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Is Platinum Payments the right processor for your business? We’ll help you sort through all the available information (including services offered, rates and fees, support, and reviews) so you can make an informed decision.


Platinum Payments is a payment processor located in Utah. They’re a registered ISO and MSP of Elavon.

Taking Payments with Platinum Payments

Platinum Payments offers several ways to take payments, so you can choose the options that work for your business. You can take credit and debit cards in person, online, or with your mobile device, accept checks, and sell and redeem gift cards.

Credit and Debit Card Processing

Take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards and PIN debit cards with Platinum Payments. You can even accept EBT cards, fleet cards, and corporate cards, allowing you to serve nearly all potential customers no matter how they want to pay.


If you take credit cards online, or want to start taking credit cards online, Platinum Payments can get you set up with an Authorize.Net gateway and ecommerce solution. You’ll be able to securely accept the same payments as you can in-store, but offer your products or services to the wider audience available through the internet. Best of all, the hosted ecommerce solution lets you keep the branding and “look” of your site while providing your customers a secure hosted payment page.

Mobile Processing

If you’ve thought about using your smartphone to take credit card payments when you’re on the go, you can do that with Platinum Payments by using the Flint app to securely scan cards or hand key the information.

Electronic Checks

Sometimes your customers prefer to pay with checks. No problem. With Platinum Payments, you can accept checks and convert them securely into electronic checks, reducing the risks associated with traditional check acceptance.

Gift Cards

You already know that electronic gift cards are a popular choice for gift-giving occasions like graduations, birthdays, and holidays. Take advantage of it by offering gift cards for your store. Platinum Payments offers gift card packages ranging from basic reloadable cards that include your business name and address to custom cards that feature a full-color front side that you can design yourself. There’s also an in-between option that lets you choose from industry-specific pre-designed cards. Just add your logo and you’re ready to go.

Other Features and Services

Processing one-time payments isn’t all Platinum Payments can do. You can also set up recurring billing, accept payment from customers in other countries, get cash for business expenses, and keep track of your transactions with a convenient reporting system.

Recurring Billing

Need to take payments on a regular, set schedule, such as for subscriptions? Platinum Payments has you covered with recurring billing through Internet Secure. You can automate your recurring billing and set up weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual payments.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Do you take payments from customers overseas? Platinum Payments offers dynamic currency conversion to convert international credit card purchases into the cardholder’s currency. They’ll handle all the details of the conversion for you, and a portion of your conversion fees may be returned to you through a rebate.

Cash Advances

Sometimes you need a little extra cash for your business. Maybe it’s to bulk up on inventory before the holidays or pay for a renovation or expansion. Almost any business expense can qualify for a cash advance with Platinum Payments. You can take a cash advance of $5,000 to $200,000 from your future credit card sales to get your business what it needs.


Keep tabs on your important data with Merchant Connect. Offered by Platinum Payments through Elavon, Merchant Connect provides access to transaction details, includes batches, chargebacks, and more.


Traditional POS system? Wireless credit card terminal? PIN pads and check readers? Yes, yes, and yes. Platinum Payments offers a selection of terminals and peripherals that are user-friendly and meet industry security standards. You can get popular brands like Verifone, Magtek, and Hypercom Equinox.

You can even get an in-store ATM for your business to keep customers happy if they’d rather pay with cash and need to make a withdrawal.

What does it cost?

Platinum Payments doesn’t publish rate or fee information for processing on their website, but you can still easily find out what you’d pay with no commitment. Just log in to your CardFellow account (or sign up for free here) and request a quote from Platinum Payments. They won’t get your contact info, but they’ll be able to place a fully-disclosed quote for you to review in private.

Mobile processing has separate pricing, which is published online. Platinum Payments states that fees for debit cards are 1.95% per transaction, while credit cards are 2.95% per transaction. Remember that pricing is subject to change, and be sure to read any contracts with pricing carefully before signing up. Pricing for in-person and ecommerce transactions may be different than mobile pricing.

How’s customer service?

It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach Platinum Payments by phone whenever you have questions.

Platinum Payments Reviews

Platinum Payments is fairly young in the processing world, and doesn’t have the volume of customer reviews that other established companies do. We didn’t turn up any negative reviews in the Ripoff Report directory, and no reviews (positive or negative) on Yelp.

As of autumn 2015, Platinum Payments has had 1 complaint lodged with the Better Business Bureau, and maintains an A+ rating on their profile with the BBB. The sole complaint is listed as a problem with “Billing/Collections” and states that the business was charged even after cancelling their account with Platinum Payments. However, in Platinum Payments’ response, they argue that the customer mistook a refund for a charge, which the customer admits did happen, but the customer also states other charges that should have been refunded weren’t. The complaint is unresolved due to the customer not being satisfied with Platinum Payments’ response.

Currently, Platinum Payments does not list testimonials, reviews, or awards on their website.

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Posted by Lynn on Aug 20, 2019


Platinum Payments has amazing consultants who know what they are doing. They are extremely transparent and honest. I have nothing but good things to say about Platinum Payments and staff.

Posted by CardFellow on Apr 19, 2018


Platinum Payments offers not only basic processing services, but advanced features like dynamic currency conversion for international payments.

Thank you!