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Harbortouch Review

POS Systems

Harbortouch made headlines in 2017 when it partnered with the popular TV show Bar Rescue. But what does it actually offer for your business?

The Harbortouch point-of-sale systems offer high-end solutions at no cost when you sign up for a qualifying merchant account. Harbortouch offers two main POS solutions - the Elite and the Echo.

The Echo is a tablet-based system using proprietary software and integrated hardware designed for businesses on the go, while the Elite combines the best of the best in order to create a fully-functioning POS system suitable for any bar, restaurant, or retailer.

Both systems utilize Harbortouch’s hardware, which is leased to business owners within the monthly software subscription rate, no up-front cost required. As you can see from this screenshot from Harbortouch’s website, the company suggests the right system for particular industries:

Harbortouch systems

Harbortouch recommends the Echo for basic retailers, kiosks, frozen yogurt or ice cream shops, food trucks, and counter service restaurants and cafes. Harbortouch recommends the Elite for casual or fine dining (sit down) restaurants, bars and nightclubs, quick serve restaurants and food delivery, or salons and spas. Harbortouch suggests its new Checkout system (which utilizes the Elite POS) for retailers.

Harbortouch Checkout

The Harbortouch Checkout is the newest POS solution available from Harbortouch. Checkout is specifically geared toward retailers and offers payment functions, inventory management, and reporting capabilities. The Checkout solution runs on the Elite 3 POS, so it’s not technically a different system – it’s just packaged a little differently.

You’ll benefit from the features available with the Elite system as noted in this review.

What You’ll Need

To use the Harbortouch POS system, you’ll need the software with compatible hardware (available through Harbortouch) and a merchant account with the company. You may also need additional accessories if you’re looking for specific things like the ability to weigh produce or frozen yogurt.

Harbortouch POS Features

Harbortouch Echo and Elite POS systems have advanced yet easy-to-use features that make operating them a breeze. From 24/7 reporting capabilities to check services to table management, these POS systems really can do it all. Cloud-based software helps everyone in the business stay connected at all times. Harbortouch Elite allows you to manage multiple different operations throughout your business. Accept cash, checks, and cards, track inventory, manage timesheets, and place orders all within one easy-to-use program.

Kitchen Printing

For restaurants, Harbortouch has both stationary and mobile printers available, including ones with thermal imaging. Info can be sent directly to the kitchen so cooks can see orders coming and going, keeping everything running smoothly.

Store and Forward Mode

Harbortouch Elite and Echo POS systems are cloud-based, and always connected. However, if an Internet connection were to go down, you can still use the system. It will simply store the info, and your data will be updated as soon as you have a connection again.

Management Features

Harbortouch allows you to easily take care of different aspects associated with managing your business. A built-in timeclock offers convenient employee pinch in and punch out and options to set commissions for employees are available, too. Inventory management functions let you easily keep track of your stock levels. Harbortouch offers the ability to sort inventory by department, brand, SKU and other variables as well as searching inventory that is below minimum quantities.

Gift Registries and Layaway

If you’re in a business that wants to offer gift registries or wish lists, you can set that up through Harbortouch as well. Customers can add items to their own list, or print someone else’s list and shop for items on it. If you want to offer layaway, Harbortouch can help set up and manage lawayay infroamtion.

Customer Database

Harbortouch POS includes a customer database for keeping track of purchase history, contact information, and more. The customer database can be used to track purchasing patterns and identify your best customers so you can use the information for loyalty programs. The database is exportable for marketing campaigns.

Harbortouch POS Reporting

Harbortouch offers cloud-based reporting and POS management through Lighthouse, an online dashboard tool. You can access sales reports on the POS hardware or remotely, track and manage employees, view statements, and run hundreds of different analytic reports. All of the reports can be obtained 24/7 from anywhere you have internet access and can be emailed in multiple formats, including Excel, CSV, and QuickBooks.

Harbortouch POS Pricing

The Harbortouch Echo starts at $39/month and includes the POS software, 13.3" touchscreen display, a card reader, cash drawer, receipt printer, 5 employee cards, and a keyboard.

The Harbortouch Elite starts at $69/month with the base package including everything in the Echo system plus a retail barcode scanner, 10 employee cards, and mouse. The Elite features a 15" touchscreen display. There are no upfront costs for machines or installation, but there may be additional fees for add-on software or accessories.

Harbortouch Checkout costs $49/month per terminal. You’ll also pay a $20/month service fee, meaning it's functionally the same cost as the Elite system. These costs are in addition to the rates and fees your processor sets for accepting credit and debit cards. The Checkout system includes a customer display, Elite 3 POS system, barcode scanner, cash drawer, receipt printer, and a chip card-capable reader.

