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AnywhereCommerce Nomad Review


The Nomad 2.0 is a mobile credit card reader available from AnywhereCommerce. It allows you to accept both magnetic stripe and EMV chip credit and debit cards.

Unlike most of AnywhereCommerce’s Walker line, the Nomad 2.0 doesn’t connect via headphone jack. Instead, you’ll need to use Bluetooth or a USB cord.

So far, that makes the Nomad 2.0 the same as the Walker BT. The difference is that the Nomad 2.0 has a built-in PIN pad, meaning you can accept chip and PIN cards. (With the Walker BT, you can only accept chip and signature-style EMV cards.)

The Nomad 2.0 cannot accept NFC (contactless) payments. Not to worry, there’s yet another AnywhereCommerce reader (the Nomad CXR) which can. Confused yet? Here’s a quick chart to refer to when making your decision.

AnywhereCommerce Nomad chart

Nomad 2.0 Features

The Nomad 2.0 provides all the basic payment functions as other AnywhereCommerce solutions, including multiple currency support, signature capture, automatic tax calculation, the ability to add gratuities at the time of sale, and email or text receipt capabilities. Additionally, you can process refunds if that becomes necessary. The app is available in multiple languages, and features a basic inventory management system to help track available stock.

Hardware and Battery Life

The Nomad 2.0 works with Android and Apple systems, as well as Windows 8. A range of smartphones and tablets are compatible. The Nomad 2.0 reader is 113.2 x 3 x 16 mm and has two tracks for reading cards. There’s also a slot to insert or “dip” EMV cards.

This card reader runs on a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which you can connect to a power source with a USB cable. Its keypad has ten numerical buttons, three function buttons, on and off buttons, and pairing buttons to connect to Bluetooth.

An LED indicator tells you when the Nomad 2.0 is operating, when the battery is low, when the device is charging, and when charging is complete.


The Nomad 2.0 is PCI compliant and EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certified. This card reader is encrypted. Moreover, it doesn’t store data, and there won’t be any information stored on your mobile device, either. That reduces your PCI compliance burden and gives you peace of mind.


AnywhereCommerce’s website says that its mobile apps include integrated reporting. However, it’s not clear which of its apps are compatible with the Walker 2.0, nor does the site explain what kinds of reports you can generate. You have the option to integrate the Nomad 2.0 into your POS system or mobile payment app, though, which can give you the reporting options you want.


The costs for the reader itself depend on where you purchase it. The costs to accept credit and debit cards will be set by the processing company that you choose for your business. Since the Nomad 2.0 is compatible with multiple processors, you’ll have the ability to shop around for competitive pricing. You can get started comparing pricing right now using this free, private quote request tool.

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Product Features



  • iOS compatible
  • Android Compatible
  • EMV capable
  • NFC capable

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from CardFellow, on May 24, 2016

The Nomad 2.0 takes EMV chip cards (both signature style and PIN) which is great, but it doesn't take Apple Pay and other contactless payments, so look elsewhere if that's important to you.

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