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CardPointe Mobile Review


The CardPointe mobile app is the smartphone and tablet processing option in the CardPointe processing options.

Looking for the CardPointe credit card machine instead? We’ve got you covered:

If you have an iPhone or iPad and want to take payments on the go, the CardPointe mobile app will let you do just that, with or without an attached card reader. (But we recommend using one!) You can take all major credit and debit cards, view reports, and more. However, right now CardPointe mobile is only available for Apple devices.

Android users, head over to our smartphone/tablet credit card processing directory to find a mobile processing option that will work for your device. Apple users, read on.

Using CardPointe Mobile

Getting the CardPointe mobile app onto your iPhone is as easy as downloading it from the app store. But you do still need a merchant account to take credit cards. The CardPointe app is available from CardConnect and any processing companies that are compatible with CardConnect.

Need to find a compatible processor? Use CardFellow’s free comparison tool to see up-to-date rates and fees for your business.

What is CardConnect?

CardConnect is a large processing company that works with many smaller companies. It processes through First Data. It’s not necessary to go directly to CardConnect yourself if you already work with a compatible processor.

CardPointe Mobile Features

While mobile devices are a little more limited than credit card machines, CardPointe mobile still offers plenty of helpful features for basic transactions and credit card processing away from the store. You can take advantage of signature capture, customer profiles, and reporting options. We’ll go into those in more detail below, but you can also check out this CardPointe video for an overview of the mobile app:

Signature Capture

No need to carry around a printer and pens for customers to sign for purchases. Instead, CardPointe offers a convenient on-screen signature capture option. Customers simply use their finger to sign their name when completing a purchase. When they’re done, you can email the customer their receipt.

Customer Profiles

You can set up a customer profile quickly at the time of purchase to keep track of important info for your valued customers. You’ll be able to see what items your loyal customers have purchased and be able to make suggestions for future purchases.


It’s important to know what’s working and what isn’t. CardPointe mobile includes a reporting dashboard that gives you access to your sales history and transactions. You can sort data by card used or date, view batches, and more. You can even set up alerts for specific situations, like declined transactions, chargebacks, refunds, and more.

CardPointe Mobile Pricing

CardPointe pricing to take credit cards varies depending on which company you work with. There are a lot of variables that go into pricing, including the type of card, how you accept it (whether you swipe it or key in the information), and more.

The fastest way to find the most competitive pricing is to use a quote comparison option, like our free tool

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CardPointe app on iTunes

Product Features

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  • iOS compatible
  • Android Compatible
  • EMV capable
  • NFC capable

CardPointe Mobile Q&A

CardPointe Mobile Reviews ( 2)

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from Steve S, on Feb 22, 2017

The register is great but if you use the tip function it is a nightmare to reconcile. Each ticket needs to be examined and to top it off if you are reconciling a past date you need to keep reentering the date. It's a non starter for service industries.

from CardFellow, on Jan 21, 2017

If you use a touchscreen device (like a smartphone) you can capture customers' signatures right on the screen.

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