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PaySimple is a payment processor focused on streamlining the payment processing needs of small businesses. With a cloud based system for transaction data and reporting and a variety of processing services, the goal of the PaySimple is to simplify the lives of small business owners. The company has been operating since 2005 out of Denver, Colorado and serves businesses throughout the US. In this PaySimple review and profile, we will take a look at what the company has to offer, and what people are saying about its service.
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What services can PaySimple provide?

Just because PaySimple works with small businesses doesn’t mean you’ll be shorted on services. PaySimple offers a range of processing options, including credit/debit cards, checks, mobile, online payments, and recurring billing. Helpful videos and explanations of PaySimple’s processes, as well as education tools to help assist businesses understand billing, services, and more, are also featured on the company’s website.

PaySimple homepage

Credit/Debit Cards

Being able to pay with a card is a convenience that many customers have come to expect. With PaySimple, you don’t have to worry about missing a sale on account of a customer not carrying cash. You can accept all major forms of credit and debit cards, no extra approvals necessary. With mobile options you can take payments wherever you go, not just in traditional store settings. Options for internet and mail/phone order payments are also provided for you.


Paper checks might seem a bit dated as everything goes digital, but they are still a preferred method of payment from some customers. With PaySimple, you can convert paper checks into an electronic transaction for added security and faster authorization. PaySimple’s solution requires keying information to submit a check payment. E-check payments don’t require trips to the bank, and per-transaction costs are lower than credit and debit card processing rates. Additionally, receipts can be emailed.


Popular with services that travel (class instructors, home repair, transportation) and vendors that are not tethered to a storefront, mobile payment means you can take payments anywhere and your customers are not limited to how much cash they have on hand. PaySimple Mobile processes credit, debit, and e-check transactions on your smartphone or tablet. You can also set up recurring billing, send email receipts, and capture signatures at the time of sale. A free card reader is available. It connects via headphone jack to your device and allows you to swipe cards. Transactions can be reviewed easily with reporting, and seamless syncing means no extra data entry later.

Online Payments

Want a simple way to accept online payments? PaySimple offers easy forms with no coding required. Just create a payment form, customize your payment button, and link to your payment form. You can track payments, access transaction information, and set payments to automatically deposit to your bank account.

PaySimple also offers a virtual terminal option, allowing you to use your computer as a remote sales terminal. This is a good solution for those who take mail/phone orders. Simply enter customer information, total, and card information to process payments quickly and securely.  

Recurring Billing

If your business offers subscription or monthly-payment services (such as memberships), you may benefit from PaySimple’s recurring billing options. Simply set up a customer in your system and set the payment schedule. Recurring billing includes notifications in real-time for failed transactions and the ability to remind customers of card expiration dates.

Other Services

While processing payments is the main service, there are other ways PaySimple would like to assist your business. Scheduling, customer management, and reporting are added features to help with your business.


With BookSimple you can manage your schedule and allow customers the convenience of booking an appointment on any device. BookSimple is proprietary software of PaySimple.

Customer Management

PaySimple has options for automating customer billing, securing customer data with PCI compliant encryption, and tools to reconcile accounts easily.


PaySimple offers robust reporting options to track your transactions. Review deposits, compare transactions over time, view failed transaction payments, review overdue invoices, and set up automatic follow-ups for overdue payments.

What about equipment?

That’s a good question and PaySimple doesn’t offer a lot of info. In the FAQ segment of its website, it says that most software and terminals can be accommodated with the PaySimple system. If this is not the case, PaySimple says it will provide you with a new solution. It does not specify if you have options or what they would be.

PaySimple Rates and Fees

PaySimple offers 2 separate pricing plans, PaySimple Pro and PaySimple Enterprise.

PaySimple Pro, the most popular option, has a monthly cost of $49.95 but you also pay processing fees on top of that. The credit card processing fees start at 2.39% +$0.29 per transaction. For ACH and eCheck processing, you will pay a flat $0.55 per transaction.

PaySimple Enterprise has a $99.95 monthly cost + processing fees, but it does not publish what the processing fees would be.  Keep in mind that with both options there may be other fees and PaySimple does not publish contract terms.

In order to really know how much you will be paying for PaySimple, you can get a quote with fully disclosed pricing through CardFellow. Our free service will help you privately compare quotes from whichever processors you’d like, including PaySimple. Sign up here!

PaySimple Reviews

Based on our research, it is hard to say how many people have had bad experiences, good experiences, or just plain satisfactory experiences with PaySimple. The numbers just aren’t there to make a safe assertion. Take a look at what people have experienced below, but remember that with processors pricing and experience varies from client to client.

PaySimple is recently accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and boasts a profile with an A+ rating. 27 complaints have been closed in the last 3 years and there are 3 negative reviews. The complaints allege nondisclosure of fees when signing up, inability to accept international cards (and not being informed of this until it was too late), not being able to provide the promised credit card service, hard to reach customer service, frozen funds, hidden fees, difficulty cancelling, and continued billing even after trial periods or cancellation was over.

Ripoff Report lists 3 complaints for PaySimple and the reviews largely echo the complaints raised at the BBB, frozen funds and hidden fees. There are no reviews on Yelp or Google reviews to confirm or contradict the others. PaySimple does have a section for customer testimonials on its website, and of course they counter the complaints. Reviewers praise the company’s helpful customer service, quick setup, efficient processing, and time-saving processes. Testimonials include the reviewer’s full name and business. Some testimonials include a full business profile.

If you have had account with PaySimple, or still do, let us know what you think! Leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Sep 25, 2018


A couple consistent things we've seen from PaySimple over the years is a tendency to over-charge on card brand assessments, and since it uses NPC, statements do not disclose interchange categories when using interchange-plus pricing.