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Originally owned by Verifone, Spark Pay is the payment processing division of Capital One. You may see reference to Spark Pay or Capital One Merchant Solutions.
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Processing options are available for businesses of all sizes, whether in-person or online. Spark Pay also markets a variety of tools for people interested in creating an online store and those who are experienced with ecommerce already. Think you are interested? This Spark Pay review will help you decide by offering an overview of services, equipment, and rates and fees, as well as an objective look at the company’s reputation.

How can Spark Pay help with my in-person payments?

Spark Pay aims to simplify card processing, but at the moment it might be a bit too simple. Currently, the marketed Spark Pay card reader does not have an EMV option. Capital One has claimed that Spark Pay EMV readers will be announced by April of 2016, but so far there has been no news. Another drawback is that processing is only available for card payments; Spark Pay does not appear to have equipment or services for electronic checks.

With that in mind, you can accept all major forms of credit and debit cards with Spark Pay and transactions are usually deposited into your account within 2 business days. Information about the services and equipment for mobile and in-store payments are as follows:


Especially to those in industries like in-home services and transportation or vendors who travel from place to place, accepting mobile card payments can mean more sales and less hassle. Spark Pay Mobile includes a free mobile reader for your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the Spark Pay Mobile app, connect the card reader to the headphone jack of your device, and begin accepting cards for goods and services almost anywhere. The Spark Pay Mobile reader works with many iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


For those in traditional retail and restaurant settings, Spark Pay Register allows you to use your tablet with a free attachable card reader as a full point-of-sale system. Optional receipt printers and cash drawers can be connected as well. Spark Pay POS also offers the ability to set up each staff member with their own access levels, ensuring that each employee only has access to the functions in the POS system that they need for their jobs.

Bundles are available for those who need to purchase equipment and include things like cash drawers, receipt printers, and stands. The most expensive bundle is a complete kit with a tablet as well.

How can Spark Pay help with eCommerce?

Whether you are looking to build an online store from scratch, or looking to process payments on an established high-traffic site, Spark Pay has what you need and probably more. You can also run multiple stores within one account and interface.

Processing Online

Spark Pay allows you to accept payments from major credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Checkout, and others. You can also use your online shop as a way of taking phone orders.

Building a Storefront

Customizable layouts, themes, templates, and other design features are available when you build your online store with Spark Pay. You can also optimize your webpage for people on mobile devices. Need a domain name? You can customize your own or purchase one through Spark Pay.

Marketing your Store

Customizable shopping carts, blogs, customer rewards, display banners, and ad codes are just some of the marketing tools available to you through Spark Pay. You can also take advantage of services like Live Chat, newsletter and email marketing, and integrate with social media.

Managing your Store

Working with Spark Pay gives you access to a reporting dashboard with many tools for analyzing traffic reports, keywords, and more. You can review abandoned carts and customers have options to create and account or check out as guests. There are also tools that help with taxes and managing inventory.

What about security?

All transactions processed through Spark Pay are encrypted (data scrambled) to protect cardholders and businesses from credit card theft and fraudulent use. Spark Pay Online Stores are validated as PCI-DSS compliant.

Spark Pay Rates and Fees

Spark Pay pricing is listed below, but be aware that pricing is subject to change.

In-Person Rates and Fees

For in-person and mobile selling, Spark Pay offers two payment plans, called the Pro Plan and the Go Plan, with rates as follows:

  Pro Plan Go Plan
Monthly Fee $19.00 $0.00
Swiped Visa, Mastercard, or Discover 1.99% 2.65%
Swiped American Express 2.80% 3.70%
Keyed-in card 2.80%  3.70%

Both the Pro and Go plans boast no additional fee.

Online Rates and Fees

Spark Pay Online Stores are available in five pricing plans, Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum as follows:

  Steel ($24.95/month) Bronze ($39/month) Silver ($99/month) Gold ($149/month) Platinum ($299/month)
Products 100 500 5,000 10,000 Unlimited
Traffic 2GB 3GB 15GB 25GB 50GB
Storage 250MB 1GB 1GB 2GB 5GB

All plans boast $0 set up fee, free shared SSL, and no transaction fees. Spark Pay states that the Silver plan is the most popular. Additional stores can be added for $39 each, allowing easy scalability from one administrative portal.

Spark Pay claims no contracts, with the ability to cancel at any time.

Rates and fees listed here are provided as a guideline only. There might also be additional fees and charges that have not been mentioned. For fully disclosed pricing information, you can request a quote from Spark Pay by using CardFellow. Our free service allows you to privately request and compare information from any processor you choose. Sign up here.

Spark Pay Reviews

Unfortunately, Spark Pay doesn’t have a lot of available online review information. The company also is not currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau and doesn’t have a profile either. Spark Pay’s parent Capital One is accredited with the BBB and currently has an A+ rating. However, reviews and complaints refer to Capital One’s consumer services.

Even after investigating Ripoff Report, Yelp, and Google, we are still left wanting for reviews about Spark Pay’s service. However, there are reviews regarding the Spark Pay Mobile app at the Google Play app store and Apple iTunes app store. The reviews vary wildly from customer to customer.

Negative reviews complain that the app is not user-friendly, making the process of accepting a card too long. One reviewer points out that the app only allows one tax rate at a time, complicating matters for businesses that may have products at different tax rates in the same transaction (such as food at one rate and alcohol at another.) Other reviewers complain of difficulty with the app “locating” their device or of the app shutting itself down before transactions can go through. Positive reviews do outweigh the negative though, leaving the app with an overall 3.7 star rating. They praise the simplicity, great customer service, low rates, and easy updates.

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Posted by CardFellow on Dec 10, 2018


Originally owned by Verifone, Spark Pay is the payment processing division of Capital One.