Harbortouch Pricing for Credit Card Processing

Harbortouch Payments accepts major credit cards, PIN-based debit cards, and NFC technologies like Apple Pay. The system can be utilized with existing equipment or the company’s, which is available to you at no extra cost. The company provides information about rates starting around 1.39% on debit and check cards and 1.79% on credit cards, both with a $0.20 transaction fee, depending on type of business and volume. Note that this likely indicates a tiered pricing model, and you may experience much higher costs.

If you’d like to compare offers for processing from leading companies, our quote request tool lets you get custom quotes from as many companies as you’d like. The no-obligation tool is free and private, so you can check pricing specific to your business without pressure from sales reps.

Harbortouch POS Accessories

Harbortouch offers many different accessories and add-ons, to further customize your solution. Available accessories include produce scales, PIN pads, barcode scanners, and even ATMs. Software add-ons include an online reporting tool, customizable loyalty programs, and check guarantee services.

Product Features

Selective: Harbortouch

POS Systems

  • Mobile device management
  • Tableside Ordering
  • Tableside Payment Processing
  • Patron Online Food Ordering
  • Gift cards and customer loyalty tracking
  • Marketing metrics
  • Inventory management
  • Sales reports
  • Employee tracking & management
  • Payroll metrics
  • Quickbooks data export
  • PayPal acceptance
  • Integrated CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Windows-based system

  • iPad-Based System
  • Android-Based System
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Card Readers
  • Cash Drawers
  • Receipt Printers
  • Customer Displays
  • Kitchen Printers & Monitors
  • Checkout Scales
  • Portable Receipt Printers

Harbortouch Q&A

Harbortouch Reviews ( 17)

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from GOODHUE MARINE, on Jun 24, 2020

I can not recommend this company to anyone. After being with them for 9 years they will not call us back or fix our system and it is killing my company. My only option is to ditch them and start over with a new company. They are costing me thousands of dollars in lost sales and hours everyday with a system that is broken and they will not fix. Don't make the mistakes we did.

from Draken International , on Apr 24, 2020

You guys having problems with Harbortouch should contact the parent company, Draken International. Look them up and you will see why your money disappears from your account to theirs.

from mackenzie , on Apr 02, 2020

You sign their documents because you believe the lies they are telling. The first month is a mix of emotions between the set up and multiple websites you have to go through to get everything. You have to sign in every time you want to do a transaction. Call for support and you just getting excuses. The first month's fees were understandable, but after that they change. Good luck getting a call back within 24 hours. Customer service can't help you with your three year contract (they forget to tell you about that, too). I pay fees of 6% every month. Please tell me why anybody would pay 6%?! Go with a NO contract company. There are plenty out there. Then, if you're not happy, you can just not use it anymore instead of getting hit with fees every month.

from Dana Garrett, on Feb 26, 2019

Terrible company. I closed my account early with Harbortouch and a rep told me it would be $600 early termination fee. I didn't like this but I agreed to pay. I told them to bill me and send it to my email. I never received the bill, but Harbortouch, without my authorization, tried to take $5200 out of my bank account saying it was owed to them because the contract was broken. I didn't have $5200 and the representatives of Harbortouch all told me different stories. This company is after your money and doesn't care about anything else. Customer service is horrible.

from John Lynch, on Dec 17, 2018

HarborTouch supplied me with their POS four years ago and has lived up to their promises. I am very happy with the system and continue to use it.

from roland mosher, on Nov 28, 2018

Great POS Great customer service

from Martha Debry, on Jan 24, 2018

I am giving it one star because zero stars is not an option. We had very specific reporting needs from a POS from the State of Oregon. The sales people promised it would work. After working with technical people at Harbortouch and the state for a hundred hours or so we had to give up and return the system. Then the sales rep said they would allow us to cancel the contract without penalty. Guess what not only did they not do that after repeated calls and emails, they tried to charge $3k for system we cannot use and returned a year ago.

from Ben, on Nov 03, 2017

I bought a business that had Harbortouch. From day one until the day I paid them to go away, they have been the worst company imaginable. The service cannot be worse. Prepare to waste your life away trying Harbortouch to fix any problem. The sales people couldn't be worse. 100% of the time they send to to "customer service", to wait and never get an answer. They truly STEAL. It tooks months to cancel and pay them to go away. Getting involved with them will be the worst desicion possible.

from James, on Sep 12, 2017

Though we requested to cancel, they kept charging us. Didn't notice, so they got three years payment for nothing. Only noticed when we changed CC and they sent us a letter threatening to go after us personally - when they've been stealing from US!

from Bogdan Wienc, on Aug 30, 2017

They overcharge (about 2.7%-3.1%) while others charge 1.9%.I lost a lot of money over last few years.They even keep charging me $40 a month after I stopped using them!

