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Ingenico iPP350 Review

PIN Pads

The Ingenico iPP350 PIN pad is a customer-facing PIN pad that plugs into your cash register and features a full color screen. Multiple connection options make it easy to integrate the iPP350 to almost any point-of-sale system for fast and secure transactions.

You can accept virtually all forms of electronic payment, including magnetic stripe credit and debit cards, PIN and signature-based debit, smartcards, contactless cards such as MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave, EMV cards, and mobile NFC payments. The iPP350 is available with or without a number pad privacy shield.

PIN pads may help you achieve lower processing rates than manually entered debit transactions. The iPP320 can accept both PIN-based and contactless payments and runs on the Telium2 operating system. The iPP320 is engineered to be tamper-resistant, increasing security for both you and your customers. The iPP320 is available in the United States and Canada.


When accepting PIN transactions, you’ll need to use a secure PIN-entry device (PED) like the iPP350.

PCI PED Approval and Level

  • PCI PTS V3 certified
  • End-to-end encryption


In addition to the secure PIN entry, the iPP350 boasts the following features and specifications.


  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Serial RS232 connectivity
  • Ethernet 10/100 BT connectivity

EMV / NFC Capability

  • EMV compatible
  • NFC compatible


  • Backlit keys
  • Raised markings
  • 15 keys


  • 2.7” color display
  • 320 x 240, 4096 colors


  • 128mb flash memory
  • 32mb SDRAM
  • Optional external SD card memory support up to 8gb

Physical Size/Dimensions

  • 6.9”L x 2.95”W x 1.38”D (175 x 75 x 35 mm)
  • 9.4oz (267g)

Product Features


PIN Pads

  • Contactless/NFC Capable
  • USB Connectivity
  • Serial Port Connectivity

Ingenico iPP350 Q&A

Heartland Payment Systems answer:

You are able to choose sale, then enter amount, then start entering the card number for card not present transactions.


Heartland Payment Systems answer:

There are multiple things involuved with making sure your merchant account is set up correctly and the devices are downloaded correctly in order to process a debit transaction. Please call your customer service department to validate that. When you are on the phone with customer service, then they should be able to walk you through the steps to process a debit transaction too.  

Team TSYS. 

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from CardFellow, on Jan 21, 2017

The bright, color display makes it easy to read and use.

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