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Singular Payments is headquartered in Florida and has been providing payment processing services for businesses throughout the United States since 2009. The company markets a flat rate credit card processing pricing model, and claims it can save you money this way. But is it really the right option for you? In this Singular Payments review and profile, we’ll help you decide by outlining the services provided and updating you with client reviews.

What services can Singular Payments offer my business?

Card processing and electronic check processing are offered services. The company seems too busy marketing it’s flat rate fee to mention if it offers equipment or handles mobile payments, though. Singular does have a virtual terminal and gateway offer, so mail order, phone order, and online payments are an option for you. Working capital loans are also available.

Credit and Debit Card Processing

Being able to process card payments is a must for many businesses. You can accept all major credit cards (like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) with Singular Payments. Other card types, including debit, are also accepted forms of payment.

Check Processing

Checks are still a popular form of payment and Singular Payments can help you process them.

Electronic Deposit
Electronic deposit is simple and beneficial; just scan a paper check through a check reader connected to a point-of-sale terminal or virtual terminal. The checking account will be debited electronically and funds will be deposited to your business account. Less chance of fraud and no trips to the bank required!

ACH Debit
With ACH debit, your customer authorizes an electronic debit to the checking account paying for the transaction. You use the customer’s payment information to debit the customer’s checking account electronically and deposit the funds to your business account.

Virtual Terminal and Gateway

Singular Payments offers virtual terminal and gateway processing for businesses who want to accept payments via their computer. Virtual Terminals allow you to use your computer to key-in transactions, making it very convenient for mail and phone orders. If you are interested in ecommerce, a gateway is what allows you to connect and process payments from your customers through your company website.

Working Capital Loan  

Singular Payments says it can get you a loan with a single page application and funding as fast as 1 business day. You can borrow $5,000 to $250,000. Repayment terms are fixed and between 3-24 months, and interest rates are also fixed. Cash flow is more important than credit scores, and the aim is to help small or medium sized businesses.

Singular Payments Equipment Offer

As mentioned before, Singular Payments does not front much information. While there is no information regarding selling or leasing equipment, there is a somewhat hidden equipment offer.

On the EMV section of the company website, it states that some clients are eligible for free terminals that are EMV ready. Free equipment can often seem like a good idea, but can wind up being bought and paid for by hidden fees and higher rates.

Singular Payments Rates, Fees, and Cancellation Policies

Singular Payments claims it can save you money with its flat rate fees or else it will adjust to meet its guarantee. During the first 90 days of your service with Singular Payments, if you haven’t saved what was promised, Singular Payments will cut your business a check for the difference and adjust rates so that you receive the promised savings.

As for fees, the only one mentioned is the PCI compliance fee. The PCI compliance service is $99 annually and a charge of $19.95 for every month that you do not have a status of being PCI compliant will also apply. Other fees could still apply.

The specific flat rates offered by Singular Payments will vary from business to business. If you want to find out what pricing you’ll be paying you will need to request a quote, and you can do so through CardFellow. Our free service allows you to get fully disclosed pricing from any processor you choose and compare it privately with others. Sign up here!

The cancellation procedure boasts no early termination fees and is comprised of a 30 day notification of cancellation and a 5 question exit survey. The survey should be completed before the termination date, then an account consultant will contact you to finalize the details of your cancellation.

Singular Payments Reviews

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews to be found. Ripoff Report, Yelp, Google; all the common places people go to rant or rave are utterly quiet. Even the Better Business Bureau is barren of complaints, though Singular is displaying an A+ rating in its BBB profile and has been accredited since 2012.

Could it be that all the clients are silently satisfied? This company is a relatively new processor, but has been in business long enough to warrant an online reputation for bad practices. The only place where there appears to be any discussion is in the testimonials on Singular Payments’ website. Reviews praise the company’s honesty, steady rates, no hidden fees, and thorough customer services.

If you have an experience with the company, good, bad, or anything in between, share with us. Leave a review!


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Posted by Dawn on Aug 17, 2018


I have been with Singular payments for 3 years and couldn't be happier. I have recommended them again and again. While you do pay for the equipment, their rates are excellent and so is their customer service.

Posted by CardFellow on Mar 29, 2016


Singular Payments is a First Data independent sales organization that markets flat rate pricing. Singular doesn't offer many specific details or rates on its web site, so it's not abundantly clear whether the flat rate is inclusive of interchange and assessments, or if it's a flat rate above these costs.

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