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Poynt Review

Credit Card Machines

The Poynt credit card processing machine is getting some attention for its interesting design and claims of being “future proof.” The Android-based terminal has dual screens within a single device – one screen faces the cashier, and the other screen faces the customer.

The idea behind Poynt’s dual screens is that you won’t need to hand over a terminal or swivel around the screen for customers to sign or add a tip, and both people using the machine have some privacy. It looks nice, and can add convenience to your checkout process, but what about the other details, like features and pricing? This Poynt review and profile has the info you need if you’re considering the Poynt terminal.

What does “future proof” mean as far as the Poynt system?

Poynt talks on its website about how payment technologies change rapidly, meaning customers frequently access new ways of paying. The US is in the midst of a shift to EMV chip cards, Apple Pay and other NFC/digital wallet payment options are here, and who knows what other technologies will come up in the future.

The Poynt system claims to minimize the need to switch terminals every time new technology comes on the scene by offering ways to take all existing payment forms and providing open development channels and the ability to add apps for different functions.

While making a definitive claim that you would never need a new terminal would be a stretch, Poynt currently accepts all forms of payment, including the newer EMV and NFC (contactless) technologies, as well as QR code and barcode scanning. QR code scanning will allow the Poynt system to accept Chase Pay, a digital wallet that doesn’t utilize tap-to-pay/NFC technology. Between accepting EMV, contactless payments, and QR codes, it’s fairly likely that the Poynt terminal will be able to handle any new type of payment for awhile.

Is Poynt a point of sale system?

Not exactly. While it doesn’t look like the typical credit card machines that have PIN pads and small screens, the Poynt system is still a credit card machine, not a full-fledged POS system. It’s closer to a cash register replacement. Poynt does plan to offer additional POS system functions in the future, at which point the machine may become more of a point of sale system. Check out the video below to see Poynt in action.



As mentioned above, Poynt is not a POS system, so if you need the wide range of features offered by a full point of sale solution, you’ll want to look elsewhere. (Check our POS system directory for other options.) However, if you’re looking for a cash register replacement with features like portability, store and forward capabilities, and basic reporting, Poynt is worth a look.


The Poynt machine is portable, so you can move around with it for any number of reasons. Maybe you want to offer curbside pickup at your restaurant – your staff can carry the Poynt terminal outside to take payment. Hitting a fair to sell your goods? Bring your Poynt machine.

Store and Forward

Poynt offers an offline processing mode (also known as ”store and forward”) if a connection is not available. You can still accept payments in the offline mode to process at a later time, so you won’t miss sales just because of connection problems.


The reporting app, Poynt HQ, offers information on transactions and trends as well as customer information. You can search sales data and export it for further analysis and business management. The reporting app offers information using smartphones or computers.

Credit Card Processing with Poynt

Poynt is not proprietary and can work with many existing processors. That’s good news if you’re trying to keep credit card processing costs down, as you have more opportunity to find the most competitive solution.

Poynt is compatible with major processors including Chase Paymentech, Vantiv, First Data, Elavon, TSYS, Global Payments, and more. Note that this doesn’t mean you need a direct account with those companies; there are many smaller processing companies (ISOs) that can support the Poynt machine. Get credit card processing quotes.


Poynt is fully PCI compliant, utilizes end-to-end encryption, and meets EMV requirements. Additionally, Poynt comes with 24 hour fraud and tamper detection to help ensure maximum safety and security.


Poynt has a variety of features for customer and business convenience, and anticipates adding more features in the future.

Connectivity and Communication

The Poynt terminal connects to Wifi and 3G networks, and includes Bluetooth connectivity. Currently, Ethernet connectivity is not available, though a dock with Ethernet capability is in the works. A micro USB port allows connection for recharging the battery.


The cashier-facing screen is an 800 x 1280 pixel 7” touchscreen tablet display and includes a cashier-facing camera. The customer-facing screen is an 800 x 480 pixel 4.3” touchscreen display with an NFC antenna surrounding the touchscreen for easy contactless payments.


The Poynt terminal features a touchscreen display with an on-screen keypad. Optional external PIN pads may be supported if you prefer the feel of physical keys.


A built-in thermal printer is under the customer-facing screen, with the receipt slot facing the customer for quick access. Poynt recommends 2-1/4” x 16” printer rolls.


Poynt supports optional accessories if you need more from your machine. You can add cash registers, produce scales, check readers, and more.  


Poynt itself doesn’t charge per transaction fees. Your costs to use Poynt will be the purchase of the machine itself, and the credit card processing charges from the processor you choose.

Product Features


Credit Card Machines

  • Dial-Up
  • Dual/Comm
  • Wireless
  • Wifi
  • Contactless
  • EMV/ Smartcard
  • Built in Contactless Reader
  • NFC Capable
  • Internal PIN Pad
  • Store & Forward
  • Multiple merchant support
  • Multi application support
  • Encrypted

Poynt Q&A

Dharma Merchant Services answer:


Heartland Payment Systems answer:

Please refer to POYNT support in order to get this question answered. We don't resell this product. 


