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GoEmerchant is headquartered in New Jersey and a registered ISO of Fifth Third Bank. While you may not hear about the company as often as some of the bigger guys, GoEmerchant has been around since 1995 and offers all the typical payment methods. If you’re looking for a credit card processing company, this GoEmerchant review and profile provides further details on the company’s services, reputation, rates and fees, and more.

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What services does GoEmerchant offer?

All the basics. With GoEmerchant, you can take credit and debit cards in person, online, and with a mobile device like a smartphone. Additionally, you can sell gift cards and offer a loyalty program.

In Person Processing

You can take all the major credit and debit cards using traditional point of sale processing equipment. GoEmerchant can get you set up to accept EBT, Apple Pay, and new EMV chip cards as well as traditional magnetic stripe cards.

Online Payments

GoEmerchant offers an all-in-one ecommerce option for businesses that take payments through the internet. The online payment solution includes a hosted payment page and a virtual terminal to allow you to key in cards for mail or phone orders. Additionally, if you need to bill customers on a regular schedule, you can set up recurring billing.

Mobile Payments

For taking payments away from a traditional storefront, GoEmerchant offers a mobile solution featuring end-to-end encryption for cardholder security. You can also set custom fields, process refunds, send receipts via email, view sales reports, and more. A card reader allows for easy card swiping and the mobile solution can be used with Apple and Android devices. Best of all, a store and forward mode can be utilized when you need to take a payment but don’t have a connection.

Gift Cards

GoEmerchant offers a gift card program with customizable cards. Gift cards are reloadable to encourage repeat visits, and include online reporting portals for both the business and the customer.

Loyalty Program

If you’re looking for ways to reward repeat customers and keep them coming back, GoEmerchant lets you set up a loyalty program with rewards based around either points or number of visits. You can also choose to offer discounts or free items for special events such as birthdays.

What about equipment?

GoEmerchant doesn’t provide a lot of details about its equipment offerings, but does indicate that it is compatible with Ingenico and Magtek machines.

Additionally, the company offers an iPad-based point of sale system. The tablet POS system combines the functionality of a traditional POS with the portability of a tablet, and offers an integrated employee time clock. The POS can be utilized for restaurant functions and includes options like printing to the kitchen, splitting checks, adjusting for tips, and more.

The system includes an iPad stand, credit card swiper, receipt printer, bar code scanner, and cash drawer. Note that you’ll need to provide your own iPad.

GoEmerchant Rates and Fees

Like many processors, GoEmerchant doesn’t publish rates or fees. Not to worry. You can request a fully-disclosed quote to review in private through this profile. Sign up for a free CardFellow account to use our quote request tool.

GoEmerchant Reviews

For a company that’s been around for 20 years, GoEmerchant has very few negative reviews online. While credit card processor reviews can be misleading, it’s a good sign that there aren’t a lot of complaints. There’s only one complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Details of that complaint are not available for review, but GoEmerchant has an A+ rating with the BBB.

There are no reviews available with Yelp, and only one complaint in the Ripoff Report directory. That complaint alleges that an employee cancelled a business’s merchant account instead of just one service that the business wanted to terminate.

GoEmerchant According to its Customers

On its website, GoEmerchant includes customer testimonials. Reviews praise the company’s reporting tools, compliance expertise, and superior service. Reviews include the customer’s first name, but no business or location information.


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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 19, 2018


GoEmerchant offers payment processing for small and large businesses alike.

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