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Headquartered in Georgia, Defyne Payments seeks to be a full payment solution for different business types. Whether your business takes payments online, in person, or both, Defyne has the equipment and solutions to help you securely accept payments. Let’s take a closer look the company’s services, pricing, reviews, and more.

Defyne Services

As mentioned, Defyne is available to businesses that take cards in person or online.

Defyne homepage

The company offers a mobile POS solution with EMV chip card capabilities and the ability to accept NFC payments like Apple Pay. If you prefer a full point of sale system, the company can support tablet-based and standalone POS systems.

Taking payments online? Defyne can set you up with a secure payment gateway so your customers can pay for their purchases quickly and safely. Defyne advised CardFellow that it can support many different gateways, with specific arrangements to support Authorize.Net, NMI, CardFlight, EProcessing Network, and Paytrace.

Event Processing Services

A unique offering from Defyne is its event processing service.  While many processors turn down businesses that want to accept payments sporadically, Defyne can work with you on a custom solution. If you need to take payments for a one-time event, such as a one-day conference or a weeklong festival, the company can help you get set up to do so.

Gift Cards

If you’re interested in selling gift cards to encourage new and repeat customers at your store, Defyne offers reusable cards. The gift card program includes an online portal with reporting so you can see the outstanding amounts and the ability to control user privileges for employees.

We reached out to Defyne for more information, abd er told that Defune offer a free 500 gift card starter pack and charges $12.00 per month for gift card services. Gift cards are customizable, and prices start at $1.49 per card, which goes down based on quantity. There is no transaction charge when your customers redeem their gift cards.

Cash Discount Program

As businesses work to lower processing fees, cash discount programs are increasing in popularity in some locations. Defyne provides such an option. With cash discounting, you can offer your customers a discount on the regular price if they choose to pay with cash instead of using their credit or debit card. Cash discounting is different than surcharging, and is legal in all 50 states.

Equipment Options

For traditional credit card processing equipment, Defyne supports terminals from PAX, Ingenico, Verifone, Dejavoo, and Exadigm.

For POS systems, Defyne can work with the Poynt POS terminal, Clover Mini and Clover Mobile, Aldelo POS, and Aptito POS. The systems each offer their own pros and cons, with features varying by model. However, all options allow you to accept EMV chip cards, helping ensure that your business falls on the right side of the 2015 EMV liability shift.

Defyne Rates and Fees

Unfortunately, like many processors, Defyne doesn’t offer public information on its rates and fees, nor does it indicate anything about pricing models.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t see pricing for your business and compare it to other processors. Try CardFellow’s free quote comparison tool to request a quote anonymously from Defyne. You can then see how it stacks up to any other processor you’d like. Give it a try!

Defyne Payments Reviews

Defyne doesn’t offer customer testimonials on its website, and while the company has an official Facebook page, there are no reviews there, either. In fact, we couldn’t find any current customer reviews for Defyne. Google Reviews, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and Ripoff Report all came up empty. While a lack of reviews isn’t a big deal, it doesn’t give us any insight into what customers like and don’t like about the company. So we need your help. If you’ve used Defyne Payments, we want to hear from you! Leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Oct 24, 2017


Defyne has some good info on its site about POS systems it supports, but it'd be nice to see more details about gateways/online processing, pricing models, etc.