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SwiftPay Systems began in 2008 and is based in Chicago. The company is a relatively new processor that has adopted the trending membership pricing model. In this SwiftPay Systems review and profile, we will discuss what SwiftPay is offering and what people have to say about it.
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What are SwiftPay Systems’ payment processing services?

That’s a good question, aside from the implication that they will process credit card payments for you, not much information is available. SwiftPay’s website references the ability to assist any business, from traditional retailers and restaurants to high-risk businesses. The company also states that they have a 24-hour approval process to get you set up quickly, and provide next day funding for rapid access to your money.

SwiftPay Systems


For "card present" transactions, such as payments made in a restaurant or store where a card is swiped, SwiftPay offers Verifone, Ingenico, or First Data (FD) countertop terminals, NCR Silver and Talech point of sale systems, or the PayTrace virtual terminal solution to accept cards by phone or using a computer in your business. You can take all major credit and debit cards, and may even be able to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay with compatible equipment.

High Risk

Businesses that are considered "high risk" and have had difficulty finding a processing solution elsewhere may be able to use SwiftPay for credit card processing. The company offers a solution called ChargeSavvy to help with high risk in-person transactions to help prevent "friendly fraud" at businesses that have a greater risk of claims of such fraud, such as jewelry stores and clubs. ChargeSavvy helps fight chargebacks with options to capture driver’s license data at the time of sale, and you’ll be able to easily email the stored information to support your case. ChargeSavvy is PCI compliant.


SwiftPay references the NMI gateway, and boasts that its ecommerce solution can support advanced functions including Level III billing (for corporate and government credit cards), recurring billing, load balancing, and more. Additionally, you’ll have the option to integrate shopping carts or create a payments button for your website.

What equipment does SwiftPay accommodate or provide?

After approval, SwiftPay says it can reprogram your existing terminal for free or help you select new equipment. The company supports universal manufacturers such as Verifone, NCR Silver, Ingenico, and NMI, but can also support some First Data (FD) terminals. For in-person transactions, SwiftPay boasts several EMV-capable options to allow you to accept chip cards and take advantage of the added security that the encrypted chips provide.

Does SwiftPay help with PCI compliance?

SwiftPay Systems states that it will send you emails to keep you informed of upcoming PCI requirements that you must complete. It also recommends visiting the PCI link on the website to stay informed, and a link takes you to Elavon’s PCI requirements page. The company includes a statement that it will assist with PCI compliance to help ensure that your systems are secure and that you don’t incur PCI non-compliance fees.

SwiftPay Systems Rates and Fees

SwiftPay has a membership (or subscription) pricing system in small, medium, and large volume depending on your business’s needs. The company also boasts no hidden fees or cancellation fees. The monthly plans are as follows:


Monthly Limit

Membership Fee

Per Transaction Fee




19 cents




9 cents




6 cents

Published pricing is subject to change. 

Membership/subscription pricing is becoming more popular. It may appear simpler and easier to understand, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best or most frugal option. To get a fully disclosed quote from SwiftPay Systems and the ability to compare it to any other processor you’d like, use CardFellow’s quote comparison tool. Sign up for free today.

SwiftPay Systems Reviews

As with much of the information we have been trying to find, the online reputation of SwiftPay turns up with exactly zero reviews to report on. The company has a profile with the Better Business Bureau but is not accredited and still has no rating. There are no complaints lodged within the last 3 years, or reviews to mention.

Google Reviews, Yelp, and Ripoff Report similarly reveal no activity, positive or negative. SwiftPay itself does not offer any testimonials to take into account either.

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Posted by CardFellow on May 08, 2018


Swiftpay boasts a 24-hour approval process to get you set up fast.