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Evolution Bankcard is a sales office of Commerce Payment Group and provides payment processing services for businesses all over North America. Working with over ten thousand clients, Evolution Bankcard processes over 1 million transactions a year and handles over $2 billion in volume. In this Evolution Bankcard review and profile, we will discuss the services it offers and what its online reputation suggest about being a client.
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What services does Evolution Bankcard provide?

Evolution Bankcard provides several basic transaction processing services, including credit and debit card processing, mobile processing, and a virtual terminal. The company boasts that funds are deposited fast, often within 12 hours after being settled.

Credit Card and Debit Card Processing

No matter what type of business you may run, accepting card payments is probably going to be important. With Evolution Bankcard you will be able to process all major brands of credit and debit cards.

Mobile Processing

Mobile processing is designed for people who accept payments outside of a traditional store environment, such as landscapers, delivery businesses, and vendors who sell products and services at tradeshows or fairs. If you would like the freedom to accept payments on the go, Evolution Bankcard offers mobile processing with a free card reader and app. This enables processing from your tablet or smartphone.

Virtual Terminal and Gateway

If you would like the convenience of processing transactions using your own computer, Evolution Bankcard provides a free virtual terminal. With this option you can hand-key in transactions.

Alternatively, if you would like to be able to sell to customers online, you can integrate with almost any existing online shopping cart.

What options does Evolution Bankcard offer for equipment?

Evolution Bankcard has a free equipment and set up offer. Depending on your need, Evolution Bankcard will provide a PCI Compliant Dial or IP Terminal for retail transactions, a mobile swiper and app for mobile transactions, or a virtual terminal and gateway for online or mail order transactions. Just know that while free equipment offers might sound like a great deal, they can often be peppered with hidden costs that will ultimately ensure you pay for it.

Evolution Bankcard Support Features

Mind your business, whenever and wherever you need it. Evolution Bankcard offers free online reporting and 24 hour access to your transactions and processing activity. You can view your transaction history, funds deposited, and more.

If you need further support, Evolution Bankcard has customer service by phone offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Evolution Bankcard’s website boasts a knowledgeable staff ready to answer your questions and limited use of automated call systems.

Evolution Bankcard Rates and Contract Terms

Evolution Bankcard publishes 3 customized solutions as models of its pricing. That being said, this pricing is likely to fluctuate depending on business type, cards processed, and other influencing factors. If you want to know how much you will be paying, request an Evolution quote through CardFellow.

Retail/Swiped Transactions

Credit: 1.40%
Debit: 0.25%
Per-transaction fee: $0.10
Monthly fee: $4.95

Mobile/Wireless Transactions

Credit: 1.40%
Debit: 0.25%
Per-transaction fee: $0.10
Monthly fee: $4.95

E-Commerce Transactions

Credit: 1.69%
Debit: 0.45%
Per-transaction fee: $0.10
Monthly fee: $9.95

Note that there may be additional fees beyond what is published. For a fully disclosed quote from Evolution Bankcard, request one through CardFellow.

Evolution Bankcard’s website boasts no commitments and no early termination fees for cancelling.

Evolution Bankcard Reviews

Evolution Bankcard isn’t accredited with the Better Business Bureau, nor do they have a profile with the BBB. Its parent company, Commerce Payment Group, is also not accredited. However, it does have a profile with an F rating, 254 complaints closed in the last 3 years, and 3 negative reviews. The Better Business Bureau has regularly awarded higher grades to companies with less total complaints, so it’s likely that other factors come into play with Evolution Bankcard. It could be the seriousness of the allegations in reviews, or that Evolution Bankcard didn’t respond to complaints (or didn’t respond satisfactorily) in the BBB’s opinion.

Ripoff Report has 19 reports in their directory for Evolution Bankcard. Reviews complain of unauthorized debits, poor customer service, being charged for terminals they didn’t receive or want, being charged after account cancellation, misleading terms, and deceptive sales practices.

Evolution Bankcard has a section for testimonials on their website. Customers praise the company’s competitive rates, helpful and knowledgeable customer service, and no locked-in contracts. Testimonials include the reviewer’s full name and the business name.

Given the disparity between the testimonials and the complaints online, it is best to tread carefully if you choose to do business with Evolution Bankcard (as with any processor). You can use CardFellow to make sure you are comparing apples with apples when searching for a credit card processor.


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Posted by CardFellow on Mar 22, 2016


Evolution Bankcard is a sales arm of Commerce Payment Group. It’s less than clear about the pricing it advertises online, and as of the time of this review it is advertising the sale of credit card equipment that is not EMV compliant.

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