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PayLeap offers payment processing services specifically targeted at small businesses and internet-based companies. If this sounds like a processor with your interests in mind, this PayLeap review and profile will help you determine if you should be interested back. By providing information about the company’s services, pricing, and reputation along with industry insights, we’ll help you find out if PayLeap is the right processor for your business.
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What services does PayLeap provide?

PayLeap doesn’t offer equipment and it’s also unclear if it supports anything more than USB card readers; so if you want a full point-of-sale system or even a standard terminal, you probably want look elsewhere.

What PayLeap does offer is a virtual terminal that can be used for in-person or mail/phone order transactions as well as ecommerce solutions for those who want to sell online. All major brands of credit and debit cards can be accepted.

PayLeap homepage

Virtual Terminal

PayLeap’s virtual terminal allows you to accept payments through internet-connected smartphones and computers. With the virtual terminal you can process card transactions, accept ACH and e-check payments, set up recurring billing, and keep data securely stored. Payment forms can be customized to meet your needs.

Transactions can be keyed in (ideal for mail/phone orders) or you can attach a USB card reader for in-person swiped transactions. Note that the only EMV-capable reader available as of March 2016 is this Magtek USB reader.


If you run a business that accepts payments online, PayLeap offers an e-commerce solution that accepts both credit cards and PIN-based debit cards, including international debit cards. You can also accept ACH and e-check payments. All options are offered on internet-connected computers as well as mobile devices.

PayLeap offers LeapLock for companies that want a quick and easy way of adding a payment option to their website, but you can offer more robust options by using one of the integrated shopping carts.

If you are concerned about how payments will look over a smartphone, PayLeap has you covered. LeapLock pages can be configured automatically to be used on phones and tablets in addition to computers. It also helps ensure PCI compliance on transactions and data storage.

Internet PIN Debit

With PayLeap’s PaySecure you are able to accept PIN-debit transactions online. PaySecure helps eliminate chargebacks by authenticating the customer, therefore putting liability on the debit user, and also has a lower processing rate. The PaySecure option provides a virtual PIN pad on screen for customers to enter their PIN.

Are there any security benefits with PayLeap?

PayLeap is fully PCI compliant and works with you to help safeguard your data. The LeapLock web option also helps to keep online transactions secure and safely store data in an encryption vault.

The company also has a section of its website devoted to PCI compliance and questions you may have about the process.

PayLeap Rates and Fees

PayLeap publishes the following information about its pricing:

Ecommerce Pricing
$19.99 per month+
$0.29 per transaction+
2.89% for credit
2.39% for debit
1.89% for internet PIN-debit

In-Person Pricing
$19.99 per month+
3.5% card not present
2.5% credit
1.5% debit

Other fees and contract terms are not available on its website, and additional costs may apply. If you want to get fully disclosed pricing you can request a PayLeap quote through CardFellow. Our free service allows you to privately compare pricing of any processors you choose. Sign up here!

PayLeap Reviews

Maybe no news is good news? There is not much in the way of PayLeap reviews. The testimonials on its website claim that the service is easy to use and quick to setup, support is offered from helpful representatives, and the pricing is a good value, but even after scouring the internet there is not much available to counter or support these assertions.

The company has held a profile with the Better Business Bureau since 2008, but it is not yet accredited. PayLeap has an A rating, and there is only one complaint closed within the last 3 years. 

In the complaint, the client alleges that PayLeap engages in questionable practices including requiring IT and security information for PCI compliance. The complaint also states difficulty cancelling and demands a refund of the charges after the desired cancellation date. PayLeap responded by saying that TrustWave requires certain information to help with PCI compliance. And, although the company claims it never received the cancellation notification, it did issue a refund.  

There is also one negative review on the BBB. It too claims a difficult and confusing cancellation process. This really isn’t much to go on regarding PayLeap’s practices. It could be that the company’s clients just aren’t aggravated enough to take to the web and voice their complaints. Or, perhaps we are hearing the silence of satisfied customers.

If you have worked with this company and have insight into its services, leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Mar 29, 2016


Affinity Payments (doing business as PayLeap) is a First Data independent sales organization (ISO) that offers all types of processing, but it focuses on e-commerce businesses. It advertises a two-tier pricing model on its web site with tiers split by credit and debit volume. Each tier has the same transaction fee. We know that PayLeap will offer pricing other than what it advertises because we've reviewed PayLeap processing statements with different pricing than what's posted.