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Protec Merchant Solutions Review

Protec Merchant Solutions provides payment processing and business services for companies located in the United States. Protec works with major processors, including First Data and Chase Paymentech. Find out if they’re right for your business by reviewing their services, rates and fees, reviews, and more.

What services does Protec Merchant Solutions offer?

Protec Merchant Solutions can get you set up for almost any type of processing you need, including in-person, e-commerce, or mail and phone order. Additionally, they can help you with gift and loyalty card programs or cash advances.

In-Person Processing

If you take (or want to take) credit and debit cards in-person, Protec Merchant Solutions can get you set up to do that, usually within 48 hours. You’ll benefit from next day funding, 24 hour customer service, and the ability to take major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

E-commerce Processing

Protec Merchant Solutions can get you set up with popular and easy-to-use gateways so that you can take credit and debit cards through your website. Transactions are processed in real time, and integration with your site is seamless.

Mail and Phone Order Processing

For the unique challenges that mail and phone order businesses face, Protec Merchant Solutions offers the ability to take payments even when the credit card is not physically present at your location. But if the card is physically present, you can also choose to use a terminal or POS system for added convenience.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

If you’d like to sell gift cards or set up a loyalty program, Protec Merchant Solutions can do that. Gift cards are loaded by phone or at the store and are redeemed by swiping them like a credit card, while loyalty cards allow customers to accumulate points for every dollar they spend in your store. Once they hit a certain number of points, you can offer them rewards like percentages off their next purchase. The gift card and loyalty card programs both require a separate application with Protec.

Cash Advances

If you need money for business expenses, Protec Merchant Solutions may be able to help you get a cash advance up to $250,000. Approval isn’t based on your personal credit, but to be eligible, you need to have been in business for more than a year as well as processing credit cards for a minimum of 4 months. Cash advances have no upfront costs and can be used for expenses ranging from advertising to purchasing additional inventory. If approved, Protec Merchant Solutions can get your funding to you in approximately 10 days. Repayment can be made through ACH withdrawals or authorizing Protec Merchant Solutions to take a percentage of your credit card sales.

Equipment and software

Protect Merchant Solutions offers multiple options for equipment, including dial up, dual comm, and wireless terminals, smartphone solutions for taking payments on the go, and full POS solutions. Protec boasts that their POS software is compatible with many popular POS hardware systems so that you don’t need to switch machines.

What does it cost?

To get a quote specific to your business, sign up for a free CardFellow account. It only takes a few minutes, and then you’ll be able to request a fully-disclosed quote from Protec Merchant Solutions so you can get an accurate idea of what your actual costs would be.

What about contracts and termination fees?

Protec Merchant Solutions doesn’t publish information about contracts or termination fees. If you want to be assured of no early termination fees for your processing, sign in to your CardFellow account and choose a certified quote backed by CardFellow’s protections.

What do others think of Protec Merchant Solutions?

Unfortunately we don’t have a lot to add to this section, as Protec Merchant Solutions doesn’t have much of a reputation yet. (Note that Protec Merchant Solutions is different than PayProTec, another company in the processing industry.)

The company doesn’t have a profile with the Better Business Bureau or any Yelp reviews. Additionally, CardFellow has not reviewed statements from any Protec customers, so we can’t offer any firsthand experience.

Protec does include some testimonials on their website. Reviews praise the reasonable rates and convenient equipment. Testimonials include the reviewer’s full name and a general job description, but don’t include the business name.

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Protec is quick to reply, and works with businesses to answer questions.