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AppTech a specialized technology services company, helping businesses to outsource their day-to-day IT operations and manage several key areas of IT without the cost and expense of hiring and managing an internal team. However, the company is also a registered ISO, meaning they offer credit card processing services as well. In this review we’ll explore the various services AppTech offers, focusing mainly on their merchant services and payment processing tools.

AppTech Overview

AppTech provides services in five main areas: IT support, remote access, Microsoft Office 365, credit card processing, and ACH payments.

The RemoteNow service is AppTech’s IT support and managed IT for businesses. SmartDesk allows you to securely access programs and files from anywhere. Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of Microsoft programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

Credit card processing allows you to accept card payments from customers, while ACH processing lets you accept payments direct from a customer’s bank account. In this review we’ll focus mainly on the card processing and ACH payment services. We will briefly cover the other services later in our review.

AppTech homepage

AppTech Card Processing

The good news is that AppTech has multiple options for accepting credit and debit card payments, including full POS systems, countertop terminals, and mobile solutions. You’ll be able to accept both traditional magnetic strip cards and newer chip cards, from all major brands. AppTech’s credit and debit card processing provides the following features:

Next Day Funding

Settled transactions with customers are paid into your bank account as soon as the next working day.

Point of Sale (POS) and Mobile Solutions

AppTech gives you access to many different types of secure, modern POS technology. One of the solutions they offer is the Harbortouch Elite POS, designed to streamline business operations, provide in-depth reporting, and enhance operational efficiency. However, it’s worth noting that in the CardFellow equipment directory, Harbortouch Elite has a few negative reviews from clients, scoring only 1.5 out of 5 stars.

AppTech also offers Harbor Pay, a mobile payments card reader and mobile app.

EMV Chip Cards

AppTech supports CHIP and PIN transactions, which can reduce fraud, liability, and chargebacks. One of the terminals AppTech offers is the Verifone Vx520 which allows for swipe, chip, and contactless payments. Customers can pay with cards or contactless options such as Google Wallet, and Apple Pay. The VX 520 did well in our review — it’s a robust, full-featured terminal for most payment needs.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

AppTech provides a range of gift and loyalty cards to attract customers and increase sales. AppTech’s website doesn’t provide many details about the programs, or offer information on whether cards are customizable or pre-designed. We’ve reached out to Apptech for more information and will update this profile as we receive new details.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Processing

AppTech allows you to accept ACH payments from customers. ACH is designed for bank drafts, transfers, and other withdrawals and deposits for bank accounts. AppTech ACH processing lets you easily set up recurring payments so your business can collect money from customers on a regular basis. Similar to Recurly, it’s useful for subscriptions, memberships, and other frequent payments.

You can use ACH processing to either collect money from customers or disburse it to them. You can manage ACH payments through online and point-of-sale solutions. AppTech ACH processing supports debit, credit, and check installments. It’s also a useful payment option for customers without debit or credit cards.

Unfortunately, AppTech do not provide pricing details for their ACH processing services. They do say that it is a simple pricing structure that reduces processing fees. We’ve contacted AppTech for more information.

AppTech Rates and Fees

Unfortunately, AppTech does not provide pricing details for their card processing services. The amount you are charged would be dependent on the number or card transactions, total value of transactions, and several other factors.

However, just because the company doesn’t list pricing on its website doesn’t mean you can’t get a quote. CardFellow offers a no sales call, no obligation, free quote request tool where you can see pricing for processing credit cards at your business. Try it here.

AppTech Reviews

Reviews for AppTech are limited online. The company has three 5-star reviews on Google, but the reviews simply assign the star rating and don’t provide any text commentary to support the rating.

AppTech includes customer testimonials on its website, with reviewers claiming that switching to AppTech has saved them thousands on processing or IT expenses. Some reviewers mention excellent and responsive customer service. Testimonials include the reviewer’s full name, business name, and role at the business.

While not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, AppTech has an A+ rating and no current customer complaints with the BBB.


The company’s Facebook page shows 11 reviews totaling 4.6 stars. 10 reviews give AppTech 5 stars, while one review assigns it 1 star. As with the Google Reviews, most simply provide a star rating and don’t offer text comments. The single review that wrote a comment stated that AppTech’s virtual desktop software is fast and is revolutionizing desktops.

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Posted by CardFellow on May 03, 2017


AppTech offers universal credit card equipment, which is good to see. The company doesn't offer a lot of details on pricing model, terms, or information on related programs like gift cards. It would be good to see more information.