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PaySaber Review


PaySaber by USAePay offers several options for mobile credit card processing, including a Mobile POS, PaySaber Jr. dock, and PaySaber Clip.

All PaySaber devices are compatible with Apple devices and require an internet connection in order to process payments. In this PaySaber review, we’ll take a look at the differences between the three options, and help you decide if one of them is right for your business.

Using PaySaber

PaySaber is part of USAePay, so in order to use the card reader or the accompanying payment app, you’ll need a merchant account with the company. The processing company will be the one to set the pricing and terms for accepting cards with PaySaber.


The USAePay app’s features include customer profile creation, split payment type acceptance, product management and inventory control, the ability to set security permissions for other users, and QuickBooks integration.


PaySaber offers a mobile POS and two mobile card readers: the Clip and the Jr. The POS and readers only accept magnetic stripe cards, and are not compatible with EMV chip cards or contactless payment solutions. Remember that as of October 2015, businesses that run chip cards as magnetic stripe cards are liable for any fraudulent transactions that occur.

Mobile POS

The most robust of the PaySaber mobile offerings, the mobile POS includes a built-in encrypted swiper, a UPC barcode scanner, and an integrated thermal printer. The card reader can process Level 1 and Level 2 transactions, and information is encrypted at the time of swiping for added security. The UPC scanner allows quick scanning of products that have barcodes and calculates any taxes or discounts. Scanning with the barcode scanner will also include the barcode on the receipt for quick returns if necessary. The integrated thermal printer can be used to print receipts or more detailed invoices at the time of sale, and uses standard 2.5” thermal receipt paper. PaySaber boasts that the Mobile POS system will last up to 8 hours of swiping and printing on one battery charge. An optional car charger is also available for on-the-go recharging.

PaySaber Jr.

The Jr. measures 3.74 x 2.78 x 1.13 inches and weighs 1.8 ounces. PaySaber guarantees that the Jr.’s operating life is at least 300,000 card swipes. It also doesn’t run on batteries, although you’ve got the option to purchase a battery and a charger. If you choose not to get a battery for the Jr., you can recharge it with a power adapter through a USB cable.

PaySaber Clip

The Clip is 5.06×2.28×1.14 inches and weighs 1.4 ounces. It is a bidirectional card reader, so there’s no “wrong” way to swipe a credit card. The PaySaber Clip was designed to easily clip onto a variety of Apple devices, including iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The clip reader encrypts card information at the time of swiping and no battery is required to operate it.


PaySaber’s card readers and USAePay’s payment app are PCI compliant. The readers use end-to-end encryption, so your customer’s data becomes encoded the moment you swipe it.

USAePay’s app utilizes tokenization, which turns credit card data into a string of symbols which are meaningless (and useless) to hackers. The app also includes a fraud prevention suite that provides over a dozen modules to protect customer information. You can block transactions based on addresses, restrict cards by bank information number, limit customers’ hosts or IP addresses, identify cards by their security codes, accept certain kinds of cards, refuse cards based on their country of origin, detect duplicate transactions, deny email addresses, assess fraud risk, bar the use of multiple credit cards per transaction, define allowable transaction amounts, verify zip codes, and store “bad” credit card information in a database.


Every PaySaber option includes access to an online console for easy management of sales, locations, users, and more. Customer and product databases may also be available to track customers and inventory.

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PaySaber Q&A

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from CardFellow, on May 26, 2016

None of the readers currently take chip cards, so you have to run them as magstripe and will be liable for fraud.

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