from michelle flowers, on Aug 09, 2017

Your customer service is HORRIBLE!!! Our system goes down AT LEAST once to three times a week! Problems NEVER get resolved or if they do its temporary! Get disconnected all time and while they have the phone number of both the person calling in AND the restaurant phone number they do not call back. They pull the old I'm sorry I can't hear you can you hear me? So you think they would call back but no. Also I or my staff have had times when we have been on the phone with your reps one time 5 hours in one day, the average time on phone with you guys is 1 to 1 1/2 hours. This is time my managers are taken away from my business, staff and customers! The pattern seems to be that by restaurant gets the equipment that does things you have had to deal with before because the response from your techs is always we have never seen this before and then they put us on hold forever then come back and say they have to take it to "the next level" and they will have to call us back. Which we have now figured out is code for just get us off the phone because you have no intention to fix it!!!! We NEVER get called back so we tend to like to stay on the phone util problem is resolved which can be hours. Our system seems to go down on a regular basis when we are extremely busy like a FRI or SAT night they just freeze up. Then when we call it takes 10 to 20mins to get a live person on the phone and then they have the nerve to tell you to calm down REALLY??!! I have 200 plus people in my restaurant phones ringing off the hook for carryout and delivery and people standing in front of me for pick ups and to pay for the tickets and we can't do anything and I'm supposed to CALM DOWN?! If this just happened once in a while I would understand however its all the time. As a matter of fact I'm typing this as we are on hold and working with one of your techs right now and this call is now been over an HOUR! I told him which station was not working (5) right up front 5 mins in he said station (3) and I said NO I never said (3) I said (5) oh. After a half hour of him having us do several "things" to station (5) we realize that he was on station (2) that WHOLE TIME!!!! Unbelievable! We have a station (2) that we have been paying for and have not been able to use for several months because you have not been able to fix it! You keep sending me parts and they don't work have I gotten any credit for it? NO! I feel we are doing your job, we are asked to plug, unplug, switch printers, cables run back and forth between stations on a regular bases. Myself and management staff have spent numerous hours on the phone with your company with absolutely no compensation whatsoever. It is ridiculous the amount of time spent on a system that does NOT work properly! Do I expect a response to this message? HA no it will be like every other dealing we have had with your company.

from David Baker, on Jul 25, 2017

We have had the Harbortouch POS system for over two (2) years. We regrettably signed a three (3) year contract. Since day 1, we have had nothing but trouble with the system. The system can go offline numerous times, or freeze up, throughout the day, generally when customers are waiting. This is extremely bothersome when you are trying to charge a credit card. Added to this, is that this company has one to the poorest customer service I've had the displeasure of dealing with. Today, our system went down three times during sales, with the last time the POS froze up. One was with a credit card purchase, thankfully the customer was very understanding and used cash instead. Once again we had to call customer service (which is poor) and once again we were put on hold for over 35 minutes. At first, the customer service rep said to just turn off the system, and turn back on -- rebooting ---- informed him that has already been done, then he put us on hold again. He returned to tell us that 'yes' there is 'something' wrong with their system, they are working on it, and it should be around an hour or so. When asked about credit card sales, his response was that we could always call the credit card company! Unacceptable when you are running a restaurant and the customers are waiting to pay. Customer Services' attitude appears to be that 'we have you under contract... hahaha. I know another merchant who also has Harbortouch, and has the same problems and complaints. We laughingly called the Harbortouch our "POS POS". Today was the final straw with the POS and Harbortouchc.. we are paying for a service that is not useful at best. We have upheld our in the contract, they have not... as we told Harbortouch today. This matter is being turned over to our attorneys to get us out of the contract. My advice to any company considering a POS system, DO NOT go with Harbortouch. Do your research. Ourselves?? We are going back to Square, a very reliable service.

from Pho Saigon bliss, on Jul 24, 2017

During the week they always do a system update during the day when it is lunch time and we can never process transactions with cards. Poor timing in updates to systems. Don't know why their tech support people don't do updates at night when restaurants are closed, or for our system to still work off line and process payments. Causes sooo much trouble for workers and our clients that eat here. And when you call in the tech support you can't get through and all customer service is hand it over to another party and pass the buck. Still no help from tech support!! I guess the managers are a lost cause!!! Soooo bad!!! Going to get another better POS system that can work offline or able to still can make transactions no matter what.

