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AnywhereCommerce Walker Review


The Walker 1.0 from AnywhereCommerce is a base-model Walker card reader, meaning it doesn’t accept all the payment methods that more robust models do. Specifically, the 1.0 does not support contactless payments (like Apple Pay) though it can accept chip credit cards.

Note that the Walker 1.0 is a headphone-jack reader, meaning it connects to a smartphone or tablet via the headphone jack. A reader that connects via Bluetooth, the Walker BT, is also available. There are actually several card readers from AnywhereCommerce. Here’s a quick look at the differences.

AnywhereCommerce Walker 1.0 chart

There’s an accompanying app for Walker card readers, which we’ll discuss in this review.


The app used with the Walker 1.0 offers several features for easy payment acceptance and business management on the go. On the payment side of things, you’ll find all the same options available to more robust readers: you can take payments (including in foreign currencies), automatically calculate taxes due, and allow your customers the option to add a tip. Additionally, you can capture signatures on screen for transactions requiring it, and email or text receipts to your customers.

From the business management side, you can use a basic inventory management function to keep track of your stock levels. The app also supports multiple languages, so you can use whichever one you (or your staff) is most comfortable with.

Note that the Walker model is NOT an NFC-enabled reader, meaning you won’t be able to accept contactless payments from digital wallets. If you want to be able to accept NFC (contactless) payments, you’ll need to get the EMV and NFC model, the Walker C2X.

Hardware and Battery Life

As far as smartphones and tablets, the Walker 1.0 is compatible with Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows devices, giving you a broad range of choices for the base equipment.

The Walker 1.0 card reader measures 52 x 61 x 17 mm and weighs 40 grams. It plugs into your mobile device’s audio jack. There are also removable rubber grips to ensure the Walker 1.0 stays on your device securely, helping to limit wobbling that makes swiping cards more difficult.  

The Walker 1.0 runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which you can connect to a power source through a USB cable. Two LED indicators show you the battery’s status.

The Walker 1.0 has a minimum operating life of 300,000 battery recharge cycles. It comes with a six month warranty.


The Walker 1.0 is PCI compliant. It’s also EMV Level 1 and 2 certified, and encrypts card data as soon as you “dip” the card. This helps minimize the risk of card data theft, protecting your business and your customers from fraud.


AnywhereCommerce’s website says the app provides integrated reporting. However, it doesn’t describe what those reports contain. You can integrate the Walker 1.0 into your POS system or your mobile app, which may give you access to the reports you want.

Costs for Credit Card Processing

The Walker 1.0 is compatible with many different credit card processors. The processor that you choose for your business will determine your pricing to use the Walker. The reader itself may have a one-time cost, which will vary depending on where you buy it. 

See pricing using CardFellow processor quote comparison tool.

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Product Features



  • iOS compatible
  • Android Compatible
  • EMV capable
  • NFC capable

AnywhereCommerce Walker Q&A

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from CardFellow, on May 24, 2016

The Walker (sometimes called the Walker 1.0) is the base model EMV chip card reader available from AnywhereCommerce. It does NOT let you take payments like Apple Pay, but it does take the new chip cards.

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