would highly recommend PayHub to anyone seeking new CC processors.

Posted by Little Scavenger on Jan 23, 2017


Thanks to Dan at PayHub I was able to keep taking credit cards for my small business! He is very helpful, professional, patient and honest. He said he could help me when others said no. Great company, reasonable fees. Thanks Dan!