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Paymently is one of the newer companies offering subscription pricing for credit card processing. With subscription pricing, you’ll pay the wholesale costs of processing (interchange and assessments), a monthly subscription fee, and a per-transaction fee. Paymently doesn’t charge a percentage markup. Are Paymently’s services right for your business? Read on for full details.

Paymently’s Services

Paymently is a full-service credit card processing company, offering the ability to accept credit and debit cards in person, with a mobile phone or tablet, and online.

In-Person Processing

Paymently’s primary offering (and the service included in the base costs) is in-person credit and debit card processing. Paymently can get you set up to take all major credit and debit cards, though American Express may require separate approval.

Mobile Processing

If you’re looking to take payments on the go, Paymently has you covered. You can take payments with your cell phone or tablet and the mobile credit card reader. Note that mobile processing is not included in the base costs, so additional fees will apply. The optional card reader is available for a small charge.

Online Processing

Paymently offers either the Authorize.Net gateway or PaymentlyGW. The gateways can be integrated with many existing shopping carts, and can allow recurring billing for any customers you charge on a regular basis. You can also integrate with QuickBooks when using the online processing option. Note that gateways for online processing are not included in the base costs, and will incur additional charges.

Can I get reports?

Paymently mentions that every processing solution comes with access to reporting functions, but doesn’t offer details on what reports are available.

Does Paymently offer credit card processing equipment?

Paymently offers a choice of countertop terminals or PIN pads from Verifone and Ingenico. Specific features vary by model, but the machines can accept EMV chip cards. For mobile payments, an encrypted card reader is available for a small charge.

If you already have equipment, Paymently may be able to reprogram it for you, saving you the hassle and cost of purchasing a new machine.

Paymently Rates and Fees

As a subscription processor, Paymently charges a monthly membership fee and a per-transaction fee. As of 2016, Paymently publishes the following pricing information:

Low Volume
Less than 250 transactions/month
Medium Volume
250-600 transactions/month
HIgh Volume
600+ transactions/month
Monthly fee: $39 Monthly fee: $69 Monthly fee: $99
Per-transaction fee: $0.20 Per-transaction fee: $0.10 Per-transaction fee: $0.05

These fees are in addition to the wholesale costs of processing.

If you want to take cards online or using your smartphone, additional fees apply, as follows:

Online Processing Mobile Processing
Additional monthly fee: $10 Additional monthly fee: $10
Per-transaction fee: $0.05 Per-transaction fee: $0.05

There are no cancellation fees with Paymently.These costs are on top of the “base” subscription plan. For example, if you’re charged according to the Medium Volume plan and you also accept payments online, your total would be $79/month and a $0.15 per transaction fee, plus the costs of interchange.

Paymently Reviews

It’s common to not find a lot of reviews for some smaller processors, but it’s not very common to find none at all. Unfortunately, that’s the case with Paymently, which doesn’t include testimonials on its website, and has nothing available through the common review channels, including Yelp, Ripoff Report, and Google Reviews. Additionally, Paymently is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and doesn’t have a profile with them.

Fortunately, reviews don’t make or break companies in the payment processing world, and there are plenty of other factors to consider when making a decision on a processor.

But if you’ve used Paymently for processing, do us a favor and leave a review for other businesses. Leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 25, 2018


Paymently offers subscription style pricing, which can be good for some business types.