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Turnkey Processing is a merchant services company located in Meriden, Connecticut and it’s one of many choices you have if you’re looking to take credit cards at your business. We’ll help you take the guesswork out of choosing a processor and look at what Turnkey offers. Read on for details about Turnkey’s fees, reviews, services, and more.
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Turnkey Processing Fees

Unfortunately, Turnkey rates and fees aren’t published on the company’s website. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a quick quote to see what you’d pay. You can request a quote from Turnkey right through this profile, and you’ll see it along with any other quotes you request for processing. Click the “request quote” button to get started. (It’s free and private, too, so don’t worry about sales calls.)

Contract and Termination Fees

Turnkey doesn’t provide information about contract length or termination fees. The company does mention that potential Turnkey customers may be eligible for legal assistance from Turnkey if you’re trying to get out of an existing contract with another processor.

Turnkey Processing’s Services

You can expect a choice of how to take payments when you use Turnkey. Options include in-person (using a point of sale system, countertop credit card machine, or mobile device), online, or by mail or phone order.

In-Person Credit Card Processing

Common for retailers, restaurants, and fixed-location businesses, in-person credit card processing lets you take major credit and debit cards when the customer is ready to pay for an item at your business. You can choose from full point-of-sale systems or more compact countertop credit card machines.

Online Credit Card Processing

Turnkey states that it has in-house consultants to assist with web design and shopping cart integration if you’d like to accept payments online, but also references a preferred design/ecommerce partner, Deluxa Design. Turnkey is compatible with many popular options, including Prestashop, Magento, FreshBooks, Shopify, 3DCart, and Authorize.Net.

Mail and Phone Order Processing

Taking payments by mail or over the phone requires different equipment than traditional in-store purchases. Turnkey offers that equipment: a “virtual terminal” that you can access from any computer with an internet connection. Virtual terminals let you collect payment info, set up recurring billing, and securely process payments even when the customer isn’t physically at your business.

Business Funding

In addition to credit card processing services, Turnkey Processing offers funding for business expenses. Funds are available in amounts from $10,000 – $100,000 with a choice of financing options. One plan comes with repayment varying depending on your credit card sales (often called a merchant cash advance) while the other option involves fixed repayment.

Gift Cards

You can create customized gift cards (or, if you’re already selling gift cards through a third party program, integrate it) with Turnkey Processing. You can even connect multiple branches or franchises into one program for easy tracking and redemption, as well as for customer convenience.

What about equipment?

Turnkey offers equipment compatible with First Data, including the popular Clover station point of sale system, Clover Mobile, and Clover Mini. If you already have a point of sale system, you may be able to continue to use it, as Turnkey is compatible with popular systems like Micros and Aloha.

If you don’t need a full POS system or want something more compact, countertop credit card machines are also available. Specific features vary by model, but some machines include NFC (contactless) capability so you can accept digital wallets like Apple Pay, while other terminals can take EMV chip cards or EBT cards.

Mobile and wireless options are also available if you need to take payments in a variety of locations.

Reviews of Turnkey Processing

The internet has quite a few good things to say about Turnkey, which isn’t always the case in the credit card processing industry. 18 Google Reviews give the company 5 stars, praising Turnkey’s honesty, excellent customer service, prompt responses, knowledge, and good pricing.

A lone Yelp review corroborates the Google reviews, giving Turnkey 5 stars and claiming it’s the best credit card company the reviewer has worked with. 6 Facebook reviews also give the company 5 stars, but none included a text review, instead just giving a star rating.

Given the positive reviews elsewhere, it’s not too surprising to see that Turnkey has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and 0 complaints lodged with the BBB.

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Posted by Rob Anselmo on Nov 21, 2021


I actually have a video of this company asking me to sign a blank document that they would later email me when completed. They have absolutely NO business ethic. In this world we need transparent companies to work with and this company is by far not transparent nor do they value customers or have business ethic. I not only would NEVER recommend this company BUT I would also not do business with ANY business that chose to work with them as I don’t believe in back shady companies.

Posted by WORTHINGTON AUTOMOTIVE on May 03, 2021


Turnkey promised me $1500 to start with them. They kept swindling the number down. Its now $600 paid out over 3 months and I still haven't received a penny of it.

Posted by Katie on Dec 18, 2018


I've been using Turnkey for over a year now and couldn't be happier. Their clover system integrated with my POS system in store. My customers like using the clovers mini's and my rates are great with them.

Posted by CardFellow on Apr 25, 2018


Turnkey offers credit and debit card acceptance but also provides services like a gift card program and cash advances.