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Serve 1st Electronic Payment Solutions (or just Serve 1st) is a credit card processing company a bit different than others. It was founded by and employs honorably discharged veterans of the United States armed forces. The company seeks to offer competitive credit card processing to businesses while providing jobs to vets dealing with the challenges of returning to the private sector. Additionally, it references ongoing commitment to veterans by helping with veterans groups like the Warrior Transition Unit.

Serve 1st is located in Tennessee and is a registered ISO of Deutsche Bank. This Serve 1st review and profile will provide all the details you need on rates and fees, services, and more.

What can Serve 1st offer my business?

Serve 1st lets you take credit and debit cards in-person using either traditional credit card machines or your smartphone. You can also take advantage of a virtual terminal option for accepting payments by mail or phone. Additionally, the company boasts next day funding to help your cash flow.

Card Processing

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express? Check, check, check, and check. Serve 1st can help you take all of them. Even better, your Amex transaction details will be on the same statement as your other card transactions.

Mobile Processing

Serve 1st can help you get set up to take payments using your smartphone. If you’re regularly collecting payment on the go (like if you own a delivery business, are a contractor or landscaper, regularly attend fairs or tradeshows, etc.) mobile processing can provide your customers with the convenience and security of paying by card.

Virtual Terminal

Maybe you don’t take cards in person very often, and need to accept cards by phone or mail.  You can still take credit cards for those orders. You’ll get set up with a virtual terminal offered by Serve 1st, allowing you to use your internet-connected computer to securely enter transactions.

Serve 1st Rates and Fees

Like many processing companies, Serve 1st doesn’t publish rates or fees on its website. Actual costs will vary depending on your specific business and needs.

That said, Serve 1st is active in the CardFellow marketplace, so if you want a fully disclosed quote to review in private, simply request one at the top of this review and profile. (Note, you’ll need to be signed in to your CardFellow account to use the quote request tool. Don’t have an account yet? No problem! It’s completely free to sign up and only takes a few minutes. Get started.)

Is there a contract?

No. Serve 1st explicitly states on its website that there is no contract for merchant processing. It’s still a good idea to read everything when signing up for a new merchant account (with any processor) but it’s a good sign that Serve 1st clearly and explicitly claims no contract.

Serve 1st Reviews

Serve 1st Electronic Payment Solutions is a relative newcomer to the increasingly crowded payment processing world, so there isn’t a ton of information in the form of reviews just yet.

The company is not currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but does have a profile with an A- grade and some reviews. (There are no complaints with the BBB.)

There two reviews available on the Better Business Bureau’s website are both positive. The reviews praise the company’s competitive rates, great customer service, and exceptional attention to clients. In both reviews, in response to a BBB question about referring others to Serve 1st, the writer checked that they would recommend the business to others.

In terms of Ripoff Report, the name alone tells you that no news is good news, and Serve 1st has no complaints in that directory. There are currently no Yelp or Google reviews, either.

If the two positive reviews from the BBB site are any indication, Serve 1st should acquire more positive reputation over time. We’ll continue to add details to this review profile as they become available. Be sure to let us know if you have experience with this company and leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 19, 2018


Serve 1st is quick to reply to questions, which indicates dedicated customer service.

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