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QwickPay for Mobile Review


QwickPAY, offered by credit card processing equipment manufacturer Magtek, is a point of sale payment app with a card reader.

QwickPAY turns your smartphone or mobile device into a full point of sale system complete with advanced security and the features you expect in a payment solution. You can use it with both Android and Apple devices (including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and compatible Magtek card readers. Bluetooth or headphone jack connection card swipers are available so you can connect in whichever way is convenient for you, and all readers encrypt card data at the time of sale. Using a card reader may help you reduce costs for payment acceptance on the go by giving you access to lower swiped transaction rates instead of keyed card rates. 

Using QwickPAY

As a Magtek product, QwickPay is compatible with a lot of different processors; you’re not locked into using one specific company. Additionally, multiple readers and PIN pads are available so you can choose what you need. Options are available for Android, Apple, and desktop devices. Readers will allow you to take signature credit and debit cards, while the addition of a PIN pad will let you take PIN debit cards. 

In autumn of 2018, QwickPay began offering EMV-capable readers, meaning you'll be able to "dip" EMV chip cards instead of swiping them using the magnetic strip.The company also now offers an NFC-capable reader for Apple Pay and other digital wallet transactions. 

Compatible Card Readers

The following readers are compatible with the QwickPAY app:

  • uDynamo (audio jack connection) iOS, Android
  • iDynamo (30-pin connection) iOS (iPhone 3, 4)
  • eDynamo (wireless or USB) iOS
  • BulleT (Bluetooth connection) Android

The uDynamo comes with a USB cable that can be used to process swiped transactions using the Virtual Terminal on a Windows or Mac computer.

Card readers help increase security and protect sensitive cardholder data from the point of swipe. QwickPay also utilizes tokenization to further secure card data and protect your customers. 

Other Features

The QwickPAY app provides plenty of features to help you do business easily when you’re on the go. You can capture digital signatures right on your screen, automatically calculate taxes and allow customers the choice of adding tips, email receipts to customers, and view reports and transaction data online for fast business management. Additionally, a virtual terminal option allows you to use QwickPAY from your internet-connected computer. 


The cost for taking cards is separate from the cost of readers or other equipment. The credit card processing company that you choose will set your pricing. If you’re looking for quotes now, you can request one through this free, private quote request tool.

The costs for the readers will vary depending on where you purchase them.

Helpful Links

QwickPAY at Apple’s iTunes Store
QwickPAY on Google Play Store

Product Features

Selective: First Data, TSYS, Chase Paymentech, Global Payments, Elavon, Heartland Payment Systems


  • iOS compatible
  • Android Compatible
  • EMV capable
  • NFC capable

QwickPay for Mobile Q&A

QwickPay for Mobile Reviews ( 2)

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from David Moyer, on Oct 12, 2017

Had questions about a transaction I could not identify. Went to their site and when I tried to use their email contact function I got a "404" error message (several times). I cancelled my debit card immediately.

from CardFellow, on Jun 01, 2016

The QwickPAY app works with a bunch of different Magtek readers, but there are none listed that have EMV chip card capability yet. I would give more stars if that was an option.

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