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Ingenico iWL250 Review

Credit Card Machines

The Ingenico iWL 250 is a wireless credit card machine designed to accept newer EMV chip card and NFC (contactless) payments. Built with anti-shock and water resistance, the machine is perfect for tough environments, including outdoor settings like curbside pickup takeout dining, lawn care and home improvement stores, and more.

The Ingenico iWL lets you easily accept virtually any payment type, including traditional magnetic stripe credit and debit cards, newer EMV chip card, contactless (NFC) payments such as MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave, and even gift and loyalty cards.


For security, the iWL 250 meets PCI PTS version 3 requirements and is EMV certified.


The Ingenico iWL 250 includes features for your convenience, including Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a large color LCD, store and forward modes for offline payment acceptance, backlit keypad, integrated printer, and more.

Connectivity and Communication 

The iWL 250 uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the docking station from up to 300 feet away. (Docking station itself uses either an Ethernet connection or phone line.) Up to 7 terminals can be “paired” to one docking station.

Display and Keypad

The 2.81”, 320×240 pixel color LCD is bright and boasts 4096 colors for a clear and engaging screen. The large alphanumeric keys are backlit for better viewing. In addition to number keys, the iWL 250 features 7 navigational keys.

Store and Forward

The Ingenico iWL 250 features a “store and forward” capability, allowing you to continue to take payments even if there’s an interruption in the connections. Payments will be stored for later, and forwarded for processing when a connection becomes available.

Size and Customization

Designed for portability, the Ingenico iWL 250 is 6.5” L x 3” W x 2.12” D and weighs only 10.5oz. The Ingenico iWL 250 can be branded in several locations, including the printer cover flap and top casing.


32MB of RAM and 128MB of Flash combine to give the Ingenico iWL 250 a total of 164MB of memory. If you need more space, the iWL 250 also has a micro-SD card reader.


A built-in thermal printer runs at 30 lines per second to get your customers on their way quickly.

Product Features


Credit Card Machines

  • Dial-Up
  • Dual/Comm
  • Wireless
  • Wifi
  • Contactless
  • EMV/ Smartcard
  • Built in Contactless Reader
  • NFC Capable
  • Internal PIN Pad
  • Store & Forward
  • Multiple merchant support
  • Multi application support
  • Encrypted

Ingenico iWL250 Q&A

Heartland Payment Systems answer:

This is wireless as it connects to cell phone towers for connectivity.


Heartland Payment Systems answer:

We no long support that device because we have the IWL 255. Please reach back out to your merchant service provider.



Ingenico iWL250 Reviews ( 3)

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from Tim Travis, on Jun 20, 2018

Loses connectivity constantly, takes a long time to get it back and is slow to process. It is a huge hassle and has cost me lots of money, time, and embarrassment. I thought the first machine was defective, nope they just suck for mobile payments. Should have stuck with Square as it just works and is fast.

from Megan Beasley, on Nov 12, 2017

This machine rarely works. We are an onsite auction company & most of the time we end up having to call in credit cards which takes up the time of at least one employee, we have to purchase charge slips & use a knuckle buster. When I get back to the office in the evenings I have to spend 1 1/2 - 2 hours forcing the charges through. And for the frosting on the cake, we get charged extra for all of this. I won't even go into the frustration of our buyers having to wait. We feel like we are in the dark ages.

from CardFellow, on Jan 21, 2017

Water resistant and rugged, the machine is designed to take a bit of a beating in tough environments like outdoor sales and while on the road.

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