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Dejavoo V5 Review

Credit Card Machines

The Dejavoo V5 is a high-speed countertop terminal that connects via phone line and operates on a Linux system. The V5 boasts fast transaction approval times as fast as 3 seconds.

The terminal accepts major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and more. In addition to accepting credit cards, a built-in PIN pad allows merchants to accept debit cards. An integrated smart-card reader enables EMV processing. The terminal can support NFC technology and contactless payments, and is certified by MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave, and Discover ZIP.

Additionally, the V5 terminal features a built-in rewards program at no-additional cost. The rewards program allows customers to earn points for dollars spent at your store, and doesn’t require additional downloads or equipment. The V5 can also accept added tips for businesses that accept gratuities. In addition to accepting payments, merchants can process refunds and voids.

The Dejavoo V5 is recommended for a variety of industries that need quick transaction processing through existing phone lines. The terminal is suggested for retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, salons, spas, and more.


The Dejavoo V5 is PCI-DSS and PTS approved, and compliant with EMV Level 1 and Level 2. The terminal also features a built-in privacy shield around the keypad to protect customer’s PIN information.


The Dejavoo V5 terminal offers a variety of features for convenience and productivity, including high-speed phone line connectivity, a backlit display and backlit keys on the built-in keypad, a convenient countertop size, internal memory, a built-in printer, and the ability to connect optional peripherals.

Connectivity and Communication

The Dejavoo V5 terminal is designed to connect fast via analog phone line. The terminal features serial and USB ports for connecting optional peripherals such as external PIN pads.

Display and Keypad

A high-contrast 128 x 64 pixel backlit screen helps ensure easy readability in any lighting situation. Built-in keypad includes 15 backlit keys, and offers programmable "hot keys" for faster access to regularly-used functions. Keypad includes a privacy shield to help protect cardholder’s PIN information.


The V5 terminal is a convenient countertop size, measuring 175mm L x 79mm W x 62mm H.


The Dejavoo V5 features 64 MB of memory standard: 32MB SDRAM and 32MB SRAM.


The Devajoo V5 includes a fast thermal printer for quick receipt printing at 100mm/second. The V5 printer takes standard 2.25’ receipt paper.


Optional peripherals can be connected to the Dejavoo V5 terminal to increase the number of payment types that can be accepted and available functions. Supported terminals may include external PIN pads, contactless readers, external printers, and more.

Product Features


Credit Card Machines

  • Dial-Up
  • Dual/Comm
  • Wireless
  • Wifi
  • Contactless
  • EMV/ Smartcard
  • Built in Contactless Reader
  • NFC Capable
  • Internal PIN Pad
  • Store & Forward
  • Multiple merchant support
  • Multi application support
  • Encrypted

Dejavoo V5 Q&A

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from CardFellow, on Jan 21, 2017

EMV chip cards, NFC contactless payments, built-in PIN pad for debit - this machine lets you take all the latest technologies so your customers can pay how they want.

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