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You might not have heard of Persolvent, a Minnesota-based payment processor, but biggest isn’t necessarily best for your business. You’ll need to consider available services, rates and fees, and your equipment needs when determining the right processor for you. Read on to see if Persolvent fits the bill.


Based in Minnesota, Persolvent was originally formed as BankCard Services Worldwide. The company has been offering payment solutions since the early 1990s and works with businesses in multiple industries, including retail, legal services, schools, online companies, and more.

What services does Persolvent offer?

Persolvent can help you with most of your payment processing needs, including credit card acceptance in person and online, and check conversion.

Card Acceptance In Person

If you want to take credit cards in your store, Persolvent can set you up to take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Diners’ Club as well as many debit cards.

Card Acceptance Online

Persolvent offers gateway integration for taking payments online. You can get your ecommerce site set up easily to allow secure transactions from customers at any time. Persolvent offers hosted payment pages to help with your PCI compliance requirements, and utilizes tokenization for added security. Additionally, Persolvent lets you set up recurring billing for any of your goods or services that you charge for on a regular, set schedule.

Check Conversion

If taking checks is a priority for your business, Persolvent offers a check conversion process to allow you to turn paper checks into secure electronic transactions. Limit trips to the bank while allowing customers the convenience of paying with their preferred method.

What about equipment?

If you need equipment, Persolvent can help. Point of sale equipment is available to meet your specific business requirements.

Is it secure?

Persolvent is PCI DSS compliant, and uses current technology such as tokenization for security.

What does it cost?

Persolvent doesn’t list any rate or fee information on their website, but you can get a quote tailored to your business right from your CardFellow account. If you don’t have a CardFellow account, you can sign up for free to request a quote from Persolvent in just minutes.


Persolvent doesn’t have a huge online reputation, either positive or negative. There are no reports with Ripoff Report, and no reviews with Yelp. The company also doesn’t include testimonials or reviews on their website.

Persolvent According to the Better Business Bureau

Persolvent has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2009. Their A+ rating is undoubtedly at least partially because of their clean record of complaints. Persolvent hasn’t had any complaints lodged with the BBB in the past 3 years.

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Posted by Jorge V on Aug 16, 2016


This place should NOT be promoting that they take merchants that take in over $10,000... I signed up for this service through 3dcart. It was all confusing. It seemed like I dealt with more than one company. Once I finally got this merchant account set up and accepted a few hundred $$$ in payments from my customers, I was rudely just told, "Well I'm going to go ahead and close your account." WTF?? What a joke. Look elsewhere other than this mom and pop merchant service. 3dcart needs to find someone else to take chances on people that are selling big ticket items.