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BluePay was founded in 2002 and serves businesses in the United States and Canada. For the purposes of this BluePay review and profile, we’re focusing on the company’s services available in the United States.
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If you’re searching for a credit card processor, here’s what you need to know about BluePay’s variety of processing options, including credit, debit, and check processing, virtual terminals, point of sale solutions, mobile processing, and pay-at-the-pump gas station processing. Get info on BluePay’s rates and fees, reviews, services, and more.

BluePay is headquartered in Illinois and has offices in Chicago, New York, and Vancouver. BluePay is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank.

What services and equipment does BluePay offer?

BluePay works with a variety of business types to process payments securely. When working with BluePay, you’ll have access to online billing and software integration with QuickBooks, as well as security through PCI DSS compliant networks. BluePay lets you accept many types of credit and debit cards. American Express requires separate approval.

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Point of Sale Systems

You can authorize credit, debit, and check sales at the time of sale by using traditional point-of-sale processing equipment available from BluePay. If you’d like a sleeker, smaller-footprint solution, you can take advantage of tablet POS systems and take payments from multiple locations in your store. You can also manage inventory and access sales history on screen or by exporting data for bookkeeping.

Mobile Processing

Mobile processing through iPhones and iPads is available with BluePay’s mobile processing. Credit card swipers are available to allow you to securely accept mobile payments on the go. Card swipers may provide an extra level of security, and can help you get lower costs per transaction.

Credit Card Machines

PCI compliant credit card machines ensure secure transactions. BluePay lets you choose from major equipment manufacturers like Nurit, Verifone, Hypercom, and more. Specific features of the machines vary by model. EMV chip card capable machines are also available.

Virtual Terminal and Voice Activated Systems

Manually enter credit card transactions at any time with a computer and an internet connection using a virtual terminal. This solution is designed with mail and telephone orders in mind so that you can take payments when your customer isn’t present with their card.

BluePay also offers an interactive voice-response system to allow customers to make payments using a touchtone phone. Payments are accepted real-time with secure PCI compliant technology, and allow customers the flexibility to pay by phone.

Payment Gateway

For taking payments from customers online, you can accept major credit cards and debit cards through BluePay’s secure payment gateway. For subscriptions or other recurring billing, BluePay offers a recurring billing service that provides online account access for your customers for faster transactions.

Sync with QuickBooks

BluePay’s processing gateway works with QuickBooks to allow you to easily integrate your transaction data into your accounting system.

ACH Payments

If you’re looking to accept ACH (or electronic check) payments, BluePay’s ACH processing allows you to do so by integrating check readers to deposit checks directly to your bank account.

Merchant Lending

For businesses who need access to capital, BluePay offers cash advances, merchant loan programs, and other funding options. Be sure to check into the details of each option carefully and know what you’re getting into. Merchant cash advances are often easier to obtain than business loans, but may come at a hefty repayment cost. See Should You Get a Merchant Cash Advance? for more information.

All of BluePay’s solutions are customizable depending on your needs. Customer service is available 24 hours a day to discuss payment solution options and accounts.

Is it secure?

BluePay is dedicated to security by helping you with PCI compliance, as well as making use of technologies such as tokenization to keep card data secure. You can protect data with additional tools such as encryption, Address Verification, and CVV2.

BluePay also has a dedicated risk team to assist with fraud management and security-related customer service and help you lower your risk of fraud or security problems.

What are BluePay’s Rates and Fees?

Like most processors, BluePay’s rates and fees vary depending on the specifics of your business. Unfortunately, it appears that BluePay utilizes expensive and opaque tiered pricing.

BluePay advertises starting rates, as follows:

  • Retail rates: Starting at .95%
  • MOTO/Internet rates: Starting at 1.99%

Keep in mind that these rates are not the full picture, and you’ll likely end up paying much more. BluePay also charges additional fees such as monthly service fee, early termination fee, and a PCI compliance fee.

To get a fully-disclosed quote with no hidden fees, request one at the top of this BluePay review and profile.

Is there a contract?

Yes. BluePay typically offers three-year contracts with automatic renewal if not cancelled in writing at least 60 days prior to the end of the contract. Ending your contract early will result in a $295 early termination fee which BluePay will automatically deduct from your account.

BluePay Reviews

BluePay has been around for a number of years, and has a small negative reputation online. Many of the reviews complain of issues common to processors that use tiered pricing, including undisclosed or hidden fees.

BluePay at the Better Business Bureau

BluePay Processing has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2006 and currently has an A+ rating on a scale of A+ to F. It has had 50 complaints lodged in the past 3 years. Reviews complain that BluePay wouldn’t provide itemized billing even when requested, that BluePay made unauthorized charges and debits, and there were many undisclosed/hidden fees. The BBB has found that BluePay makes good faith effort to resolve customer complaints.

In addition to the formal complaints, there are 3 negative reviews on the BBB website. Reviews complaint of expensive hidden fees, holding customers’ funds, depositing money into the wrong accounts, and debiting fees before depositing new funds.

BluePay reviews with Ripoff Report

BluePay has 18 reviews on Ripoff Report, alleging deceptive practices, unethical billing, bait and switch tactics, and hidden fees. BluePay replied to many of the complaints, requesting that reviewers call the company to resolve the issues.

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Posted by Jakub on Nov 10, 2020


5+ year customer of blue pay and I have to say that this is probably the worst company I have ever done business with. Not only are they basically unreachable when you need them, but when they are they are, their customer service agents are absolutely useless and refuse to take ownership.

Posted by Frank Fornaris on Nov 30, 2017


BluePay provides everything we want and need from our credit card processor. Their competitive pricing, easy-to-use and secure online portal, and exceptional customer service allows us to focus on growing our business rather than the day-to-day administration. I definitely recommend working with BluePay.

Posted by CardFellow on Mar 04, 2016


BluePay has worked hard to build its technology to integrate with a few hundred processing platforms. There's no question it's a technology-centric company, but what your business will pay to use its technology depends on whether you know the right questions to ask. We've reviewed BluePay credit card processing statements that show pretty poor pricing, and we've reviewed others with competitive fees.