Heartland Payment Systems answer:

To enable tip through Poynt the merchant will want to log onto their Poynt HQ ( and go to the ?Business? tab. There will be a button on the bottom left that says ?Manage Store?. Click that button and then go to the ?Payment Settings? tab where there should be a toggle switch to enable/disable tip. Screenshots below. If you are still having trouble then whoever set up your account should be able to change it for you.?



Dharma Merchant Services answer:

Assuming tips are enabled, the customer will have an option to tip during the sale, on the customer-facing screen. You can edit tip acceptance by following these instructions:

Heartland Payment Systems answer:

Please refer to Poynt's website and customer support for these questions.


Heartland Payment Systems answer:

It's actually recommended that you don't use a stylus.?


TSYS Team?

Dharma Merchant Services answer:

It's a standard touchscreen, so most styluses should work - that being said, it's designed to function best with your fingers.

Heartland Payment Systems answer:



Heartland Payment Systems answer:

This is not a device that we internally support. Please refer to the reseller of this device for specific questions on functionality.?


Heartland Payment Systems answer:

Plastic back, glass front, very similar to an Andriod device.



Heartland Payment Systems answer:

Please call your Poynt reseller for this information, this is a device we don't support internally. 


Poynt Reviews ( 62)

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from Aisa, on Feb 24, 2023

The worst customer service I ever had. Have to pay more than $300 for the machine I didn’t use.

from Sam Knight, on Jan 15, 2023

If I could give it 0 stars I would. So much promise, shocking delivery. Premium support is a call centre located in the US. We are a hospitality industry that operates 365 days a year, but they can’t do anything unless it’s a Monday to Friday. I’ve overseen and worked at some of the largest stadia and event centres In the uk using the majority of systems and this is by far the least stable system - We have two devices. In 6 months they have been replaced twice. - loses connectivity when removed from base - loses tables between devices (ie between bar and service tablets) - crashes multiple times a week. - support is as useful as a chocolate tea pot. - drops off the WiFi constantly.

from Lisa G, on May 11, 2022

I am not happy with the processing machine or the service provided. Negative: My experience… machine broke down after 5 months saying “tamper detected”. Took me about 20 minutes to get through to the right department. The one on line and on the sticker and on the error code is NOT the right one. I was told when that error comes up, the machine is nothing more than a paper weight. They don’t know why it happens but it happens. No idea how long it will take to replace or if there will be a cost involved. In order to do business the next day, I had to go out and purchase a Square POS machine and iPad. Should have done this to begin with. At 7:00 night I had to figure out how to program and set up the unit. Now I have to train the staff on how to use the new unit.

from Tom Ingram, on Jun 21, 2021

When we first bought 6 of these terminals I loved them. They worked great. For that reason I bought 4 more, this time the Poynt 5. We used them for one weekend only in 2019. We run a yearly event that was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 so they were not used for over a year. I have been starting them all up and updating them ready for an event in September. The 4 newer ones display a red bar with 'Tamper Detected. Contact Support'. So I contacted my Elavon rep who put me onto Poynt support who agreed that there was a fault and told me to contact Elavon support. Eventually Elavon support agreed that there is a fault and that if I wanted to return them, there is a charge of $179 per terminal plus $55 shipping each. These terminals have been carefully looked after and there has been no tampering with them. My guess is that it is a software issue of their doing and they don't want to own up to it. Now they are owned by Go Daddy I would expect better from them. So Go Daddy, Poynt and Elavon all get 1 star to share so just 1/3 of a star each.

from Erin, on May 06, 2021

Poynt payment is an absolute scam. They rope you in and make it impossible to end your lease on equipment that hasn’t worked (and was never replaced) in 2+ years. A nightmare experience. Never again.

from Denise Mulas, on Dec 19, 2020

This is a nice machine but the company is so mismanaged and will never help you in a timely manner. I have used them for 6 months and now they tell me they haven't been charging me the correct fee percentage and helped themselves to my account for fees I'm sure I have been paying all along. They have the worst customer service. They never call you back and it takes weeks to get an email with help. I was set up for a training to set up my catalog but it was canceled and never rescheduled.

from Bryan B, on Dec 14, 2020

We had purchased a Poynt terminal to use with Elavon in 2019. We switched to using Poynt as our processor in 2020. We obviously brought the Poynt terminal with us so we didn't have to lease from them. Four months later they are trying to start charging us for a lease. They are even going back to when we first switched to them to collect lease payments. We have explained to them that we own the terminal and don't lease it. We've had many other issues with them since we signed up. Too many to list. Just avoid this company like the plague.

from RYUL, on Dec 02, 2020

There have been so many many problems for last 2 years. The system generates $12000 tax for 3 dollar coffee and they haven't fixed this problem for a year now. Their customer service is the worst!

from Chris, on Oct 22, 2020

Would give zero stars if possible. Constantly gives transaction errors for no reason, doesn't reliably process payments. Randomly restarts 5-10x daily and requires us to go to troubleshooting menu to do a goofy workaround to get it to reconnect to internet. Wifi drops like crazy, even though we can get our wifi signal 100 yds from the terminal with no issues. For some reason touchless works perfect though... swiped and chip works 2/10 times when first scanned. Garbage, lost $1k on this terminal and no refunds.

