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Eliot Management Group is a payment processing company that has been in business for over 15 years. The company offers the standard line of in-person payment processing services as well as equipment, both exclusive and non-exclusive. Eliot serves throughout the United States and has over 20 locations throughout the nation. In this Eliot Management Group review and profile, we will discuss the services offered and what people are saying about it.

What payment processing services does Eliot offer?

If your business takes place in cyberspace, you might need to look elsewhere. There are no options for virtual terminals or payment gateways here, but you will find your standard solutions to point-of-sale transactions. If you travel a lot and need to take your business on the go, Eliot also has equipment to mobilize your payments.

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and Debit transactions are a popular payment method with many customers. With Eliot you won’t fear missing a sale due to lack of ability to take cards. Eliot Management Group accepts most major brands of payment cards. PIN-based debit transactions also allow for cash back.


While credit and debit may be popular, being able to accept and process checks is still important for some business types. If that’s you, Eliot offers electronic check conversion and equipment for it. To use it, you scan an image of the check so it can be processed without ever needing to go to the bank.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way for your customers to be able to share your business with others. Eliot Management Group offers a reloadable gift card service for those who are interested.

Cash Advance

Eliot offers a cash advance program if you are in need of working capital. That being said, you should know what you are getting into when you agree to one. Advances usually end up being very expensive, and it is worth looking into other options.

What other services does Eliot offer?

Eliot has the following options to help with data organization and reporting:

First View

Managing your account data and sensitive information can be a challenge. First View allows you to encrypt and store information for your business.

Eliot Insights Essentials

This proprietary dashboard offers a variety of tools to help you with business analytics and tracking your company’s progress. You can also compare your business with competitors, receive weekly or monthly email updates, learn how social media could impact your business, and more.

What about equipment?

Eliot Management Group does not discuss whether using its exclusive equipment is a must or if you can use your own. The line that they feature is called OCEANO and comes in 3 different versions; the standard version, the mobile version, and the PC version, which is smaller than the standard and allows for contactless transactions. Both the standard and mobile models are EMV capable.

Eliot also offers 1stPayPOS, an all-in-one point-of-sale system that runs off of an iPad. It also comes with a cash drawer, a receipt printer, and a stand. Other available options are a barcode scanner and a kitchen printer.

An alternate solution to the OCEANO mobile is 1stPayMobile, a mobile processor that attaches to a smartphone or tablet to take card payments. 1stPayMobile also allows for capturing electronic signatures, emailing receipts, and looking at reports of your transactions.

Lastly, Eliot offers a couple of different check scanners for those who are interested in processing checks electronically.

Eliot Management Group Rates and Fees 

Many processors don’t post pricing, and Eliot is not an exception. If you want to make sure you get a fully disclosed quote from Eliot Management Group, request one through CardFellow. Our free quote comparison tool allows you to request and review quotes (in private!) to find the best processing solution for your business. Sign up today!

Eliot Management Group Reviews and Online Reputation

Eliot Management Group has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since early 2015, but the A+ rating the company boasts will make you think twice about the BBB’s standards. Reading through the 122 complaints lodged in the last 3 years, the ones that are viewable, you will notice that the common complaint is flat out lies. The clients filing the complaints do not mince words. According to them, Eliot doesn’t just have dishonest sales tactics; the sales associates will lie to you about what is in the contract, rush you through the process, and then hold you accountable. Many allege being told there was no contract or cancellation fees, others were signed up for leases even after stating specifically they did not want one. 2 of the 9 reviews on the BBB profile claimed positive experiences and good customer service, the other 7 reveal more nightmarish experiences like the ones in the complaints.

The 45 reviews on Ripoff Report echo what was stated in the complaints on the BBB’s site. 2 reviews on Yelp, both 1 star ratings (the lowest it can go), claim similar cautionary stories of being taken advantage of and swindled out of money. There are no reviews on Google about them and the company does not offer testimonials.

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Posted by Terry Crane on Nov 12, 2020


Wow. I think this is the lowest aggregate review score I have ever seen for a company. I am not surprised. These people have been jerking us around for almost a year. That's a year that their services have not worked. Months of not returning calls. Months of problems. Months of lies. Months and months of taking our money. Months and months of not have a single successful transaction. Now trying to hold us to a contract. This is hands down the worst company we have ever dealt with. Period.

Posted by Diana Williams on Dec 07, 2018


Signed up in August, rep said EMG has best customer support, reliable equipment, free paper refills, low rates. The 2 reps just raved about how much better EMG is than Square. Found out 3 months later, it was all LIES!! Called to order free paper refill Nov 24. Customer support said it will be $19 for 12 rolls. I asked them to review my profile because I signed up for free paper refills. No go. I asked for supervisor. They gave me Matthew Quinn, I left voicemail. He never called back. I called again 1 week later when I was then out of paper. He said he can’t see my profile since we are not in his area. Anita called me, said go to walmart and see if they have the right paper, buy it and submit for reimbursement. Haha! Really? That’s their great customer support? Next issue, equipment going down, rebooting multiple times each day. Can’t use equipment since its backing up my cashiers and customers!! Breach of contract since equipment doesn’t work!! Called to cancel due to these issues and no acceptable solution. Was told we would be charged $495 early termination fee. I asked for supervisor, was told no one available. Really??? I was also told when I signed up that their customer support was EMG employees. Customer support told me that aren't EMG employees, but a third party. I gave them the opportunity to waive the early termination fee of $495 since they are in breach of contract by not providing the service or usable equipment. They, Nalia, the rep, only offered pathetic gift certificate. I guess I will send a letter to their Board of Directors, blast social media, and file civil suit for Breach of Contract, since I have proof of dates, calls, names within EMG. They will lose this time!!

Posted by Heavy D on Jan 11, 2018


Pushy salespeople that will lie through their teeth to get a customer then steal all your money. Customer service is one person and it's not even customer service. No idea how this company is still running and their reps aren't behind bars.

EMG’s core values are honesty, integrity and treating its employees and merchants fairly. We're sorry that you've been unhappy with our services and we'd like to make whatever issues you've experienced right. Please contact our Merchant Support team at with the details of your situation and we’ll work to resolve them to your satisfaction. We also wanted to let you know, that we actually do have a 24/7 Customer Service center. In fact, the wait time to speak with one of our representatives is typically less than 30 seconds. You can contact them any time at 844-898-0337. Again we're sorry you've had a negative experience with us and appreciate you taking the time to leave us this feedback. Sincerely, Eliot Management Group

Posted by CardFellow on Mar 08, 2016


In our experience, Eliot Management Group consistently favors opaque pricing with excessive markups. It doesn't post any details about its pricing or tactics on its web site, which is often an indicator that it has no set pricing, at least none that it's willing to disclose.

Hi there, thank you for your feedback. EMG conducts pricing on a case-by-case basis to ensure that each of our merchants get the best rates possible. In addition, our Best Rate Guarantee ensures that we will either meet or beat any written offer from a reputable competitor. We do our absolute best to keep our merchant's rates just the way they like them - fair and low. To learn more about our Best Rate Guarantee, visit: Thanks again for your feedback, Eliot Management Group
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