from Cory Tereick, on Jun 30, 2017

Going with Harbortouch was the absolute worst decision I made in opening my business. Let me start by explaining what initially attracted me to Harbortouch: 1) Low upfront costs, 2) Salesperson told me to expect my effective rate to be about 1.8%, 3) Equipment would be under full replacement warranty for three years, 4) Customer service would be on call 24/7, 5) Salesperson told me that they would be the first company to issue an EMV solution for restaurants, and 6) they told me that they had a reservation system built in to the system. Now here is my experience: 1) The low up-front costs turned out to be "not true". There were a lot of set-up fees, printer fees, etc that they never explained up front. 2) Four months in to operating my business, my effective rate is closer to 2.55% (not the 1.8% the Sales Rep quoted). 3) I've had two hard equipment breakdowns in the first four months. Yes, they did replace the equipment but transit and set-up time accounts to over a week. So that's two week's worth of down equipment so I've lost internal capacity and added wait times to my customers. 4) Yes, customer service is on-call 24/7. BUT, hold times to talk to someone often are over 30 minutes. I typically need their help a couple times a week because the software is complete crap as well. Then another 20-30 minutes or so to resolve the software problems. So I lose about 2 hours of my life per week dealing with crappy software and their Customer Service. 5) The promised EMV system is no longer even on the horizon. 6) The reservation system is unusable. It doesn't even have the base functionality of a free online software like TableAgent. Additionally, they randomly withdrew $2100 from my account. When I called to see what was going on, they said that it was an equipment charge from one of the pieces of hardware that needed to be replaced. After they investigated, they told me that this was a mistake and to go to my bank to put a 'stop payment' on the withdrawal. I did as they told me. Then the next few days they stopped paying all my credit card transactions. Again, when I called, they told me that this was a mistake from their automatic computer system. They eventually got it fixed, but it cost me about 5 days delay on receiving the restaurant sales. The software is complete crap and continues to break down a couple times per week. It doesn't even have the basic functionality needed to run a restaurant. In theory its simple to us. But with the number of times it breaks down per week, and the limited functionality, you always need a manager around to come up with workarounds when the software doesn't work or doesn't do what you need it to do. The number of times I've called customer service and requested a call-back from a supervisor: 9 The number of times I've received a call-back: 0 I am 4 months in to a 3 year contract. As soon as I am able to do it, I will definitely buy another system and take the loss on the Harbortouch contract. So yeah, Harbortouch is definitely the worst mistake I made. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

from CircBbq, on Mar 12, 2017

Our experience with Harbortouch has been horrible.They have charged us fees above what was agreed to, and charged bogus PCI fees, which no reputable bank charges. To get refunds from them is like pulling teeth. Example: Looking at the December 2016 statement, I had total transactions in the amount of $802.34. Of this amount, $595.54 were debit transactions. Of the total of $802.34, I was charged $71.01, or 9% of my total. Square would have charged $22 for $800 in transactions at a flat rate of 2.75%. These alleged charges of "authorization" and "other" are included in the processing fees, not in addition to. Both their regional manager Darren Sellner, and their sales rep Sal Balistreri promised that any rates from other banks would be matched by Harbortouch. Complete BS! Also, their CEO Jared Isaacman basically told me I was stuck in a contract and no refunds for overcharges would be made. By the way, this so called "free" POS system costs us close to $100 per month, in addition to their outrageous fees. Also, there contract protects them from filing suit in your local courts, and that you wave class action status. Would a reputable company need this?

from Sherene Kershner, on Feb 13, 2017

I've been with Harbortouch since day 1 of my new business. I trusted the slick words of Curtis Stevens at GotMerchant as he got me set up with everything I needed to get going. The first few years went well, and the software served my needs perfectly. However, when it came time to grow, the trouble started. Harbortouch made me "upgrade," which essentially meant utilizing their new software which was a HUGE downgrade in functionality. When I complained, after a few efforts to try and help, it was determined their new software couldn't do half of what I'd enjoyed about the prior version. I asked to be let out of my contract so I could find a workable solution, but Harbortouch flatly refused and my salesperson at GotMerchant was of absolutely no help. In fact that's when I discovered the heinous contractual bind he'd put me in - no doubt for some kind of bonus on the back end. My POS and processing contracts were staggered such that cancelling them would be almost impossible. The language they use to describe the Turn-Key solution lulled me into thinking they were representing things honestly, when in reality I'd stumbled into overlapping traps of auto-renewals - designed to keep me obligated to them forever unless I wanted to pay thousands in early termination fees. I worked for 45 minutes straight with a customer service person to obtain exact timing - down to the day - for when / how I'd have to communicate with Harbortouch to cancel with ONLY $2500 in cancellation, inactivity and early-termination fees. I am going to cancel because I hate being tricked and trapped so much that it's worth the cost to be free. However, I feel extremely angry at Curtis Stevens, GotMerchant and Harbortouch for such predatory and disreputable practices.

from CardFellow, on Jan 21, 2017

Harbortouch has 2 different POS system options so you can choose which one you want. However, it limits your choice in payment processing companies, since it's not universal.

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