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CyberSource offers a variety of internet-based processing solutions through its wholly-owned subsidiary Authorize.Net. In 2010 CyberSource was acquired by VISA for $2 billion. Already formidable as a leading ecommerce processor in the US, the company now aims to be a global contender. Can such an expansive enterprise offer the specific services and customer support that your business needs? We’ll help answer that and more in this CyberSource review and profile.
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What services can CyberSource offer?

If your customers are online shoppers, CyberSource can offer customized services to meet the needs of your website including mobile optimization and services for call centers and kiosks. With an extensive list of accepted payment cards and tools like global tax calculation, your business can cater to customers internationally as well.

CyberSource homepage

Web Payments

CyberSource allows you to customize your website’s checkout experience with your branding. Major credit and debit cards are accepted, including PIN-less debit and Chinese debit cards. You can also offer instant checkouts and acceptance of digital wallets and digital payment services, so returning customers do not have to re-enter information. Other payment options include direct debit (similar to an electronic check) and bank transfers (similar to wire transfers and popular in some countries).

You will have access to processors in over 190 countries and be able to accept over 40 different currencies. Recurring, scheduled, and installation payments are also possible and, to make the process easier, an account updater tool is offered to help automatically update customer information as it changes.

Web Payment Optimization

Whether your customer is checking out on a smartphone, tablet, or kiosk, CyberSource can help ensure the experience is seamless. Language templates are also available.

If your business has a call center, CyberSource can integrate with ERP systems, CRM, OMS, and more. Web-based and mobile transaction data is unified in a single platform, allowing you to have one comprehensive view of the customer.

Global Tax Calculation

You can provide real-time tax calculation for your customers with CyberSource. The tool has 14,000 US tax jurisdictions and can calculate VAT (Value Added Tax) in more than 30 countries.

Authorize.Net for Small Businesses

If you are a small business and primarily interested in Authorize.Net, it’s a good idea for you to read “Authorize.Net Credit Card Processing Fees – Get It Elsewhere.” Authorize.Net is a payment gateway and virtual terminal, meaning it can allow you to take payments through computers, but you don’t have to have a merchant account with Authorize.Net or CyberSource in order to use the gateway. The truth is; you can find more cost effective options through other processors, especially if you are not specifically interested in the extra services CyberSource offers.

What about security?

CyberSource can ensure that you don’t store sensitive customer payment information in your system by implementing tokenization. Tokenization converts the data into a code that is useless to hackers but can still be used within your business’ system.

Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile also helps to reduce the scope of your PCI compliance by allowing payment data to be transmitted directly to CyberSource from your customers.

Additionally, with Payer Authentication, you can utilize Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, American Express SafeKey and JCB J/Secure to help reduce disputes and fraud. Other fraud prevention tools are offered and include things like Address Verification Service and loyalty program fraud management.

CyberSource Rates and Fees

CyberSource does not publish rates or fees, but buried in the FAQs you will find mention of “Mid Qualified” and “Non-Qualified” transaction fees. This indicates that CyberSource is using a tiered pricing model; a common but easily manipulated and opaque way of charging for processing. For more information, read “Tiered Pricing Merchant Account Services.”

If you want to find out exactly how much this company’s services will cost your business, request a CyberSource quote through CardFellow. Our free service allows you to privately receive and compare pricing information from any processors you choose. Sign up here!

CyberSource Reviews

For a company with CyberSource’s reach, there aren’t a lot of reviews available online.

Reviews at the BBB

CyberSource does not have its own profile with the Better Business Bureau; instead, any complaints are funneled into the Authorize.Net profile with the BBB. There have been 143 complaints closed within the last 3 years and most of them are directly for Authorize.Net and its service.

Some complaints indicate that if you sign up with Authorize.Net for gateway services, you are automatically signed up for processing services with CyberSource even if you already are using a different processor. Other reviewers allege that when cancelling Authorize.Net, the CyberSource processing services continue unless you directly cancel them as well. Being toggled between representatives from the two companies is also a frustration that is mentioned.

Yelp Reviews

Yelp has the most targeted CyberSource reviews. Out of the 9 reviews posted, 8 are 1 star (the lowest rating you can post). It’s in these reviews we hear about funds being held for vague reasons like “suspicious” transactions, and accounts being considered high risk. Many of the reviewers warn that if held funds could hurt your business, you should process elsewhere. They say the funds are held without warning and for undisclosed amounts of time. Other reviews claim excessive PCI compliance fees, an account being closed due to only 1 chargeback, and, again, that CyberSource continues to charge for its service even after closing the Authorize.Net account.

The lone positive Yelp review states CyberSource “is a pretty good payment company” and lists some of its services.

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Posted by CardFellow on May 08, 2018


CyberSource is Authorize.Net's parent company, so if you want to use Authorize as a gateway, CyberSource is one way that you can do that.