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Credit card processing company Securus Payments was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Portland, OR. The company provides payment solutions to many different types of businesses, and operates on the First Data processing platform. Securus’ website is a little busy, so we’ve gone through it for you to provide the information you need about the company’s rates and fees, reviews, services, and more.

What services does Securus offer?

Securus offers the basic processing options you’d expect, including ecommerce solutions, a virtual terminal, and check processing, as well as support for gift cards and a merchant cash advance program. And of course, you’ll be able to use traditional credit card processing equipment to take all major credit and debit cards in store.

Securus Payments homepage

E-commerce Solutions and Virtual Terminal

It’s taken for granted that everyone has a website today. Securus’ e-commerce software offers a hosted payment form, pre-integrated solutions, a secure virtual terminal, a customer database, and reporting so that you know exactly what’s going on with your business. The included virtual terminal option can be used by mail and phone order businesses to accept credit cards.

Check Processing

Give your customers the flexibility to pay the way they want while protecting yourself. Securus’ check processing services verifies checks, protects against insufficient funds, and converts them into cash within 48 hours.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Rewards Solutions

You can offer your own branded gift cards with Securus Payments. The company also offers a terminal-based rewards program – all your staff needs to do is check your customer’s phone number, and they earn rewards.

Merchant Cash Advances

Sometimes, we all need a little extra money. Securus offers funding to small and mid-sized businesses, with approval times of about a week and a 90% approval rating. Just keep in mind that merchant cash advances are often expensive, and it may be worth your time to look into traditional loans as well.


If you need equipment, Securus Payments offers it. The company can provide a range of machines, including EMV compliant card readers, wireless card readers, tablet POS systems, and POS terminals for a variety of industries. In addition to universal brands like Verifone and Dejavoo, Securus offers the Clover Station if that’s more your style.

Important note: Clover POS systems currently cannot be reprogrammed. That means that it can only be used with the processor you purchase it from. It you buy a Clover POS system from Processor A and then want to switch to Processor B, you’ll need to purchase another POS system.

From complaints on Yelp, it appears that Securus offers equipment for lease. It is not clear from the company’s website if it offers machines for sale. Leasing credit card machines can be very costly, so be sure to consider it carefully when choosing a processor and equipment.

In addition to countertop terminals, wireless terminals, and POS systems, Securus provides the ability to use your computer as a terminal. Securus’ PCI compliant payment software is compatible with a wide range of accessories so you can accept credit, debit, electronic checks, and gift or loyalty cards using your existing computer.


Securus’ payment processing software is PCI compliant, but the company’s site does not offer any further information about what security practices or policies it utilizes to keep you (and your customers) safe. If you’re new to processing, especially online, be sure to read up on anti-fraud and security tools like Address Verification before you start accepting credit cards.

Securus Payments’ Rates and Fees

On its website, Securus publishes rates starting at 1.59%. It’s worth noting that a published rate like that may indicate tiered pricing, an opaque model that may result in higher costs. For a full breakdown of your rates and fees, request a quote from Securus Payments through CardFellow.

Securus does not charge an application fee, and also boasts that it does not charge for American Express setup, check processing, or address verification.

Contract and Cancellation Fee

Securus’ website doesn’t list any contracts or cancellation fees. However, there have been complaints about the company not being upfront about its cancellation fees. See Securus Payments Reviews, below, for more information.

Securus Payments Reviews

Securus Payments has been around long enough to have some feedback; unfortunately, most of what we turned up is negative.

Securus at the Better Business Bureau

Securus is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. In fact, the BBB gave Securus a rating of C+.

In February 2013, the BBB noticed a pattern of complaints about Securus. Consumers claimed that the company altered the contract after they signed it. Moreover, Securus told customers they could cancel the contract at any time, but neglected to inform them there was a cancellation fee attached. In addition, customers said that representatives from Securus would call several times a day, and even though they would ask to be removed from the company’s list, Securus would continue to call them. Representatives from Securus said they would work with the BBB to address the complaints.

Securus at Yelp

Securus doesn’t fare very well with Yelp, either. Of the 14 reviews, all but one give the company a 1-star rating, the lowest possible. Reviews complain of slow customer service, equipment malfunctions that aren’t addressed promptly, high pressure and dishonest sales reps, difficulty cancelling accounts, being charged added fees, and excessive sales calls. Almost all of the reviews urge businesses to choose a different processing company.

The sole positive review says they’re a great company, rates and fees are as expected, and the reviewer would recommend Securus.

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