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Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas - and with offices in California and New York - Payment Data Systems is a payment processing company offering services to businesses across the United States. The company started off as Billserv, an electronic bill presentment company, and expanded its services over time.
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In late summer 2017, PDS announced that it would acquire Singular Payments.


Payment Data Systems offers payment services that include credit and debit card acceptance, ACH transaction processing, and payment verification. ACH payments offer a lower cost method for transferring money from one bank account to another, allowing you to save money compared over credit card processing.

However, for customers that want to use cards, you can take major credit and debit cards securely. A payment verification option helps prevent fraudulent transactions by identifying issues before processing, resulting in fewer refunds or chargebacks and less headaches for your business and your customers.

The company also offers robust reporting capabilities for efficient decision-making and business management.

Funds Disbursement

In addition to accepting payments, you’ll have the ability to send money to vendors, customers, or employees in real time when the payment is pushed to a US debit card.

Prepaid Card Program

With PDS, you can choose to implement a prepaid card program, where you can customize reloadable electronic cards with your logo and company details while earning referral fees when new customers sign up for a card.

Payment Data Systems prepaid

Rewards and Gift Card Program

The Payment Data Systems rewards program lets you treat your loyal customers with special rewards through a customizable gift card. Your customers choose if they’d like a virtual “card” or a physical rewards card, which can be reloaded like any standard electronic gift card. You can choose to send rewards cards for birthdays, promotional events, or any time you want to say thank you to a loyal customer.

Payment Data Systems Rates and Fees

Payment Data Systems provides absolutely no information about its rates, fees, available pricing models, or contract terms. We’ve reached out to PDS for more information, but in the meantime, you can still request a fully disclosed quote by using CardFellow’s quote comparison tool. It’s fast, free, and no obligation. Try it now!

Payment Data Systems Reviews

Reviews for Payment Data Systems are sparse. Neither the company’s website nor Facebook page include customer testimonials. There is a Yelp profile for a company with that name in the San Antonio area, but it’s listed in the IT category and the review refers to phones, not credit card processing. There are no Google Reviews nor Ripoff Report complaints.

Payment Data Systems has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2011 and currently shows an A+ rating with no complaints. However, there are also no reviews (positive or negative) so that doesn’t give much insight into current or former clients’ satisfaction.

With less reviews than normal, it’s even more important to hear from current or former Payment Data Systems clients. Is that you? Help us (and other business owners!) by leaving a Payment Data Systems review detailing your experience. Leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Sep 01, 2017


Payment Data Systems doesn't have a lot of readily available info on important things like equipment. We'd like to see more details publicly available.