from Marshall B, on Oct 01, 2020

I wish I knew who was behind the software in these Poynt machines. We run a 5 store location business that was hoping to save on fees by going with Poynt for processing to help offset our losses due to the pandemic. One month in and we've had all the same problems listed by other reviewers so its clear to me that this is not a one-off issue. Poynt has an app store and I would think there are companies that make better software for these machines but we discovered that most of them are outrageously expensive and come with their own set of problems. I think this company is just horribly mismanaged and not working with the best or brightest in the industry. I lost about $35K going with Poynt. Don't make the same mistake!

from Jim Franzese, on Sep 24, 2020

I have had this system for just over a year. The tablet is very nice and works fine with the customer inserting their credit card. The problem lies with the Poynt software. We were trying to refund a customer and it charged them instead of refunding them. Then transactions were run once and the customer was charged twice!! I called and they said they were having software issues. I have been waiting two weeks and the same problems are still happening. I cannot run my business like this. I am going away from Poynt just as soon as I can!! I am getting bad reviews from customers because they think I am not willing to do their refund or that I double charged them. Great machine and absolutely terrible software! Take my advice and stay away from this system.

from Jacquelyn, on Aug 28, 2020

Poynt is a horrible company. They cancelled our account and held $16,872 of our money for 6 months because we were growing too quickly for them. We even had our customers try to call them to confirm the transactions, and they just ignored us. Never trust this company.

from Janet Gossett, on Jun 24, 2020

Terrible machine & service! Just don't do it!!!

from Florencio coria, on Jun 23, 2020

Poynt is completely garbage. It's almost like it's designed to break.

from Dave Pettie, on Mar 05, 2020

GARBAGE!!! I was called by a rep from e-swipe and told they could get me lower processing fees. Sounded great, so I decided to go ahead with signing up. The new terminals arrived fairly quickly but they were Poynt which I certainly wouldn't have agreed to. Anyways, I've had the terminals for less than 2 days and I'm sending them back and cancelling. I sure hope the $4000 transaction from yesterday finds its way into my business account.

from Elissa Taylor, on Feb 26, 2020

We had Poynt for one month before canceling. I would say the reviews here seem to cover the issues we had. Our terminal had battery problems and would always be dead. It would only work if it was always plugged in. Then they had an issue on their end where the system was down for a few hours and we couldn't run cards. That convinced us to find an alternative. The device is really beautiful and sleek, but still needs to be improved. Canceling and returning our terminal was not a huge hassle but it did take 3 days to get customer service.

from Badiyah Amir, on Feb 20, 2020

We have been using the Poynt system & EVO along with Quickbooks for over a year, after the initial set-up it's been working great and very easy to adjust or with support if needed, very small monthly fee and low rates, so much so we were able to drop our minimum fee. All card & Apply Pay transactions are in the bank in a day or two, and the customers love it. Without EVO's low rates & Quickbooks we might have had a different experience. I'm surprised at the low ratings, because our experience has been very different. The only thing, as mentioned before, the paper roll within the Poynt is very small, but we were given an external larger printer too. If what everyone is saying is true about the possibility of them going out of business is true, we are sorry to hear and will be sizing up other alternatives, but for now we are very satisfied with Poynt and hope they will improve on the issues mentioned by others so we won’t have to change.

from Jay Jeet, on Feb 07, 2020

I'm so mad I didn't read these reviews 2 weeks earlier. Poynt is nothing but trouble. Worst hardware and software for any POS system sold. You're better off using a pencil and paper and a pigeon to fly your transactions to the credit card companies and banks. Junk!

from Keith R, on Jan 19, 2020

Reading these reviews made me sad. I worked for Elavon under processor and POS sales for the last 5 years. We were all ecstatic when Poynt first came on the scene. I would have given them 5 stars based on our company's close relationship with Poynt, and how advanced their products initially seemed to be. However, I think Poynt's downfall was that they stopped building their product's core software before it was ready for primetime and they never bothered to fix it. Also, their hardware is now ancient compared to other POS terminals we sell. All of this means customers have nothing but headaches with Poynt, and we (Elavon) were often on the hook for replacing the devices and doing Poynt's customer service for them. I was recently told by Elavon management that Poynt will likely go bankrupt in 2020 and that Poynt is aggressively shopping for someone to buy them out. Sadly, there is no way anyone would buy them with their huge amount of debt, hardware and software problems and low install base. I think they only have 70,000-100,000 total devices installed. Meanwhile Square has over 5 million. If I was a customer, none of this would give me any confidence in using Poynt going forward. I think they had a moment where they could have been great, but they were unfortunately horribly mismanaged.

from Karen O'Brian , on Jan 13, 2020

We were scammed by Elavon who sold us these Poynt devices. We lost thousands in just three months because we had to juggle broken terminals while switching to another POS system while still paying outrageous monthly fees for the malfunctioning Poynt system. Everything about this company and their products is just awful. Our advice is to stay away from both Elavon and Poynt. Rotten!

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