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Sometimes referred to as 2CO, 2Checkout is a large ecommerce payment provider, with hosted shopping carts or third-party shopping cart integration, international transaction support, and recurring billing options. The company has headquarters in Ohio, Ireland, and Hong Kong.
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If you’re considering 2Checkout for your online business, this overview will give you all the details on rates and fees, customer reviews, services, and more.

2Checkout Payment Services

When you use 2Checkout, you can take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, JCB, and Diners’ Club cards online or with a recurring billing set up. 2Checkout is an ecommerce payments provider, so there is no option for in-person payments. The company offers this introduction video explaining its services:

2Checkout integrates with many popular shopping carts, including 3dcart, BigCommerce, CubeCart, FoxyCart, Magento, OpenCart, Pinnacle Cart, PrestaShop, Shopify, WooCommerce, ZenCart, Zoho, and more.

You can choose between simple hosted pages or the 2Checkout payment API. With hosted pages, you can additionally choose between standard - which adapts to your customer’s device and can be customized with your branding - or inline, which looks to be part of your existing site by using a payment overlay. The inline option also allows for fewer fields needed to complete checkout, which can help reduce cart abandonment. The images below show the difference in appearance between standard and inline hosted options.

Standard vs inline

If you’d prefer not to use the hosted pages, you’ll have the ability to control the checkout experience with 2Checkout’s API, which boasts seamless integration and top-notch security. API documentation is available for PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and more.

Recurring Billing

Membership and subscription-style businesses can utilize 2Checkout’s recurring billing functions to easily set up custom billing periods. You can create as many different subscription plans as you need, ensuring that you offer the right pricing tier or membership level to different customers.

2Checkout unlimited plans

You can also adjust the payment interval to charge weekly, monthly, annually, or at any other time period. You can even set up limited recurring billing for short-term subscriptions. For example, if a customer signed up for a 3-month subscription, you could initiate a recurring billing schedule that would bill the customer once per month from the date of setup until your chosen end point.

If your membership or subscription includes a setup fee for the customer, you can select a one-time startup fee that will only apply to the first bill. Or if you’d like to offer a discount on the first week or months’ bill, you could set a negative startup fee to offer a one-time discount to that new customer.

2Checkout also includes Account Updater, which will automatically update customers’ card details when a card expires or the card details change.

account updater

This helps prevent lost customers and transaction declines due to outdated card information.

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International Transactions

2Checkout also allows international transactions in multiple currencies, including Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand dollars, Euros, British pounds, Yen, Pesos, and more. You can receive funds in the currency in which the order is placed, or in USD.

Fraud Protection

Security is paramount when taking credit cards, and 2Checkout utilizes the latest technologies. The company is PCI Level 1 certified, and uses proprietary algorithms to detect fraud. The company also utilizes tokenization for security at the time of transactions.


2Checkout includes plenty of reports to help you run your business and make better decisions. In addition to basic sales reports with search by date, you can view information like declined transactions among your recurring billing customers or run a report to see which recurring bills have not yet been charged.

2Checkout Rates and Fees

With 2Checkout, you’ll get flat fee pricing. The company publishes rates of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction for businesses processing less than $50,000/month in cards. (International transactions come with an additional 1% charge.)

If you process more than $50,000/month, you can contact 2Checkout to see if you qualify for volume pricing. Alternately, you can check multiple processors’ rates all at once by using CardFellow’s price comparison tool. It’s free and there’s no obligation. Click here to get started.

In addition to the rates, there are other fees that may apply, including a $20 chargeback fee if a customer initiates a chargeback.

Keep in mind that flat fee pricing looks simple, but isn’t always the least expensive. If paying less for processing is important to you, competitive interchange plus pricing may be a better fit.

Read more about Credit Card Processing Pricing Models.

2Checkout Reviews

As a large ecommerce payments company, 2Checkout has plenty of online reviews. The company doesn’t provide testimonials on its website, nor has its Facebook page enabled reviews. However, Google Reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and TrustPilot all have information available.

Not all reviews are from US-based customers, as the company does serve other countries. In this summary of customer experiences, we’re focusing primarily on reviews from US customers if that information is provided.

Google Reviews

48 reviews on Google give the company an average 2-star rating.

The 4- and 5-star reviews praise 2Checkout as a good system, with low fees, and good integrations. Some positive reviews express surprise at the negative reviews, and mention that even if some fees are a little high, 2Checkout integrates well and pays out funds in a timely manner. The 3-star reviews state that service is fine but the costs are a little high. The 1- and 2-star reviews complain that 2Checkout closed accounts suddenly without warning, that fees are high and service is poor, that anti-fraud tools are not effective, and the company holds funds for long periods of time.

Better Business Bureau

2Checkout has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2001 and boasts an A+ rating, but has mixed reactions from customer reviews. The company has 2 positive reviews and 8 negative on the BBB’s website, as well as 41 formal complaints.

The positive reviews echo Google, saying that 2Checkout is a little on the expensive side but that services are good and customer service is helpful. The negative reviews claim that 2Checkout holds funds and has poor customer service.

The official complaints allege that 2Checkout holds funds, closes accounts without warning, and has poor customer service. 2Checkout responds to complains on the BBB’s website, in some cases requesting additional documentation and attempting to resolve the customer’s issue.


29 reviews on TrustPilot leave 2Checkout with a 1-star overall rating. The reviews echo the negative comments posted on other review sites, stating that 2Checkout has terrible customer service, sudden account closures, and long holding times for funds. In some cases, reviews seem to be from the same company/person leaving a negative review elsewhere.

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Posted by Alice on Feb 16, 2018


They basically say that they can close any account whenever they want, for no reason whatsoever: "Thank you for your response. We can certainly understand your disappointment at the closure of your account. Please know there are many factors taken into consideration when an account is closed. Any one of these factors may, in and of itself and at our sole discretion, warrant the closure of an account. We sincerely apologize for any disruption this may cause you or your business."

Posted by CardFellow on Sep 13, 2017


2Checkout has lots of features for ecommerce businesses, including the ability to take international transactions. They're also upfront about pricing.